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  1. Dansk viking

    Amphitheatron - RaW Arena Server [EU]

    [center] Owner: Tónochýtros Location:Denmark Status: Inactive Settings: 100% friendly fire. 250% starting gold. Map polls enabled. Faction polls enabled. Rules:- No intentional hurting of teammates. - Keep the chat clean. - No camping in spawn or inaccessible areas. - No blatant...
  2. Dansk viking

    [ThunderKettle] Total War video-AAR, Warband cinematics and gameplay, etc.

    I've been making YouTube videos for a little while now, on and off, mostly to promote games/mods that I like, and I recently made a new channel dedicated to games (since such footage doesn't fit the other one). I'm mostly posting it here to get your opinions and advice etc. My most recent...
  3. Dansk viking

    Vikingr Community Release - Download Thread

    COMMUNITY RELEASE of VIKINGR 1.0 Greetings, low-born orcs! After a long time in limbo, the ported version of Vikingr is finally here: New players can now enjoy Vikingr and we are no longer dependant upon WSE functions. All community efforts have been integrated into this version, and by...
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    ᚼᛂᚱᛂ᛬ᚢᛂ᛬ᚴᛆᚿ᛬ᚢᚱᛁᛐᛂ᛬ᛐᚮ᛬ᛂᛆᛐᛋᚼ᛬ᚮᚦᛂᚱ᛬ᚢᛋᛁᚿᚵ᛬ᚱᚢᚿᛂᛋ ᛁ᛬ᚼᛆᚢᛂ᛬ᚴᚱᛂᛆᛐᛂᛑ᛬ᛆ᛬ᛋᛘᛆᛚᛚ᛬ᛕᛆᚴᚴ᛬ᚦᛆᛐ᛬ᛦᚮᚢ᛬ᚴᛆᚿ᛬ᛁᚿᛋᛐᛆᛚᛚ᛬ᛂᛆᛋᛁᛚᛚᛦ᛬ᚢᚿᛐᚮ᛬ᛦᚮᚢᚱ᛬ᚴᚮᛘᛕᚢᛐᛂᚱ...
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    Hoi Hypaspistaì tôn Molossôn - Lucky Dogs and Hoary Hounds Warband

    [font=andale mono]Οἱ Ὑπασπισταὶ τῶν Μολοσσῶν (Hypaspistai of the Molossians) [font=andale mono]  The Molossian Tribe (Μολοσσοί) [font=andale mono]The Molossoi ('Molossians') were one of the three chief tribes of the Epeirotai ('Epirotes'), and it was considered the one with the most...
  6. Dansk viking

    Víkingr Community TeamSpeak

    Community TeamSpeak IP address Offline Information The Víkingr Community TeamSpeak is hosted free of charge with the purpose of providing a platform for everyone who enjoy the mod; to get together, whether it be for official events, public play, or other related activities. Clan...
  7. Dansk viking

    HILDILEIKR – official Víkingr server

    Day, it has dawned, fluttering feathers; I wake ye not for wine nor for wives' words, rather I wake ye for hard Hild's play. Courage is better than the cut of the sword, where wrath shall weigh, for, a willful man I see tough ways with a blunt sword win. Resolve is better than is reserve to...
  8. Dansk viking

    Víkingr 0.98 ude nu!

    Kom ind i kampen, kære brødre og søstre! Víkingr 0.98 Husk at installere spillet separat. Altså IKKE i din Warband-modulmappe - og husk at starte fra genvejen, så alle scripts virker! Bring budstikken videre!
  9. Dansk viking

    The Jutes of the Isle of Wight and South Hampshire

    So, I've been thinking to bring this up for a while. (And I'm aware that the modding-team will probably not address this issue now). All the same, Where have the Jutes of the English southern coast gone? (below: Late 6th century) Currently the only settlement in this area is...
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                                                                      ERLINGAR                                                                  (Descendants of Jarl) Music Óðalsmerki (Banner of heritage) We, the descendants of Jarl, are sons of the north. We are all free men, with no...