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  1. Apocal

    Fur and workshops

    Furs give prosperity when consumed by a town.
  2. Apocal

    Kingdom Diplomacy AI Makes Me Cry Tears of Blood and Ragequit

    Troops available for upgrade still contribute to daily XP gains for the stack. It's just a game, man. We're not actually sending people to their deaths and the devs made it clear that they didn't want perk options for mass training to be available:
  3. Apocal

    How to play horse archer after this patch?

    No. I assumed you meant single player because you linked a single player vid.
  4. Apocal

    How to play horse archer after this patch?

    Besides a moderately slower start, I'm having zero issues playing horse archer in 1.5.4.
  5. Apocal

    Melee cavalry is underpowered at the moment (Suggestions updated)

    It isn't that it is impossible. It is that achieving that result doesn't result in a player having more fun.
  6. Apocal

    How to balance Khuzait.

    It is very obvious that his post is solely referring to multiplayer.
  7. Apocal

    Lack of Castle Defending (huge problem)

    That is because the effectiveness of your party is being greatly over-estimated in the case of a siege defense. I forget the exact formula, but walls -- especially level three walls -- give a massive boost to the effective strength of a garrison. Siege equipment reduces this by a substantial...
  8. Apocal

    Lack of Castle Defending (huge problem)

    Enable cheats, Ctrl+click, IIRC.
  9. Apocal

    The player's lack of participation in the campaign simulation

    You are not alone. Much of the depth is literally buried in the code, with zero indication that something has an effect. "Show, don't tell" only works if you have some ability to see the result in action. I don't know why TW would do this to themselves.
  10. Apocal

    Quest rewards need to be ‘buffed’... or do they?

    Yeah, there are a lot of mechanics that are completely buried to a player. Opaque mechanics are cancer, the game can't just do stuff; it needs to clearly signal to the player that what they do is having an effect.
  11. Apocal

    Alliances between major nations.

    Just imagine a game where the Khuzaits and Aserai were allied.
  12. Apocal

    How are troop trees feeling now?

    So we've had awhile with 1.5.4 reworking most armor values and rearranging gear sets alongside it. How does everything feel? I haven't noticed a big difference between 1.5.2 and 1.5.4, other than aesthetics, in Aserai and Khuzait. Sturgian infantry seem a bit tankier than my last playthrough...
  13. Apocal

    I got roguery to 150 and tried to do the great bandit horde so you don't have to (1.5.4)

    Just prisoner selling and raiding. If the others give XP, it is a trickle.
  14. Apocal

    As a Queen or King, I'm no longer in fief votes

    Bannerman Man gave a full breakdown of Merit Score (how it decides who gets on the ballot):
  15. Apocal

    Hero pricing is high

    No, but there was a rebalance of armor values/prices, so it might be something cheap before is expensive now.
  16. Apocal

    My dissapointment grows. Game still feels barren.

    The cool thing is that you can modify the XMLs while the game is still running and, the next time a battle or scene loads, the changes will be applied. So it shouldn't be that hard to mod in.
  17. Apocal

    Overscaled horses

    It is normal for the Battanian warmount to be pretty ****ing big and the various steppe horses (steppe warhorse, Asaligat) to be relatively small. I can't recall the Imperial charger's size but my memory is it is on the large size as well.
  18. Apocal

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    It accounts for blunt damage only wounding.