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  1. Hazzardevil

    Making shields move like Warband.

    The way we have to unclick click again to move the shield to block in a different direction feels a bit awkward. What do people think about keeping directional blocking but the shield moves with your mouse again?
  2. Hazzardevil

    Larger launcher.

    It used to be on the launcher that when selecting modules you could see all of them. Now you can only see five at a time, is it possible to edit something so I can see all of my installed mods at once and not scroll through?
  3. Hazzardevil

    Morale and Party Size

    I've now got around 100 men in my army and morale is dropping hugely. I am getting about 80 as a total reduction and this is causing my party to shrink. Is this a change from Native? I don't recall ever having a problem like this then.
  4. Hazzardevil

    Upstabs and other ramblings

    I've been playing Viking Conquest a fair amount at this point. Honestly, I'm disappointed by spears. You can't do an up-stab with a spear and the one you do with two hands doesn't let you angle it. Perhaps we could have the angled stab animation from NW for two-handing spears and Bello Civili's...
  5. Hazzardevil

    I've finished the anime, send help.

    First of all, thanks to the developers, because of you I have discovered the horrors of Berserk and until the end of the animu I enjoyed every minute of it. Now, spoilers from here on.
  6. Hazzardevil

    The Illuminati!

    Quick question, why is the spectator symbol the Illuminati symbol?
  7. Hazzardevil

    The Black X

    We are a group of Brits + Hangers on who want to play Deluge. Most of us have previous experience with regiments and want to get into Deluge. If you know what the Goon gaming groups from Something Awful are like, we're a bit like that. We'll mostly play cavalry when we can get it as any faction...
  8. Hazzardevil

    Can we have our spears go up and down?

    Anyone that has played Napoleonic Wars can tell you that the bayonets having upper and lower stabs is very good as it adds variety to spear combat. Can we have this added to native, where spears have upper and lower stabs, especially with shields? It makes people want to use shields with spears...
  9. Hazzardevil

    Double-Barreled Weapons?

    I somehow managed to start with a double-barreled caliver, not sure if it was Dutch or Austrian. Does anyone know which background you need for it? I tried each of the starting options to try and get it again, when you were young and as a young man, but didn't get it. I know it wasn't who your...
  10. Hazzardevil

    Which version of warband is this written for?

    Now that Xeno (Oh may he mod for us forever) has finished the new version of this mod, this raises a question: Which version of warband should we be using for this?
  11. Hazzardevil

    Controlling Enemies in Custom Battle?

    I know that Custom Battle isn't used much by most people, but I am wondering, is there a way to control enemy units during custom battles? Since I would like to test how useful a column of infantry is when charged by cavalry, but I can't get enemy cavalry to charge.
  12. Hazzardevil

    Desterters stealing troops?

    Floris: 2.53 Gameplay Warband: 1.153 This morning I was playing as a Vassal of Swadia, I consider myself to be in the late game due to how Swadia has barely any fiefs left, mostly taken by the Nords. So I went raiding on a village when some Deserters come and beat the crap out of my army...
  13. Hazzardevil

    Brace for charge?

    I'm I the only one that's noticed that bracing for a charge is near useless? Every time I see someone try (A rare occurrence) The cavalry just avoids the bracer or stops to shoot at the enemy. Perhaps Bracing needs a buff? Perhaps you should be able to turn while braving without losing it?
  14. Hazzardevil

    What is the bad boy system?

    In the features list it mentioned that the "bad boy" system was not being added into warlords, can someone tell me what it is? Because I can't find any mention of it in the vanilla SoD mod forums.
  15. Hazzardevil

    The Obsession with Pikes

    Can anyone explain the above to me? Because every time I go on the main invasion server, there is a group of fanatics who think that an entire group of pikemen is a good idea. Can someone tell me why this is?
  16. Hazzardevil

    IS this a module or a new game?

    Is Napoleonic War going to be a module for warband? Or will it be a stand-alone game like WFaS?
  17. Hazzardevil

    Wow the AI is smart

    I was just beaten by the AI in battle, and it was embarrising. I outnumbered the AI 2:1 and lost. Both armies were primarily infantry based, mine was twice their size. Both armies infantry forms shield walls, my archers form up into ranks behind the shield wall. Their infantry advances and...
  18. Hazzardevil

    Is Warband Script Enhancer compatable with this mod?

    I often use Warband Script Extender because it makes crashes less common and other things. But does it work with this mod?
  19. Hazzardevil

    My men are not happy with the composition of my party.

    I keep getting the above message in my game. I have roughly 50 Mamluk troops and 6 french ones in my army. Can someone explain to me why I get this message and how I can stop it?
  20. Hazzardevil

    Password for the public linebattle server?

    I just tried going on the public linebattle server, but something sad happened.  :( There is a password for it, can anyone explain why that is on a public server?