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  1. kuwhar

    Which leveling system do you prefer Warband or Bannerlord?

    Just came back through to read about the EA release. Seeing this thread and learning about "perks"? Yikes. I loathe perk systems, really disappointed TW went that route.
  2. kuwhar

    Right to rule in details

    Well I can't speak to the diplomacy mod because I no longer use it. But in native it has an effect on whether a lord will choose to join you but isn't the sole factor. If a lord is expelled or defects he may join your if you have lands to offer, have good relations (not 100% on this but seems...
  3. kuwhar

    Going from commander to warrior

    I've never actually put much into chr and/or leadership, 2 or 3 points at most. I've done horse archer builds with 30AGI (weapon master and skill proficiency makes a BIG impact) and high STR with only a few INT. Basically high damage bow, fast as hell on a horse, picking off any troops with...
  4. kuwhar

    What affects relations between factions?

    Might want to ask this in the diplomacy mod section, seems like that's what you are using because trade pacts etc. aren't in native.
  5. kuwhar

    Horse Archery / Bows vs Crossbows for Companions

    Horse archery/archery is what I go for. If they have a couple nice party skills you can give them just a bow and arrows and they'll stay "alive" through most battles since they naturally avoid close combat. And for seiges I always prefer bowmen because of the rate of fire. It's not a...
  6. kuwhar

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Where do you get the 7 year figure? They announced it in sept 2012. Not even 5 year mark yet. Also skyrim was in development for more than 3 years, and they released it with many, many cut features and was a bug ridden mess. That was with 90+ person team and 80+million budget. Calm your tits...
  7. kuwhar

    Own Kingdom but still vasaal to another

    Uhh not quite. If you rebel from a kingdom and take a few feifs with you, you can then swear to another kindom and you will keep those fiefs.  I did it 2 days ago on unmodded warband. The only time you lose the fiefs is if you renounce your oath through dialogue with your king.
  8. kuwhar

    How long does a game go for before your own kingdom is viable?

    You are ready to go my lord. Depending where you are in terms of loyalties: If you are solo: Find a castle with low amounts of archers, in a faction that is currently at war, and hopefully the castle is away from their mainland. Raid a caravan of whoever owns your target castle then you should...
  9. kuwhar

    do you guys meet this be4?

    Yep, its random chance in any village. Might be towns too not sure. Also any time your relation goes up with a town you can recruit more troops, even if you had just recruited. It can be good to walk about villages talking to everyone and get this little dialogue, quick and cheap way to build...
  10. kuwhar

    I need help ;-;

    What are you trying to accomplish? As far as i've ever known there is nothing you can really do with them while in your prison. You may get an offer at some point from their kingdom for release, or he may escape at some point. But past that, there really isn't anything to accomplish with them.
  11. kuwhar

    I need help ;-;

    Are you using any mods?
  12. kuwhar

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    wow dude triggered much? All of the things they've talked about are subject to change, they preface every gameplay video with that statement. Along with need for polishing etc etc so all those texture and placement "bugs" you are talking about; calm down. They are still developing and...
  13. kuwhar

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Have the released features for an unreleased game? Lol I didnt know about that info in the blog, so if you got it from somewhere else beforehand; great. Doesnt mean it was widely known. We cant all research every article published all over the net. And yeah theyve been developing for about 5...
  14. kuwhar

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    For what exactly? Couldnt agree more. Any mod ive played has sent me running back to native with even more passion. No doubt modders can do some great work, but a lot of decisions just feel arbitrary and it isnt until your 20 hours in you realize how unbalanced it is or you have to use a...
  15. kuwhar

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    I see where you are coming from but it doesnt seem that much different from native. In native you did quests for the village which increased you standing, thus increasing recruitment potentil. This system sounds like it breaks it down smaller so maybe there is still a town relation, but you...
  16. kuwhar

    Has anyone here ever taken over castle successfully using the Khergit faction?

    Its entirely possible and not very hard to be honest. I think many people dont enjoy khergits because they need to be used differently then any other faction both in open battle and in seiges. You have to pick your spots and be careful how you approach thjngs. For seiges you want to do it in...
  17. kuwhar

    Bandit at the start of the game won't attack me.

    I had this same issue with a fresh native install. Also i can't do bandit lairs for some reason, i click into them and it instantly pops out and fails me.
  18. kuwhar

    Ways to avoid grinding

    If you need a quick influx of cash you can always raid a prosperous village. If you do this only sparingly it won't hurt you long-term but it can be a very nice influx of cash and let you hire mercs en-masse. Target warbands with many prisoners so you can hire the prisoners. A lot of times in...
  19. kuwhar

    How do i conquer all map?

    you can start by LESS TALKING MORE RAIDING!! but more detailed notes: (note: this is assuming you want to rule the lands yourself and not under a faction) 1. Start by serving as a mercenary for factions during wartimes, it helps with relations and can net you good troops/cash by helping in...
  20. kuwhar

    King keeps all fiefs?

    Holy lord that is a game changer.... I assume if I set it to something like -80 lords will still defect or be banished but at a much less frequent rate?