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  1. Ruskor

    When will you start doing something? [Tale Words]

    You've added a reporting system, how will this affect the game? Will you ban this trash forever? - I was tired of sponsoring a scam, I should have stopped doing it after Dayz but I really believed in you. I can close my eyes to everything but not to ping, I'm tired of playing Slow-mo. (Can...
  2. Ruskor

    Block System Must Be Fixed

    Hello dear developers, im already played 1000+ matches and want to say you about block system. when you fix blocks delay? Or you dont gonna fix this? if not, just know, its horrible, when you think to block in last moment you get a hit.
  3. Ruskor

    In Progress Team Balance And Bans [UPD]

    If you ban players who are leaving the game, make a normal selection of players! Because for example, sometimes I come across a very weak team and you think I will have a desire to continue playing? Yes, it’s easier for me to shower from a deliberately dead game and go play the next one or go...
  4. Ruskor

    In Progress Bug on the map

    Today I found a funny bug, I called it "I'm in the house" Here you can hide from opponents; D
  5. Ruskor

    Unsolved Will the servers be closer to Russia?

    Dear developers, I have a question for you, will the servers be closer to Russia? And if so, when? Thanks.
  6. Ruskor

    Need More Info Ping

    Good afternoon. How to find out IP addresses of European servers? I would like to improve the paths to EU servers through my provider.