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  1. Great_Leader_Merkel

    Unsolved Servers down

    this ruins the warband experience, I've already waited countless hours in the past months to join the servers
  2. Great_Leader_Merkel

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Giveaway

    does anybody know something about slovak,owner of the unofficial bannerlord steam group, and his multiple bannerlord giveaways? He promised keys to like 20 people. Is he going to fulfill his promises?
  3. Great_Leader_Merkel

    The Battle of Czarnowo (Christmas map)

    Hello :smile: The map is based on the Battle of Czarnowo ( )which was fought in the night between the 23th and 24th December. The real battlefield was actually not so hilly, but I think it looks better. It has some christmassy objects like a tree...
  4. Great_Leader_Merkel

    Australian map for the NWRP server

    The Mansion : Inside: Spawn(blue) Spawn(yellow) Old house Uluru (you can't go up on the mountain [barricades] ) Hello :) The map is based on the Uluru-Kate Nationalpark in Australia. Possible RPs: Battle Cav vs Cav "Aborigines(Partizani) vs British Empire"...