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  1. Danate

    To those unhappy with the progress

    Move on they're better games out there.
  2. Danate

    Are we wrong or are the devs wrong

    They don't give a **** about their community. An not listening to us has made this game obsolete.
  3. Danate

    Serious Question

    Yeah true. Unfortunate but I guess we’ll see.
  4. Danate

    Serious Question

    Problem is it’s not a strong basis at all. The way I see it they accidentally made a fantastic game in Warband and the way we are going it won’t be any different. Prove me wrong.
  5. Danate

    Serious Question

    I’m not ignoring it, but the fact is the more modding tools there seem to be the less of the good game is left. Bethesda has dumbed their games down to appeal to bigger audiences and it worked but for a long time fan such as myself it’s only made newer entries a big uh sandbox if you will it’s a...
  6. Danate

    Serious Question

    TaleWorlds will be the new Bethesda. Half made game and put it up for models to make it somewhat enjoyable. Am disgusted bad game.
  7. Danate

    Roaming Cavalry Company [RCC] [NA] (Camel gang)

    Hello yes I am new and need clan please respond
  8. Danate

    Serious Question

    I do not like this game probably never will. 8 years and we get a load of garbage. Move on the game is ****
  9. Danate

    [NABB] Free Agents

    Name: Danate TaleWorlds: Danate Steam: Preferred Class: archer Optional other contact: no
  10. Danate

    SODT #1 June 6, 2020 - Completed

    Name: Maximillian Qutio Steam: Main Class: Ranger Region: Wakanda
  11. Danate

    Any interest for an NA tournament?

    true story i witnessed it all
  12. Danate

    This game is really bad

    You're a nobody. Bye bye
  13. Danate

    This game is really bad

    That's fair. And i hope you're right that they can fix it
  14. Danate

    This game is really bad

    Okay they dumbed down every mechanic to the game, it's slow to the point it caters to bad players to catch up. Everyone an thing tanks hits like it's a full invasion boss. Footwork doesn't exist anymore, neither does chambers. The reason Warband had such a good mp following was because of the...
  15. Danate

    This game is really bad

    Everything Warband had going for it is gone. come discord we are a pummel party competitive clan now
  16. Danate

    Envy [NA/EU] *recruitment semi open*

    I am the Funplaces goat