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  1. sir Gregor Clegane

    It is necessary to add the possibility of abandoning the feud and the possibility of transferring your royal feud to your vassal.

    Do I understand correctly that in six months the developers have not added the ability to transfer their royal fief to their vassals? Castles and cities can only be transferred immediately after the assault? In Warband, it was possible to grant cities and castles at any time, and it was possible...
  2. sir Gregor Clegane

    BL Other In which files can perks, skills and buildings be edited?

    Hello, In which bannerlord files can perks, skills and buildings be edited?
  3. sir Gregor Clegane

    Lost Notables again ...

    Started a new game version e1.5.1. I completed the quests of noble people in the villages where they were (and when there was enough time), in order to obtain elite troops (Battanian archers, imperial and Vlandish heavy cavalry). Most of all, I liked the quests with training troops and...
  4. sir Gregor Clegane

    In Progress Possible reason for the zero income of tanneries

    A possible reason for the zero income of leather workshops (besides the incorrect price difference between hides and leather) is that the number of outgoing leather goods is not indicated in the file "spworkshops". I edited the file - set the number of goods at the output as in other workshops...
  5. sir Gregor Clegane

    Battania - where is the logic?

    Battania is the most "barbaric" faction in the game, and it would seem that it should have the best shock and mass infantry. However, the opposite is true: Savages are the weakest shock infantry in captain mode. And instead of improving the savages, we got the most armored Battanian infantry in...
  6. sir Gregor Clegane

    Why do NPC elders - landowners in settlements disappear?

    From time to time I see messages in the game log that some character is lost. At the same time, NPCs giving quests and units disappear from the villages. The question is: why is this happening and how to avoid it? Thank you in advance.
  7. sir Gregor Clegane

    stupid troll prevents playing

    Stupid [email protected] nickname "stepan.kropik" interferes with playing: does nothing in the game while allies die or attack and kill allied bots and players. Video evidence link. I ask you to ban this moron.
  8. sir Gregor Clegane

    why battle eye blocks the game?

    after the last update, it turns out to go into the game with 4-5 attempts, why does the battle eye block this process? - 21:00:51: Starting BattlEye Service... 21:00:53: Launching game... 21:00:57: Note: File blocks can be ignored if they don't cause problems with the game. 21:00:57: [INFO]...
  9. sir Gregor Clegane

    Fox sneaked into the chicken coop!

    Humorous video made by fans of the game)
  10. sir Gregor Clegane

    Menavlions and the empire must be nerfed!!!

    After the nerf of the menavlions in patch 1.2.0. the empire continues to be the most imbalanced fraction, in the captain mode the empire, and especially the menavlions, destroy everything that they meet in their way! Here's a recent example: without any tactics, the menavlion squad made 173...
  11. sir Gregor Clegane

    Old folk music of the steppes and bannerlord footage

    It turned out to be good to impose old folk music of the steppes and a video sequence from bannerlord
  12. sir Gregor Clegane

    Patch Notes e1.2.0 "Nice PVP balance"

    An excellent nerf of the empire, especially the Heavy Menavlion Damage Decreased 177> 166 ... as much as 11 points of damage ... How the Menavlions destroyed everything and everything continues. As the empire was an imbalanced faction in the captain's mode, it remained so. Raising the parameters...
  13. sir Gregor Clegane

    Captain Imbalance

    Regarding the captain's mod: why was it necessary to strengthen the menavlions, both foot and cavalry? The empire was already strong, and now has become superpower. Battania, as she was weak in captain's mod, remained so to her. Cavalry, and so in the latest versions of the beta test was strong...
  14. sir Gregor Clegane

    Will multiplayer work in win 7?

    To begin with, I would like to thank the developers for the release of a wonderful game. Well, now about the sad ... People whose windows 7 operating system cannot access the multiplayer, some do not have the ability to change the operating room for various reasons. And besides, the developers...