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  1. Attar

    10 Years of With Fire and Sword

    Oh, I probably missed that information...
  2. Attar

    Is there a lossless way to start a war?

    After checking out, turns out you lose honor from it...

    So I guess you have no choice other than waiting for them do declare war.
  3. Attar

    How to complete claimant quest?

    Yes, the quest should have ended when she said NO STRING! nothing you can do about it since I see that you're half way of finishing the game.
  4. Attar

    10 Years of With Fire and Sword

    Like this day, 10 years ago, with fire and sword got released. I remember when I first got it I spent all my time playing it. Time really pass quickly.
  5. Attar

    Is there a lossless way to start a war?

    There's a quest that provoke one kingdom to declare war on you, it is started by one of the vassals in your kingdom.
    Check if any one of them has this quest.

    Plus there is also another way but ONLY YOU (your kingdom not) will be at war with them: attack patroling villagers or caravan.
  6. Attar

    How to complete claimant quest?

    Did the quest got completed? Or does it still exist in the quests log?

    And what do you mean about "suitable lines in the dialogue", the lines doesn't exists or something else?
  7. Attar

    Can't complete Tutorial #2

    "2 and a half months later"
    Move the cursor when hitting the maceman, it will hit him hard.
  8. Attar

    How to add a lost item to inventary

    1. check the shop where you sold it, usually it takes 2 days in-game for the shop items to get changed.
    2. check other shops to see if they sell it, yes it can be found even if it is 1% of chance because sometimes when I go to shops I see it in there.
    3.m&b morgh editor, you can edit in-game items and troops' gear with it (not sure if you can increase its chance of appearing in the shop though but give it a try also backup your save files because idk if it mess them up :mrgreen:).
  9. Attar

    Can't run old MnB versions, Themida problem.

    Try running it in compatibility mode, or try running it as administrator.
  10. Attar

    Mount & Blade - Old Versions

    Nothing at all happens, or does it open a window? I'm having the same issue with versions between 0.202 and 0.808 actually, but I'm on Windows 7.
    Try running it through compatibility mode, worked out for me.
  11. Attar

    Allies garrison

    Your welcome  :grin:
  12. Attar

    Allies garrison

    Yes it automatically get few soldiers in the garrison and not by the Marshall, but if the king gave the castle to you then it will have no garrison.
  13. Attar

    Allies garrison

    What i know that few days before the king give the fief to a lord, the garrison get filled by 20-30 men automatically.
  14. Attar

    Leydiyi grubuma aldım.

    Hello, check the Turkish forum for your problem.,259.0.html
  15. Attar

    Re: Castle Defense

    pegunCZ said:
    i wonder how many people are here asking questions for warband

    True, but this one is the same situation for both the original and warband.
  16. Attar

    So, did anyone actually try to fix Warrider?

    Even sometimes you can't join the arena, not forgetting that in every town there's that one spot that leads you to underground (bug).
    Also it is cool to see that i'm not the only one who still playing old versions :grin:
  17. Attar


    Good luck!
  18. Attar

    Taleworlds giving up on consoles?

    Tom (Veigatta) Lucky said:
    Attar said:
    Is the console version still active or not?
    They are at least 20 people playing during US East time, Weekends and Fridays will fill a 64 server, maybe around 7 or so clans, that's about it

    Still more players than with fire and sword.
  19. Attar

    Taleworlds giving up on consoles?

    Is the console version still active or not?
  20. Attar

    Police display bug

    Maybe you must change the game's language and it will work out (unless you use English then idk  :razz:)
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