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  1. Kortze26

    2 weeks since the last hotfix, 7 weeks since the last full update

    What are the chances that we can get an update on how the bugfixes are coming along that cropped up with the code refactor? There are some really good games coming up starting next month with Baldur's Gate 3, followed by Crusader Kings 3 in September. I've been an ardent follower of Bannerlord...
  2. Kortze26

    New GPU - Nvidia or AMD Radeon?

    Consider whether your monitor supports G-sync or Freesync...
  3. Kortze26

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.2

    When are we going to see 1v1 - 3v3 battles with 500v500 men?
  4. Kortze26

    SP - General Bringing villages to live

    Give this man a paycheck and bring him on board as a writing director!
  5. Kortze26

    Bartering for peace is broken 1.4.1

    In my current playthrough of nearly 50 hours on the toughest difficulty setting, I finally created my own kingdom with 1 castle, 3 million Denars and over 1000 troops at my disposal. I'm kind of upset at the moment, though. While out taking a castle across the map, The largest faction in the...
  6. Kortze26

    MP (Captain mode suggestion) Points for arrows caught on shields, points for damage given, and more assists

    Total War: Arena gave points for absolutely every kind of behavior; damage (separating raw and penetration), kills, capping points, doing damage from in hiding, using high ground or tactical advantages, staying alive, defending allies and the list goes on. You could look at the scoreboard at the end of a match and see precisely what role a player was trying to fill and how successful they were at it. I really wish this system was in captain mode, if for any reason, it promotes trying different tactics and strategies other than pure kill count and helps give everyone on a team, filling any role, a feeling of value even if all you did was successfully distract the enemy from reaching a capture point in time.
  7. Kortze26

    SP Native Arena Buff - it buffs the arena

    I think you've got something good here. Now I'd like to see those random prizes end up in your inventory when one of your companions wins the tourney and have people in towns and taverns talk about the tournament winner randomly as a dialogue opener.
  8. Kortze26

    Resolved Formation Groups not saving

    The Gird - Formations mod fixes this. It is available on nexusmods.
  9. Kortze26

    Gaining positive relationship with notables is often impossible.

    I might be more inclined to do that if I could choose the men than entered the hideout with me.
    If you are tier 2 or higher or down a castle or settlement, you can always make a second party and put the men you don't want to lose in there or in a garrison. Companions you can leave in any city. I try to only take 10 men with shields with me to do bandit camps.
  10. Kortze26

    Gaining positive relationship with notables is often impossible.

    One thing that is supposed to work is dealing with the bandit hideouts in the area. Not sure what the effective radius is, though.
  11. Kortze26

    Sending companions

    I was just trying to figure out the same thing. I know that when you accept certain missions for hunting bandits or dealing with hideouts, you can select a companion in your party to run the mission for you, but this seems completely different from funding a second party for the clan.
  12. Kortze26

    A literal countdown to Bannerlord on Twitch

    20 hrs. till the world ends! ...or Bannerlord releases whichever happens first...
  13. Kortze26

    White Screen of death

    The most common solution for this is to unplug your controller
  14. Kortze26

    Thank you to the Taleworlds team!

    yeah ive played a lot in this beta a lot of fun got 667 total wins played more than 1000 games 700+ total hours and wasted 200 hours in TDM :razz:
    You did better than I did. I'm only sitting on 423 victories and 586 losses
  15. Kortze26

    Thank you to the Taleworlds team!

    It took me nearly 800 hours to get to 1000 battles. I've played a lot of TDM, as well. It's great for honing the personal combat skills.
  16. Kortze26

    Thank you to the Taleworlds team!

    It's both. I enjoy the game, despite the flaws and I want it to be successful.
  17. Kortze26

    Thank you to the Taleworlds team!

    Yesterday, I hit a major milestone in the beta. I played my one thousandth match, just one week before EA release. I recieved my key back in September and since then, have been playing almost daily. I've seen a lot of progress, experienced a lot of crashes, been the victim of some serious...
  18. Kortze26

    Coronavirus will make it profitable launch or disaster?

    It's true though, the money going to the megacorps doesn't have enough oversight encoded into the bill, but at the same time, we're running out of time with rents and bills due in just one week.
  19. Kortze26

    Coronavirus will make it profitable launch or disaster?

    Dont get me wrong but didnt they stop it because it was about saving a bunch of Megacorps like Boeing instead actually helping the People? and the 1000 Bucks were just a Show off?
    It would have reimbursed independent businesses, like the one I work for, for extended PTO so that people under quarantine who are laid off can get 100% pay during the quarantine instead of 60% through an overloaded/broken unemployment system. It was a purely political move.
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