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  1. Pazanius

    [NW][M]Iron Europe - WWI Mod (RELEASED)

    Oh! I see you have just reanimated our old mod  :mrgreen:
    Well, good luck with that and if you need some models of weapons or helmets, just PM me and i will give you a list of models which i have.

  2. Pazanius

    SP Modern [WB] Civil War in Russia 1917-1922 start porting to Warband and recruiting!

    Fahnenträger said:
    I think this mod is dead.  :cry:
    actually not.Its just paused.
    We are still looking for coder to start work again.
  3. Pazanius

    1_FB_Tawerna server password

    its some kind of polish only server i guess
  4. Pazanius

    MP Sci-Fi Fantasy [WB] Warhammer 40k: Battle for the Imperium ALPHA v3 RELEASED.

    wow 2 pages with people asking for testing. Feels good to be in dev team  :grin:
  5. Pazanius

    SP Modern [WB] Civil War in Russia 1917-1922 start porting to Warband and recruiting!

    piercegov said:
    I might want to become a texture guy,

    I love Paint.Net (can open .dds files) I have 500+ effects to use, I have only learned about 100 of them so far.

    But I would love to help with this mod!

    You can contact me in steam (ferendi) or skype (ps1ker) and we will talk about helping us.

  6. Pazanius

    Пацаны ет прикол все сюда!!

    Идиотов здесь не найти.
    Два аккаунта с разницей в дате регистрации в 2 минуты говорят, что все работает.
    Делайте выводы.
  7. Pazanius

    Как изменить ключ для стима??

    trueten said:
    Я в этом не спец, но по-моему активировать СТИМ можно только приобретённым у них ключом.
    Именно так.
  8. Pazanius

    SP Modern [WB] Civil War in Russia 1917-1922 start porting to Warband and recruiting!

    Mr Twincal said:
    привет Comrades! How it's going? Are there any news about this mod? I'm looking forward to see something new! Best wishes and All power to the Soviets! XD
    Привет, comrade! No such a big news atm. So i will show you a new gun
    Fedorov smg(avtomat), was used by reds and by whites as well.

    And we are thinking about to add a "Battle time" mod to RCW.

    Any suggestion about guns?I think we can make some more new guns.
  9. Pazanius

    MP Modern [WB]Battlefield Europe: 1916

    Slawtering said:
    lol without the pickel :wink:
  10. Pazanius

    MP Modern [WB]Battlefield Europe: 1916

    eth1234567890 said:
    crodio said:
    what about the ol spiked helmet?
    they did not use it in ww1 sorry. :evil:
    I'm sorry but you are wrong, chief

    Slawtering said:
    Yes they did but it was made out of leather so fell out of use by 1916-7 ( I think it was then) when the stahlhelm arrived.
    Pichelhaube was in army till the end of 1916,in 1916 german army just started using Stahlhelm's but before this there was an modernized version of Pickelhaube, without "pickel"
  11. Pazanius

    Что дешевле, стим или магазин?

    В стиме дороже на 150 рублей, но во время скидок цена была почти в четыре раза дешевле чем диск от 1С.
  12. Pazanius

    What famous people from history said about different nations

    «Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    In Soviet Russia
    Turks removes you»

    Vladimir Lenin.
  13. Pazanius

    Post pictures of your relatives who were/in the military.

    Here is my grandpa with his company on Damansky island, he fought against chinese  :grin:

    8 of April. 1969

  14. Pazanius

    MP Sci-Fi Fantasy [WB] Warhammer 40K

    furious_sri said:
    As a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed noob of a modder... I wish we could resurrect this...
    Try this,200923.0.html
  15. Pazanius

    Why do all good mods have to die

    Goddamn William is in university. He is studying.He is not dead.He told me in steam in about a year ago that he will went to graduate school.
    Or he is married.
    But i'm sure he is not dead.
  16. Pazanius

    MP Modern [WB]Battlefield Europe: 1916

    Serrow said:
    This looks good, but I have one question.

    Why does one of the German classes get a K98 if the mod is set in 1916, when the K98 was only issued/produced in 1935?
    You are right, but here we have an Kar98a(z) which was used in that time
  17. Pazanius

    About terrorism at the gates of Europe, eyes wide and closed.

    Zimke Zlovoljni said:
    That is a very large and hard topic to start with:

    Yellow House Case (organ trafficking of the 300 known kidnapped serbs).
    Prison camps in Albania where Albanians disloyal to KLA and Serbian civilians were tortured and killed.
    NATO bombing of civilians in Serbia in 1999, 2.000 civilians in Serbia were killed.
    NATO use of depleted uranium ammunition resulted in 30.000 people died from cancer (my sister Svetlana and brother Zoran were one of them, my mother Nada have cancer too).
    NATO use of forbidden Cluster Bomb Units on civilians.
    Legitimate violence; continual violence an executions of Serbs on Kosovo under the KFOR protection (I was stabbed, father of my little sister's fiancee was executed, sisters fiancee was shot in the back, one friend was kidnapped during one of the attacks on the village)
    Ethnic cleansing  of Kosovo Serbs that started under Yugoslavian dictator Josip Broz Tito support in 1974 is still active.

    and there are many more sensitive topics that people do not know, or are being misinformed, due to media war against Serbia in the 90's.

    Choosing one specific topic like cultural heritage is much easier to digest or start with.

    I totally agree with you.
    Albanians did many MANY bad things to the Serbians in Kosovo war and after that and the West just hiding those bandits but judging Serbians.Albanians are still killing Serbians in Kosovo and KFOR is hiding those killers and trying to destroy Serbian barricades in north Kosovo to let Albanians take a control on north Serbian enclave in Kosovo.
    Kosovo's occupation by albanians is not legitimate. But west countries just wants to see Serbia as a little dot on Balkan's map surrounded by some little dots like Rushka, Kosovo and etc.
    Yugoslavia was destroyed by NATO just because it was an last strong socialistic country in Europe, was the Home of many south slavic people and it was too dangerous to let Yugoslavia exist on a World map.
  18. Pazanius

    Greatest last stands in history for a worthy cause

    Russian army has many and many battles which he doesnt won but fought bravely and glorius as example - battle for Osowiec fortress in poland september 1914 - august 1915. Russian commanders ASKED Osowiec garrison to hold fortress for 48 hours, but they were in there for 160 days...
    After massive artillery strikes(also with big Bertha siege gun) and some of infantry attacks Germans decided to use against fortress gas, they poisened some of soldiers in a line of defence and after that 7 500 german soldier started the attack.
    But when they come closer to the fortress, from green fog on Russian defence lines some of Russian soldiers have just stand up and with shouting "Ura!" charged on germans and then germans went away from Russian positions.
    Historians called that attack "Attack of the dead"  :grin:
    Here is some text about that battle on english -

    And some videos on youtube(not only about Osowiec):
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