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  1. Not enough XP, way too much gold

    I think leveling is way too slow. I spent about 80 hours in my first campaign and i did not level any single skill to max, the highest is „bow„ with about 150. I have got about 11m denars and conquered the entire map. So, there is nothing to do anymore and i was not able to skill out anything.
    Also, i really tried to level the „smithing„ skill and it is almost impossible to level up and unlock new parts because of the smithing stamina.
    The whole skill tree and leveling system needs to be improved. Some perks did not work either but this was already mentioned.
  2. Peace arrangement without agreement

    Hey, i am not quite sure if this is a bug or just a missing feature of the early access version. During a siege of a castle the other faction declared peace with my own faction. So i was not able to continue with the siege. Of course, i was the faction leader. I expected a kind of peace treaty...
  3. SP - General Gladiators mode!

    Great idea! I would like to see kind of gladiator battle system instead of the current, boring tournament mode. Maybe a battle royal mode or a surviving mode with waves of opponents.
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