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  1. dowdpride

    #1 Feature that would substantially improve Bannerlord for you?

    They have to if they want to make somewhere other than Calradia. Why would any modder want to stick with the vanilla campaign map? That's zero ambition.
    Have you not seen Calradia Expanded Kingdoms? It adds tons of settlements and factions to the game, something it desperately needed to fill the sparseness that is the base campaign map. Some of the most popular mods for Warband are ones that expand on the Calradian continent, what on earth are you talking about?
  2. dowdpride

    #1 Feature that would substantially improve Bannerlord for you?

    Modders can substitute custom 16K vista textures if they wish. They just can't edit tilesets.
    They Shouldn't have to
  3. dowdpride

    #1 Feature that would substantially improve Bannerlord for you?

    Taleworlds changing the textures they arent allowed to distribute so that modders can change the campaign map without all the parties moving underground
  4. dowdpride

    Campaign Map Modding

    Is TW ever going to fix their rights issue so that modders can actually make proper changes and edits to the base campaign map in the editor? I find it extremely concerning that TW didn't even bother getting distribution rights for assets in their game they knew would be modded, the lack of...
  5. dowdpride

    Captured Town Reverts Control

    So I just took a city back from the Western Empire as Vlandia, and then as I was resting in the town and recovering my troops, it just randomly switched back control to the Western Empire. Has anyone else had this happen, and is there a way to resolve it or should I just restart the campaign?
  6. dowdpride

    Found a second use for Create a Party

    I am just not sure why they didnt allow you to do that while still an independent clan/mercenary. If I have the resources to outfit more than one band, surely I should be able to organize their movements
  7. dowdpride

    SP - Battles & Sieges Auto-block in singleplayer

    Anyone who says that auto-blocking shouldn't be in the game (and I don't even use it) should be forced to face off against 10 demonic magnus from Prophecy of Pendor using the manual block. It would be hilarious.
  8. dowdpride

    Bandits Hideouts need a rebalance

    Try shieldwall and a couple of good archers. I also play realistic, you just need to be cautious. When I saw the topic I thought you want a balance by making them harder.
    That only works up to a certain point, fighting 40-50 forest bandits (especially with their camp layout that lets them shoot you from all sides) or 60 mountain bandits is just too much for 6-9 guys to handle, even if they are top tier troops.
  9. dowdpride

    Training units, improving your skills and campsite.

    Yeah, and you can lose your fresh recruits so easily, even with low level enemies, that it makes whole cycle a bit pointless.

    For me this is a big downgrade from Warband, but not upgrading your own skill is even worse. I played for 8 hours, and in the end, I was surprised why I I'm still on the same level, and have low level weapon proficiency, despite the fact that I fought in the arena, many, many times, and won at least a 10 tournaments - which by the way, is now way harder than just fighting with looters or bandits, especially if you fight in finale against legionary or cataphract.

    Seriously, I hope it is an EA thing. Or a bug. I think we can all agree that we need a campsite, and upgrading troops and our main characters' skills not only in battles.
    I agree with you, and it should also be noted that it appears no xp is gained by fighting in tournaments, which has to be an oversight I cant see that being a logically thought out decision.
  10. dowdpride

    The Empires are taking over the map! Early game

    In my game the Northern empire has been devoured by the southern and western, who are each dominating their nominal expansion routes with ease
  11. dowdpride

    Command AI Clan Party

    You can at the very least create a kingdom once one reaches clan rank 3 and chooses what they will do with the banner of Calradia, however I am not certain how much of the kingdom management features are currently implemented as I have not yet reached that point.
  12. dowdpride


    From what I can tell, industry that uses goods locally sourced makes significantly more profit than otherwise, as they don't have to pay excessive fees to supply their base good.
  13. dowdpride


    I don't know that its possible to tell right now, as the income for some of them is definitely bugged. My friend has three all making 10-15k a day, its a bit insane.
  14. dowdpride

    Spare Some Change For A Poor King

    Absolutely, I just think its an issue of balance currently and then it should be able to sort itself out
  15. dowdpride

    Lords does not recruit new troops

    I mean in my case I wasn't recruiting very much, all the battles would have been too large for me to compete in without lord support, and the lords cant support me because they have no troops :razz:
  16. dowdpride

    Spare Some Change For A Poor King

    So I was wondering why factions seem to start to steamroll early on, at least in my game, and I came upon the discovery that nearly all the ai lords are so broke that they cannot recruit even a single unit. This process then gets worse as they get 10-20 men, and then get smashed by a bandit...
  17. dowdpride

    Lords does not recruit new troops

    It seems to be a matter of money, I just married the king of Vlandia's daughter, and when I was paying her dowry it showed that he had zero cash in his balance. I gave him 5k and he immediately ran around and raised an army of like 70 men, so there must be something screwy going on with the economies, possibly due to the doom bandits roaming around killing everything
  18. dowdpride

    Lords does not recruit new troops

    I am currently having the same issue in my game. I am a merc for Vlandia, and none of the lords are replenishing, meaning the Western Empire has completely obliterated Battania and is blitzing through Vlandia and there is nothing I can do about it. Even the garrisons are small, with most only having 200 men between the militia and the standard troops.
  19. dowdpride

    On Mercenary Contracts

    So I have found that mercenary contracts so far are completely unprofitable. I have not been able to find a faction that will offer more than 10 gold per won battle, and even though influence gained is converted into funds, it happens so slowly that it really doesn't help much. Has anyone else...
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