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  1. Resolved Custom server moderation: How to kick/ban

    Taleworld's admin support is needed and not given in this thread from a week ago: My clan hosts some of the only active public Captain's gamemode servers, but there is a troll who has been consistently tk'ing for days and...
  2. Closed Hosting a dedicated server : "Game ended, your connection with the server timed out"

    afaik this usually happens when your port forwarding wasn't setup correctly.
    Could you please elaborate? There are a lot of unresolved threads with this issue where everyone is able to join a custom server except for players on the same network (i.e. the hosts). What aspect of port forwarding affects this?
  3. Resolved How to join LAN dedicated servers' game

    They just said fix about this will be released so i'm waiting for the fix. I will try this again in 3-4 days.
    May I ask what internet provider you have?
  4. Open Can't Join my own Server

    I haven't figured out a solution to this issue, but I do have a workaround.

    For whatever reason, it's impossible to join a game being hosted on the same network, dedicated server or not. This is true even for a dedicated server being hosted on the same computer.

    You can still host a dedicated server, port forward, and have it be accessible to friends on different networks at different locations. In order to be able to play with those friends--to connect to your own server--the only workaround I've found is to host a dedicated server on a separate computer and port forward like normal; then on the computer running my game, I use a VPN to trick the game into thinking I'm on another network.

    I use Nord ( to do this, it's very simple--just install the windows application, run it, and click on any country. You should be able to connect to your server as normal. Unfortunately Nord isn't free; this might work with other VPN's but I haven't tested any so I'm not sure. For LAN parties, everyone can use the same Nord account to connect to a dedicated server being run on a separate computer.

    Hope this helps!
    Hey do you know if this solution still works? I downloaded Nord VPN and was able to join my own servers for a single glorious day. It stopped working however, and am getting the same "connection timed out" message when trying to connect now. Have tried switching the state/country that Nord is connected to as well as reinstalling. Any idea what could cause this?
  5. Closed Hosting a dedicated server : "Game ended, your connection with the server timed out"

    Any resolution on this?
    Hey, forwarded the issue to the QA team. Thank you for your time and sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. NA Other Open Kingdom Of Atria Saturday Battle Event

    Clan Name: The Golden Company
    Clan Tags: TGC
    Clan Leader's Steam:
    Estimated Attendance: 8
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