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  1. What feature could Talesworld add to make bannerlord even better in your opinion ? No wrong answers

    I would like to see an option for cultural conversion in conquered territories.
    You could use policies, governors and buildings to make it faster.
    The effects would be more happiness for matching culture and a contingent of your factions troops.
    It should never be 100% though and it should always take time. Initially, risk of rebellion could be higher without a charismatic governor.
  2. How realistic is Talesworld adding boats to bannerlord?

    I have never seen enjoyable naval battles in a video game. I hope they don't waste any time on it because it just can't be done good in my opinion.

    I wouldn't mind ships or improvised bridges for transport and logistics but I am not sure if it would actually improve gameplay.
  3. A few thougths about 1.2.0

    This game has a serious lack of depth overall in all dimensions, most mechanics in the game function like demo content and playing the whole game is just feels like testing out someones high school project. And basically almost every single complaint about the vanilla is stemming from the stance that developers have against the so-called "micromanaging".

    Look how they massacred this franchise and its potential, a textbook butchery.
    I don't want to disagree, but the predecessor that we all love basically *is* someone's high school project and I am not surprised they want to make it similar to the original. On the other hand it's perfectly fair to expect better considering all the money, time and manpower they put into it.
    However, I am happy that Taleworlds still owns the license and not some other studio. Activision / Blizzard has all the manpower, talent, money and time in the world and Diablo 4 is still worse than Diablo 2. Which is just one example for the mismatch between current video games and people's expectations.
  4. It's still ****

    Where's all the people that said, "It's still EA" at?
    I believe they are enjoying the game like the rest of the vast majority who give it a positive review on Steam (87% = 189.000).

    I guess they aren't "veterans" and 400 hours in game aren't enough to form an opinion...
  5. Mods vs No Mods

    If you actually don't use any, what is the reason?
    I am not that much interested in mods that change gameplay or add features. The vanilla game is good enough in my opinion. If you want to change a specific thing that annoys you it's great that you can use a mod for it.
    But is there a mod that you would consider absolutely mandatory? Not just for you personally but something you think *absolutely everyone* needs to have and otherwise they couldn't enjoy the game as it is?

    Personally I'll probably use mods when (if) we get the first major overhauls and total conversions.
  6. Beta Patch Notes v1.0.2

    I tested 30 different votes with 100 and 0 relation, here were the results.

    Good effort and suggestions, it's a shame that both good and bad feedback gets ignored... I wonder if they changed something though? I'll try to take a closer look at the next votes in my current playthrough.

    My bad, I meant to say "no lords/garrisons ever surrendering". Looters do surrender yes, but lords never ever do. And you don't have the option to request garrisons to surrender, nor do they offer to.

    I just tested it in the game right now: I got 2000+ troops and challenged Bortu (a Cowardly, Calculating lord). Bortu's party was only 140 strong. Bortu still agreed to fight me.
    I also besieged Makeb's garrison of 200 with 7000 troops. They didn't surrender even after smashing all walls and calling an assault.
    All lords are suicidally brave, regardless of whether they are supposed to be or not.

    Yes, that's stupid. Most people already should surrender when they are fighting 50 vs 200. They could actually use those traits for it...

    True, but one would think that over 10 years of development time on this sequel, someone would have figured out how to simply increase the damage value of spears.
    Can't argue against that.

    You are most welcome.
  7. Beta Patch Notes v1.0.2

    * Voting being mostly pointless because lords vote all one way and you can't change the vote outcome?

    That doesn't always happen on my end. In fact I can change the outcome most of the time.

    * Nobody ever surrendering?

    They do surrender if they are outnumbered. But it's like 10 vs 100.

    * Spears being garbage?

    That's a Warband feature... :wink:

    * Kingdoms losing a war demanding tribute from the winner?

    I believe that only happens when the winner is in too many wars simultaneously so they want to make peace before they lose it all.

    I agree with the rest though.
  8. This game sucks

    But saying because BL is 8/10 vs NMS's 3/10 as the definitive measure why the game doesn't or does suck shouldn't matter. It's literally just an aggregate of either a thumbs up or thumbs down button, so really, it's either a 1/1 game or a 0/1 game.
    That's not what I said though and it's not what we have been discussing.

    The question was, will TW manage to improve the game as much as HG did after release?

    My point was that the comparison doesn't make much sense because NMS was perceived even worse than Bannerlord.

    That doesn't mean that Bannerlord needs to be an awesome game for you, you can dislike it as much as you want. But please try to understand the point and don't turn it into something else.
  9. This game sucks

    It's still just a number in the end, you're not taking the context of the reviews into consideration; there's a lot of 'meme' reviews that skew results too. Even if you're sticking with Steam as the valid objective results, take a look at the 'Most Helpful Reviews' (usually what you see at the bottom of the store page). You have to aggregate the context for a better reference/feeler of the reviews.
    Most 'upvoted' one I see is from 'breast milk'; and then look at the next by a 'Nikko'
    So you don't see the difference between the NMS launch and Bannerlord launch. That's OK. I don't have time for that kind of discussion.
  10. This game sucks

    Reeking of butthurt :mrgreen:

    Right Mr.defender of Taleworlds, you should know by now that Taleworlds doesn't take notes from the fans, you can act politce or not when you have suggestions it doesn't matter you'll still regret it.
    I know, that's why I said our opinion is less important than Steam reviews.
  11. This game sucks

    Metacritic and Steam reviews are about as indicative of quality as trying to see if a steak is cooked by using a monkey's paw. Maybe you should leave while the adults discuss reality?
    And your opinion is super important, right? I am sure Taleworlds takes notes.
  12. This game sucks

    Exactly. Any hyped up or extremely despised game is going to praised or **** on at launch with people with zero hours on steam, most recently with Victoria 3 where most of the first reviews that came out are just some ass memes of course.
    The only thing less important than Steam reviews are a bunch of angry ex boyfriends on a forum...
  13. This game sucks

    A mentally brain-dead person could write better reviews than any of the decadent and lying game journalists, so an 8/10 from IGN or some other terrible website doesn't mean much.
    But the players give it 8/10 as well, both on Metacritic and Steam...

    But I guess they are all toxic fanboys. 160.000.
  14. This game sucks

    No Man's Sky is honestly the worst thing to happen to video games in the last few years. Every time a horrible release happens, people just assume there's chance it'll be like no man's sky and get "fixed" long after they paid for it. It's an acceleration of an already terrible trend.
    It's not a fair comparison. NMS was at 3/10 at release if I remember correctly. Bannerlord already is at 8/10.

    I know that a handful of vocal people deny the existence or importance of good reviews, everyone who doesn't hate Bannerlord is a toxic lying troll fanboy who enjoys sucking Armagan's stick so there is no need to tell me again.
  15. Running down enemies on world map

    As Ive always said the world map is MS PacMAN minus the Bow in here hair. Meaning imagine if units on the map acted like tasks and survival need based behaviour as opposed to just chasing and running at fixed speeds. Because even if you left out the first part, groups of combatants do not chase each other around the countryside at a fixed speed of 8.2 kph. Now what if they implemented a tiled world under the campaign graphics map. Would if reach tile had distinctions about it like a strategy boardgame -resources, good place to hide, good place to rest, good place to ambush from horseback, swamp that would slow down or even make those traversing sickly. I coulda sworn they would have planned something more along this lines for a next -gen level flagship of the series.
    As long as they don't simulate every grashalm the game is a complete failure.

    While I like the suggestion this goes into the area of feature creep. It probably wouldn't even make the game better, just more complex for the sake of it.
  16. Running down enemies on world map

    It seems ridiculous that a party of 113 soldiers, all mounted, can't chase and run down a party of 14 men on foot.
    Because 9 women get a baby in 1 month, right?

    Sorry, but it would be ridiculous if you  can chase them down.

    Anyway, it would be nice if we could make camp and follow them with a smaller group while the rest of our party waits.

    In the meantime you could try to create a second party with your companion and donate your troops to him.
  17. Seriously, what happened?

    that picture is vanilla bannerlord, the negative example

    the beautiful art in the 2nd picture is in the name of jerusalem 2
    How many leopards had to die for that picture?
  18. Seriously, what happened?

    that's an understatement imo just look at vanilla bannerlord troops against in the name of jerusalem 2
    Sorry but that's not a positive example.
  19. Reading the Console Reviews coming in is simply mind boggling

    That is what you were getting at, but please, go on with your back pedaling. 🍿

    It's always funny seeing that kind of behavior from toxic Bannerlord fanatics.
    It's OK, you can tell me about your feelings.
  20. Reading the Console Reviews coming in is simply mind boggling

    Yes. Go on to tell other people how they feel. You know it better than they do.
    Thanks, I'll do that.
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