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  1. SP Dark Ages [SUBMOD] VAGN`S Armour mod for Viking Conquest (Released v 1.1)

    Well, the fix is simple but tedious and I don't personally have time to tackle it at the moment. What would need to be done is someone would need to go through the respective armor .brfs (divided up by kingdom -- Albion, Norse, etc) and find all the materials used in each armor in there. They'd then need to separate out those .brfs they want to use, and ALL the materials they want to use, and then copy those into the respective directories.

    It's not complicated, just tedious. In fact, the separating out of textures bit is already done in his "Just Armours and Textures" file, so you'd just need to look through there and copy all the materials that are used from the full distro on moddb, etc.


    To be clear, this would only work for instances where he directly replaced the default textures with exactly named new textures. Adding new files that aren't part of base VC is a bit more complicated I think.
  2. SP Dark Ages [SUBMOD] VAGN`S Armour mod for Viking Conquest (Released v 1.1)

    FYI -- It seems to be the problem is caused by missing materials files. Without the missing materials we can't fix the white texture issue. Hope that helps anyone else trying to solve this problem.
  3. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    Hey Tingyun,

    Thanks for the changelog. I tracked down the marriage thing and apparently it seems to be a simple split in what the bride will do. I saved the game and reloaded and she seemed to alternate between three outcomes "No Thanks, keep trying" "Let's do it but my dad hates you!" and "Everything is fine, dad will say yes." Without changing variables I was able to reliably reload and cycle through these in almost a 33% chance split. Weird. I had always expected there to be more under the hood to that system. Maybe I was just at a weird statistical breakpoint.

    I did notice one thing that is cheesing me off a bit that I hadn't noticed before. My Huskarlar are deciding to not use axe and shield and instead opting for Dane Axe when in the first rank of a shieldwall. This, understandably, gets them killed. Any way to change this behavior?

  4. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    Well, I think I've found my first "bug", Tingyun. It's really not something I ran into before, but I found a lady with the personality type that makes her a social climber, and I'm sitting at 1200 renown, with two towns and a castle and she is still telling me that I need to make more of a name for myself before she'll consider marriage.

    For what it's worth, I'm playing on the "slowed renown" version. I just thought it was funny that I'm the most landed and renowned warrior in her faction with 100 relations father and daughter and she's still telling me to go out and get 'em. Maybe it has something to do with your renown slowing equation?
  5. SP Dark Ages [SUBMOD] VAGN`S Armour mod for Viking Conquest (Released v 1.1)


    The armors look great in your screenshots! When I try to use the models/textures version I get TONS of white areas and missing textures in my game. Any idea why? Is a texture missing?

  6. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13


    Thanks so much for all your hard work on this balance mod. I can't wait to see how version 10 plays. I plan to make it my final push through of a female norse pagan who converts the isles to paganism. I've dinked around in the past conquering Ireland, but I'm going to make this one my final push through for total conquest, and then retire until Bannerlord. I've really enjoyed your work over the past few months.

  7. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    Hi Tingyun,

    Haven't posted in a while, but I'm all for removing the horse speed debuff. It has only served so far to punish me for random javelins/headshot arrows making it over the shieldwall when I am carefully avoiding "exploiting" the horse. I mostly just use it as a higher vantage point from which to direct battle on hilly maps. Can't count the number of horses I've lost to some random nutjob npc getting a lucky javelin over the shieldwall as we advance, and now any hit from a rock/arrow/javelin turns my moving platform into a slug. Yuck from me!

  8. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13


    I realized I was being stupid, so I just edited out the relevant section from the .py (Added in 3.258 of VC) re-recruited Bodo, then extracted your compiled distro over the top again. Its a pretty easy fix based off a Kalarhan post in the tweak thread. Sort of a silly realization that I was creating more work for myself to fix the issue. Thanks for the recommendation anyway. I'm still digging away at integrating the Dark Age visual mod with your balance mod, I just don't have much free time (due to far too much play time!) but I hope to have it done in a few weeks. Using Winmerge has been helpful, but the troops.txt is the real bugbear, as I have had to go through Manually and Morgh's the changes in item names for each troop, etc.

  9. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    Hey Ting,

    Was just going through and tweaking out the 3.258 "Dead Companions" nonsense to allow dead companions to return post campaign and noticed that the mod sys for 5.0 is missing a few things:

    1) No siege battle continuation
    2) No editable wife outfits (DEAL BREAKER!!! jk)

    Will update as I find more.

  10. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    King in the North! King in the North!

    Thanks Tingyun  :smile:
  11. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    Hey Tingyun,

    Hope you're feeling better. Just wanted to let you know that overall I feel like the beta is pretty solid and don't have any further input.

  12. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    Dang! I saw Tingyun post and was hoping it was related to an update. Oh well.  :dead:
  13. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13


    I just wanted to let you know that I'm really impressed with the 5.0 beta and I can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for doing something that's needed doing for a long time in VC!

  14. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13

    I thought I would mention it in case there were any other interested parties, but I plan on sitting down tonight with WinMerge and integrating the "Dark Age" visual mod by ha3481 with the 5.0 version of the balance mod. I like the grittier and somewhat more realistic armors for that visual mod, but hate the balance changes he includes with it, and much prefer the work that Tingyun has done.

    The work will mostly involve going line-by-line in itemkinds and updating the texture fields to use the DA version, and I hope to finish it in time to still have some playing time tonight.

    If anyone else is interested at all, let me know, and we can dm e-mails so I can send you the merged files.
  15. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13


    Thanks for the great work on this. I can't wait to see 5.0! I was wondering if you had put any more thought into having villages defend against raids by something other than faction peasant recruits? I saw it mentioned earlier on a reddit thread, and I saw that it already exists as a change in the giant tweak thread.

    Really looking forward to 5.0, all the changes look great, and if you want anyone else to give thoughts on what you have so far I'd be very happy to help!


    Edit for clarification: It makes sense given the fyrd style armies of the time to have Tier 1-2 spear/axe units
  16. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13


    Thanks for all your hard work on this. Is it possible to have a fork maintained that has the "Change Wife Gear through Dialogue" option enabled? I really dislike the terrible dresses and hats that my future wives get saddled with on playthroughs, and it would really be nice to have that option (at least for wives, I know some people were bothered by the temptation to do wives and _all_ lords). Especially given that we already have to cope with the terrible VC female facegens.

  17. SP Viking Conquest Balance Mod 13


    Loving the mod so far, great changes. I'm having an issue trying to integrate your mod with Dark Age graphical enhancement mod. I like the gritty darker look of the Dark Age graphics. Can you give me any pointers on how best to accomplish this? All my current attempts result in either weird texture glitches, or buttons in menus ceasing to function.

    Any help (from anyone) appreciated!
  18. SP Dark Ages [Submod] Dark Age 867AD


    If I wanted to use your mod only for the visual changes, what is the easiest way to do this? I am only asking because I have used my own vc_tweaks_tool mods and don't want to import any of the Sword & Shield balance stuff. Would I just import everything but itemkinds1.txt?

  19. SP Dark Ages [Submod] Dark Age 867AD

    I think I understand your confusion, ha3481.

    When you update VC and Warband through steam the numbers will automatically be right due to how that process works:

    Warband gets updated to 1.172h, then viking conquest gets updated to 2.032

    The set_version in the module.ini will be right (i.e., it will be 1170 or 1172 to match Warband)

    The issue we had with your latest mod archive is that there was a mismatch in the module.ini in the archive. (It was 1168, but needed to be HIGHER than 1170 to match 2.032's needs)

    From my understanding, this is because 2.032 is coded to check and make sure that the set_version is higher than 1170, the warband version it was designed for.

    Simple fix for the archive is just to reupload a module.ini with 1170 or higher in the set_version.

    EDIT: Thanks for all your hard work, ha3481. I really enjoy the visual mods and didn't like having to play blood eagle to get them, due to personal taste preferences BE always felt too easy for me.
  20. SP Dark Ages [Submod] Dark Age 867AD

    I tried a lot of different things, but I finally found out why Tarassos and I are likely having this problem. I was wrong about menus.txt, but when I edited the

    "set_version" in module config file from 1168 to 1172 it now works completely fine

    It's at the very top of the file, and I can't open it now because I am at work, but changing that one line to reflect that my Warband version was 1.172 fixed the problem and everything seems to be working fine now.
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