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  1. Valarr

    Fix these servers

    How does such a big company create such a bad platform for their servers. The complete lack of effort towards fixing this is insane.
  2. Valarr

    The Knights Of Vlandia

  3. Valarr

    Roaming Cavalry Company [RCC] [NA] (Camel gang)

    RCC Warhammer 3 Tournament
    Sponsored by Silver Knight PCs

    Potential Prizes:
    1st Place: G910 Logitech Lilac Gaming Headset/$15 Steam Game
    2nd Place: X17 EVGA Gaming Mouse
    3rd Place: X15 EVGA Gaming Mouse

    Time: 21 Sep – 26 Sep Players: 8 – 20

    Players will schedule their match with each other. Initial round of matches will be completed by Saturday the 24th. If a player does not show up or is unable to attend then they will forfeit their match. This is a single elimination tournament. Bracket will be done on Semi-Finals and Finals will be streamed either on discord or Twitch.

    Feel free to invite any of your friends. Special thanks to SirTheo60 for providing the prizes and sponsoring.

    Subject to change should any new developments arise.

  4. Valarr


    We have some estimations internally, sure. But they are far from set in stone (many moving parts that depend on how well the closed tests go) so I would hesitate to share them with you. We are excited about it too and hope to release them to you in the near future.
    You guys need to figure out a multiplayer roadmap with timeline estimates. The majority of these hate threads revolve around a lack of transparency. For a community that has shown incredible support the past 12 plus years we sure do get the corporate response quite often.

    Will private servers be released with the full game?
    Will they be open to everyone?
    When is the estimated game launch? Oct 15th?
    Planned multiplayer additions and their estimated timeline/progress on these additions?

    I would recommend you as a dev team do a AMA style stream on youtube/twitch. Might relieve some stress the community has. Hope this helps.
  5. Valarr

    When will you start actively dealing with cheaters in multiplayer?

    When will you start punishing players who use cheats??? Is it really hard to look after those who come out in the top? How many times has it already been that arrows fly through them and blows with weapons, but they do no damage! They run faster in heavy armor than in light armor with a perk!!!
    get better
  6. Valarr

    Insert hate thread here

    Taleworlds bad !
  7. Valarr

    Smithing update

    C'mon. Even when giving them credit, you can't keep that in check?


    You can use reports to request a move or whatever else you might need for your thread. They're not just for people breaking the rules.
    you cannot escape the multiplayer toxicity. one of us now
  8. Valarr

    Smithing update

    That would actually be pretty sweet as long as it was cosmetic and things like weapon length/speed was still fixed to your class
    @badbuckle possible???????
  9. Valarr

    Smithing update

    would be kinda based if could smith in multiplayer, make our own personal weapons and such
  10. Valarr

    Taleworlds you good?

    Not like I can assist with anything coding wise but this community is incredibly talented. I understand the multiplayer development is under new management but I think the community would like to see some changes come with that on our end as well. Community interaction has been lackluster and a...
  11. Valarr

    Beta Branch with Telemetry Tools

    Kinda hard to provide evidence when the stuttering is only an issue with high population servers. TDM, Siege, and Battle get bad after 40ish people. Game wont even start when I select perf_test,
  12. Valarr

    What's with this constant stuttering with the new patch????

    I had the stuttering really bad on siege, didnt have it on Skirmish though. Same for you?
    High pop TDM and siege servers are bad, skirmish is completely fine.
  13. Valarr

    What's with this constant stuttering with the new patch????

    I've got a beefy computer and never had issues until this new patch. Is there any known fixes on the our end or am I gonna have to wait another month for a patch?
  14. Valarr

    pls give private servers

    I am once again asking nicely for private servers. I will include a "please" if that will speed the process up. Does Taleworlds not realize if they just give us this then their game wouldn't be dead? audible sigh ps. this is super cringe @TaleWorlds
  15. Valarr

    Genuine Question for the developers

    The unfortunate reality with this statement is that most people who would've played Warband even two years ago have since moved onto other games. There is still a need for a proper successor to Warband's multiplayer mode
    They can still fix it. One of the biggest issues I think is Taleworlds using this "Early Access" period as a appeasement tactic while they train their interns how to properly make a game. Warband was made successful by its community, if they had made private servers a priority earlier then maybe things would have been different.

    Taleworlds, please make a visual roadmap and timeline for when things are going to be released.

    Release private servers immediately.
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