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  1. I hate combat

    Sounds like ping issues.
  2. Why is cav Knockdown in Multi ???

    Whats wrong with you ? i litterally said they should remove this from cav and give to inf as a perk or give this effect only to pike 🤨

    And as i said i really think this was done by mistake, why wouldnt they keep the effect on billhooks menavlions etc, like it is on sp
    I'm being sarcastic. lol. Sorry but also thanks for the chuckle.
  3. Why is cav Knockdown in Multi ???

    I haven't seen anyone complain. You horse cuks shouldn't be going cav all the time 🤨. Come get sliced and diced with honor.

    By the way, spear infantry can dismount them.
  4. login server is down

    Maybe an update for servers? Not sure if that's possible. Let me know
  5. Captains was the best of this game

    Implying this hasn't been the issue for years.
    It wasn't as much of an issue for me since the game was "running", now it is and I've hopped over to the dark side of being pretty upset with the development. It's gone backwards.
  6. Realistic AI mod is a must-have for everyone who loves sieges

    want full immersion? Siege assaults should nearly wipe or completely wipe the attacking army. It'd be boring because real sieges were about forcing the castle / town holders to surrender, not to actually battle them, some sieges lasted more than 20 years.
    That's obviously not what we are talking about. Poor cop out.
  7. Captains was the best of this game

    New GK captain server is up and battle server. Population is slowly rising again for mp.

    If developers fix whatever went wrong finally and release the servers their fan base has been requesting, it will be highly populated again.
  8. typical multiplayer experience as of now

    Multiplayer dead since 1.7.2
  9. So the update from months ago killed multi-player?

    Yes, the update that they have not fixed since 1.7.2 killed NA multiplayer and most players have now quit playing. It is known
  10. TALEWORLDS WTF.......

    We shouldn't have to revert. The game has been completely broken for over a month now. I haven't touched it since the update.
  11. 1.7.2 killed Captain


    Captain mode was going on at virtually all times on NA East. Dead now. Haven't played in over two weeks or more.
  12. Plz Battle Servers/Mode

    Idk how devs haven't spit out more troops for captain mode, or a captain siege mode, or this battle mode. All have been requested
  13. Aserai Rebalance when?

    Not sure if this has been said. As far as captain mode, asserai is basically unstoppable with tribal rush. Anything said against this is wrong and I doubt you're a decent player or playing decent players who aren't trolling.
  14. Could a "zombie infection" mode work for Bannerlord?

    I thought I saw zombie mods for warband. Would be cool to see for bannerlord with custom troops etc. Even multiplayer with custom zombie skins or a captain mode with something like this would be nice even.
  15. Why isn't there a co-op Invasion game mode in multiplayer.

    Kripaz there's a lot of players who like captain.. why would you complain about it lol. It needs more a.i troops than what it has though for larger battles.

    Invasion would be nice to try though. Maybe in the future..
  16. Vlandia Rebalance When?

    They have to balance between the modes. In Captain they are decent, but probably the weakest overall
  17. Is this what you want to see?

    Isn't the issue that xbows are not that great in Captain mode but they use the same system, therefore with players the xbows are op but the a.i xbows in Captain mode are not that great when rushed/dealt with tactically?
  18. Every infantry movement speed in order (gameplay discussion)

    Some people want better movement speed to troll all round running away and kiting. Weak exploits
  19. Multiplayer is dead, and TaleWorlds killed it.

    The captain games are more populated then ever. Faction balance is more legitimate than ever. They need to improve a.i and up troop counts for cap mode. Even if every unit type got +3 for what they deemed balance worthy it adds at least another 40 units to each battle
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