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  1. Gameplay balance

    I agree with the Gondor Faction thing, once we know how to add more then 10+ troops for a faction we will overhaul it to fit more kinds of troops including the Knights of Dol Amorth and the Axemen.

    The Highlanders at the moment need more then a claymore. We will add in the Highlander OSP dirk and sword and the spiked shields to complete their set and the other boots.

    Rohan is getting more fleshed out soon as well.

    Ver 0.11 is a big new version incoming and we are still fixing the bugs.                   

    All sounds great to me  :smile:!

    I should mention that I will be making alterations to the admin panel to make faction selection easier
    Thank you! This is so crucial to stop the poll spamming and make it even quicker to faction test and tweak whilst modding.

    Great, anything to reduce poll spamming, its one of  the most annoying things but I guess something that can't really be fixed.
  2. anybody still play this ??? wondering if i should download or not

    This mod always has busy servers, peak times there's generally a server with 30+ another with 20+ and a few smaller ones, you'll always find a game.
  3. Gameplay balance

    Coolio  :smile:, glad to be of help!

    especially thank you for your OSP helmet pack.

    Heh no problem, made it so long ago I'd completely forgotten about it!

    Some of the factions seem unnecessary and have very little real content, primarily the Superheroes, the executioners and the zombie defenders, are practically unplayable at the mo! I don't know if you plan on fleshing these out but for now might be easier to remove them from the list, making it easier to navigate?

    Also I was thinking that at the mo we have separate Gondor, Lossarnach and Dol Amroth factions? Couldn't they all just be put into the Gondor faction as separate troops?

    I really like the Highlander faction, but they do seem to be lacking in weapon choices? 

    Also be nice if Rohan could be fleshed out as well hehe  :razz:

  4. Gameplay balance

    Firstly congrats on making such a fun and popular multi-player mod :), its great that I can go on any time and pretty much guaranteed to get in a match with at least 10 other people! Also I hope I don't come over rude in this thread, I've made it because I really enjoy this mod and what to give...
  5. MP Fantasy [WB] War in the Riverlands - (asoiaf mod) Poll open, possible early release?

    Thanks man!  :smile:

    Well looking at the poll I'll do all the work first than release!

    Finally better now after a some what painful illness, so let the modding recommence!!
  6. SP Fantasy [WB] Game of Thrones - Official Thread

    Kvaedi said:
    Awesome, I was hoping someone was going to do this! All the pictures looked great, the armors especially.

    You should read the thread, those armours won't be in the mod, the guy who made them left.
  7. Rioting in London

    Verbeek said:
    Wellenbrecher said:
    Sierra125 said:
    Its just them Black and asians looting everything!! oh wait its not just them hahaha!
    All is lost! The hipsters joined the fray! :lol:
    I'm gonna sing the doom song now.
    That's London for you. :smile:


  8. Rioting in London

    A injured man being robbed:
  9. Rioting in London

    Wheem said:
    Dindi said:
    That's a terrible excuse, especially considering that there is rioting Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Bristol.
    I'm certainly not making any excuses for them, but that was the supposed catalyst was it not? If so, maybe it's a reason to protest, but not set fires, assault people, and steal stuff.

    Yeah sorry I know your not trying to make excuses. Yes I think there was a peaceful protest about the shootings originally but It spiralled out of control.

    Also apparently riots have started in Wolverhampton and west brom.
  10. Rioting in London

    This is ****ing disgraceful, its not a matter of wealth, its scum looting, the poorer families of london have been hit the worse, they burned parts of Lewisham and Croydon areas which are very poor.

    even if the (supposed) reason behind their riot is a good one. Maybe the cops did essentially murder this guy,

    That's a terrible excuse, especially considering that there is rioting Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Bristol.
  11. Rioting in London

    What? You do know its been going on for 3 days? Spreading to different cities across the country?
  12. Rioting in London

    What the hell is happening? 16,000 police on the streets, peoples homes being burnt down, riots across the country? What happened to this country?
  13. MP Fantasy [WB] War in the Riverlands - (asoiaf mod) Poll open, possible early release?

    Negro of Serbia said:
    This mod looks really nice, I'll be sure to follow it's progress. :smile: So how's the progress going?


    Progress is going a bit slow at the moment, mainly due to the fact that I've been pretty ill. But i've been working a fair bit lately so hopefully have some stuff to show tomorrow or wednesday  :smile:!
  14. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - It's official

    IA said:
    Here's a youtube vid of the multiplayer classes in action


    What did it mean with the traitors legion armour pack at the end? Any ideas?
  15. MP Fantasy [WB] War in the Riverlands - (asoiaf mod) Poll open, possible early release?

    Bump'd for the poll, everyone vote and we might get a early release!
  16. MP Fantasy [WB] War in the Riverlands - (asoiaf mod) Poll open, possible early release?

    Stark88 said:
    I'd go for the Tully colours on Brynden, personally. It's more true to the books. He does wear the tully colours but with a black fish embroided on his chest where others have the silver tully fish.

    Thanks thats some helpful info.

    In the end I've gone with a look that's similiar to Edmure but lighter armoured:



    Next to be done are the Mallister Seamen, Karstark Spearmen and Umber warriors.

    If anyone has any suggestions/ideas for the unit design then please do tell :smile:.
  17. SP Fantasy A song of ice and fire for Warband

    In the books he is bald but has massive side burns.
  18. MP Fantasy [WB] War in the Riverlands - (asoiaf mod) Poll open, possible early release?

    Take a look at Pinky's work (Asoiaf.brf in my mod) she has made a very nice armour r for him, it deserve someone use it....

    For some reason that brf comes up with a error whenever I try to open it.

    Sayd Ûthman said:
    Those helmets looks as if they were designed for this mod :lol:

    Haha I know! The helmets just fit in the armour, thanks for making them, they are awesome!

    Anyhow heres some WIP brynden tully stuff, what colour scheme do people think is the most suitable?



  19. MP Fantasy [WB] War in the Riverlands - (asoiaf mod) Poll open, possible early release?

    You really captured the way those characters have always looked for me; great job!

    Glad you guys like them!

    Anyways heres the alternate armour for the river rider:


    Heres some screenshots of edmure and the river riders (note edmure just has a random face at the mo):




    Next I'll have a go at doing the Blackfish to finish House Tully.
  20. SP Fantasy [WB] Game of Thrones - Official Thread

    bilwit said:
    I hereby officially quit this mod and am taking all my work with me. You can go ahead and take down the pictures of my work in the original post -- or not, but you won't be using them since none of you have the files.

    For those of you who have enjoyed my work, I assure you that they won't be vaporware and go to waste and am quite certain that you'll see them resurface a lot sooner than you would think. If anyone has any questions regarding what led to my departure, you can go ahead and PM me and I'll try to answer. I will not respond publicly out of respect for the team.

    Sux, d00dz.

    :shock: oh urm thats unexpected, best of luck with what ever you do man!
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