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  1. In Progress (Consoles) compilation of all issues

    Yes, undortunatly the frame rate is still very bad :/ Nearly all point i mention earlier are still there. Sadly i stop playing for the moment, i tried my best to ignore these problems but its killing my enjoyment and my immersion to this wonderful game.
  2. In Progress PS5 - Screen tearing (help)

    Yes i'm still experiencing this issue but less frequently then before the patch. The major issue i have with the game is framedrops and not solid 60fps, also crashes are annoying. Thank you for asking for my feedback, i apreciate it and i apreciate the help i can give by reporting those problems. We love the game, thank you for working on it to improve.
  3. Resolved PS5 - Framerate and graphical improvements (patch 1.2)

    Thank you so much ! I have big hope for this :smile: The game will be perfect with these improvements.
  4. In Progress (Consoles) compilation of all issues

    Hello, im making this thread to compile all issues on consoles and improvements needed in console version of the game. I Hope this will help the devs to improve ans give justice to this amazing game Bannerlord is. We know the devs are working hard to deliver the best version of the game possible...
  5. Resolved PS5 - Framerate and graphical improvements (patch 1.2)

    Summary: Hello ! I hope the devs can answer my question. Are any framerate and graphical improvements planned for the new patch 1.2 coming soon ? The game runs "well" but we experiencing countless frame drops (large battles, everytime i enter in a city, in tournaments etc) and "minors" graphic...
  6. Closed (PS5) Save file grow bigger in size

    After a check, the files seems to be okay, i don't know what caused this but it seems alright by now. You can close the thread, i can't delete it myself. Thanks !
  7. Closed (PS5) Save file grow bigger in size

    Summary:On PS5, I noticed an increase in the weight of my save files while cloud saving. I mean when you play a long campain, is it normal for the save file to get "bigger" ? Can this weight (size) lower the speed of saving the game / loading it ? Thank you for letting me know ! 😊🙏 How to...
  8. In Progress PS5 - Screen tearing (help)

    Summary: PS5 version : When i enter a city, at beginning of battles, in towns, i encounter à screen tearing problem on performance mode. How to Reproduce: It happens every time the game has to load graphic assets. Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): I'll try to capture if i...
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