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  1. AnddyiRaynor

    Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    Ah I forgot about that, it's been awhile since I played mount and blade so had forgotten that happens(the temperament mainly).
  2. AnddyiRaynor

    Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    Yeah just redownloaded modb version and the hair issue is fixed(same upload date). Idk why Tolranius has countess Johana as his wife though and some sound issues which aren't in the nexus version I downloaded(honestly probably still corrupt somehow for me). I don't usually have issues downloading from either source. But the modb version does seem to have been downloaded more than the nexus version so I am assuming this isn't anyone elses issue unless they can't bother to bring it up.

    Anyways chances are it's just some connection issue with modb for me. Nexus version works 100% for me(so far) so I'll just stick to it.
  3. AnddyiRaynor

    Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    Modb version has hair issues with females, mainly elves, but also countess Milisar(something like that ;p). Nexus version is correct, so far at least. That is what I get for going oh so I don't have to reset my nexus password and can just download the mod.. Also idk why you guys didn't just upload the same file, the winrar file sizes are different and so are the contents(some extra .wreck files in modb version which as texts don't matter(or shouldn't) ).
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    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    So you can always take all your troops to a new castle/town and declare war on Elintor, because your town will be empty they will see it as take able and take it with very few troops in it then all you have to do is win a almost impossible victory vs 5-6 Elintor riders with a scythe.. I did it once, idk how but it happened, they surround you too easily, if you outrun them it's possible but then you have the archers, seriously the worse faction to try to sneak into. Well I haven't tried sneaking into Macavian towns but I do know of the horrors of the prison breaks alone. (I suppose you could sneak in with a few troops, I guess I don't learn that taking 100 troops with you will get you spotted).

    Perhaps you want Sidherton? (The other mission gives you 7000 denar.. is it worth pissing off a faction to -100 for 7000 denar?), his gives you Darkforest Bow + Fornirion + 50 Geldairn nobles. One test game I started with 2 Darkforest bows in Forniron, a start as the viking with the extra companion.... That was when I was seeing why my companions wouldn't follow me and had saved after cheating renown so that save was garbage, could never find another Darkforest bow in a merchant at the start. (Pbodless was the answer to why)
  5. AnddyiRaynor

    Discussion + Suggestions

    Leonion said:
    AnddyiRaynor said:
    That's with version 1.5 though.
    Are you from the future?

    Of Morghs_MB_WB-WFAS_Editor.
  6. AnddyiRaynor

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Did you ignore him before you took it? Or did you tell him you'd help him and had the mission? So when you took it he disappeared?
  7. AnddyiRaynor

    Discussion + Suggestions

    shostakovich10 said:
    Hello! I'm in love with Perisno and I'd like to suggest an expansion for the Hired Mercenaries Troop Tree we're allowed to edit, so the player can create even more than 3 kinds of troops.

    Thank you for this mod. I work in another city during the week, witout internet, and this mod keeps me sane til weekends.

    You can add more "trees" to it with Morghs_MB_WB-WFAS_Editor. It should work, I felt it was buggy if you clicked on lords however. Really wanted Lethrandil to be sexier but she wouldn't allow it in the editor, hence my dilemma, marry ugly hair girl or Bergit?, hard choices. Ugly hair girl has good troops, while Princess Bergit? has nice hair.  :shifty: That's with version 1.5 though.
  8. AnddyiRaynor

    Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    Wotin Castle seems a little bugged? At least the castle scene when you do the Lyre quest with both patches has the spawn set up a little weird, the first time the lady of the place was in her normal spot and the guard was in the middle of the room with people in the walls, the second time it was more or less right with Sekr showing up next to her, but the guards were still wonky as both of them were not in their right spots, 3rd time was the best when I spawned inside the wall...

    It's not as if many people are in the castle, it's just her/ Sekr/2 guards + me. I don't think it was buggy before this quest though I cannot be sure I was in here before but when I watched Reformists vid he didn't have this problem but I don't think he got the hotfix which fixes the adventurer quest like I have. (Hermit stuff is redundant, honestly if you read the quest you will see where the priest is, hermit just tells you where to find a guy who knows where he might be, loaded a earlier save to check that part of the quest and it is still bugged in Wotin castle.)
  9. AnddyiRaynor

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    I'm pretty sure I've seen the silver runed armor at the mystic merc. Not that I wanted it, too heavy and not to my tastes.

    Anyways what is up with Silberflake and his merry mead quest that was badly written and makes 0 sense(ok on a scale of 1-100 it makes 3 senses..I understood some of the words as they weren't askasdask and some key words..). I can read google translated chinese to english pretty well but the words that man speaks confuses the **** out of me. That and the quest seems to go no where. It looks like it does, but. As he does send me to Krain to talk to Meadbrewer then he can send me to his "friends"(I guess they are somewhere else like other adventurer quests, but of course this shouldn't be an adventure quest as it was initiated by the tavern keep then the weapon merc then a adventurer). Anyways the other option is to ask how he makes money then he sends you to Maccavia? ok, you talk to the tavern keep and he says some insane nonsense if you ask the second option. (Something about patrol... quest where you go...)...

    ps. Divine Hamlet hammer, not so divine. My 1/2 handed hammer is with -2 damage is faster and seems more divine.
  10. AnddyiRaynor

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    NotGo0d said:
    And I always play with good ai, but I usually never experience such a behavior, that they wipe out other factions so fast, normaly It's take this caste, take it back,
    take theirs castle, they take it back and so on and so on. It was kinda funny to see Reich des Drachen so fast annihilated, since they are usually very strong.

    (And even with youre explanation, i still don't know how to cheat me these troops)

    And why should I release the immortals? I would do that if i cheat them in my party, but it sounds like they reappear, would be fun to see a roaming immortal army
    that rampages through perisno.

    Well if you get defeated with a ton of Immortals in your prisoner troop count then they will join the victor or they should should. If you wanted larger bands of immortals don't they have a party in tweakmb you can edit? or add them to another party roaming the map. That may require a new save(probably as it adds things, maybe if you replace a unit in an existing roaming party (template) then it will work without having to create a new save)

    Idk what else to say about the cheat you just put that code in triggers.txt add 1 to the 135(+) at the top of triggers.txt and on the main map you press ' or you can change 0  5 4 0 71 1 40 1106 to be something else.  ' = 40 keyboard buttons besides Enter starting from ~ which is 1.... You could set the player characters relations with the immortals to 40-50 that will be plenty to be able to attack them and recruit them (again probably requires a new save, unless it is hardcoded in a script like pendor.

    Well you'd release them if you "roleplayed" recruiting them, you wouldn't want to use "ghosts or forgotten".
  11. AnddyiRaynor

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    You can end mercenary contract with cheatmenu. That being said I did watch reformist and his contract renewed within a few months with Elintor.

    Mercenary companies through this I assume.

    The immortal one you can cheat to get them,
    idk if you'd want to. At least for me I try to rollplay that cheat(i.e I am not walking 3 minutes inside that mercenary base to buy hired recruits. I'll travel there "click the button" then export/reimport when I remove the money it would have cost. It's both a performance and I don't want to walk that far all the time button. Well if you want the merc's you could be getting sure. You should limit the # you get by checking once and a while how many they are willing to give you. As for the immortals I suggest how many you can capture, then use the cheat and then release the prisoners so you don't' sell them. Otherwise you can be losing some of the fun.

    add this to triggers.txt and add 1 to the top number, key is ' or ". 7400 = unit 600(hired recuits), 10 = the number of troops. Just use morghs editor to find the troop #.

    0.000000 0.000000 0.000000  0  5 4 0 71 1 40 1106 1 1585267068834415133 1610 3 648518346341351424 3602879701896397400 10 3 0

    As for factions attacking other ones is your campaign ai set to Good or lower? Good should make them more aggressive and smarter.
  12. AnddyiRaynor

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Most of the elf females are ugly and the ones who aren't usually have terrible personality relatives. I know I don't see her much when I am out fighting but when I come home from my long adventures I want to faint from her beauty. That's why Brigit > Linthradil, plus she rides a dragon, she can take me flying in the sky, can Linthradil even compete?
  13. AnddyiRaynor

    Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    Am I the only one who has issues with their Hired Sharpshooters? I put a Persino flatbow or black ebony bow + 2 handed mace on them and they are between 150-224 denars, if I put a second bow on them they decrease in price. + 2 sets of +6 damage arrows.

    But when I put a (persino)crossbow and 2 dwarf bolts + 2 handed mace on them they are 36-46 denars. Idk but I am pretty sure those crossbows hurt. Especially when I duel them and give them the dwarf crossbow 30+ damage a hit, if I let them hit me of course but the ai wouldn't be dodging. This is when I give them +70 armor and +4 ironflesh enchantment + geldar boots. I don't do much damage to them(unless I use the flame sword with 7+ powerstrike), and if they hit me with that mace well, it's no better than the crossbow hitting me.

    Main issue is crossbows make the units too cheap? at least for archers.

    Idk if this is a bug or just my small screensize but not all of the factions get shown -> on the faction relation screen so I can't 100% tell who is at war with whom through it. small issue atm, as idk if that would effect my player faction besides with the Zann and co.
  14. AnddyiRaynor

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Although the princesses call you their wife, they don't make you wear a dress at the wedding, that is about the only good part of what she does to you. Besides providing you with prisioners/free troops from her garrisons. but who'd choose that if they had to wear a dress for 10 seconds
  15. AnddyiRaynor

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Well the best option would be to allow an option to allow/disallow bodyguards in the "change game settings menu". I know some mods allow that, at least I came across someone saying that when I was searching for why they weren't working.
  16. AnddyiRaynor

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Easy enough to just have 2 versions and switch between when you want to rescue prisoners then. I'm just glad I got it working now.
  17. AnddyiRaynor

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    willyflare said:
    AnddyiRaynor said:
    How the heck do you get your companions to follow you into taverns/ prisons(but I'd settle for taverns)? I tried the 400 renown, tried the leadership over 6, tried taking a walk in town, tried going to the arena, tried merc, tried vassalage... HOWWWW  :cry: I know they are suppose to follow you at some point though? At least in Reformists videos ep 13 there were none (jun 20-23) but in ep 14 they followed him (jun 27ish?). Why can't it just be like Pendor where when you become a lord(or banner?been awhile) they follow you like the good meat shields they are.(Since a lord should have body guards) Perhaps it is a time thing? Do I have to wait until june to have my companions work their butts off?

    I wouldn't care about them not following me if there weren't some impossible forts to rescue prisoners from. Maccavians and their crossbows, mainly npc dies because they are so in the open and you can't protect them yourself.

    If I'm not mistaken this is tied to PBOD submod. If you installed the PBODless patch, then they will never show up.
    I installed the PBOD version and then the PBODless patch, so i had them for some time, and then they were gone.

    I'm not 100% sure but it should not be 100% tied to PBOD, as Pendor at least didn't have PBOD in 3.511ish time period and had bodyguards as far as I know. Now I need to figure out what they changed to readd them to my PBODless version, as I have enough lag in that.

    But yeah i redownloaded the mod reinstalled the PBOD version patches and started as the viking and from tavern 1 my companion followed me + the next one I got, after I added some leadership.. Hadn't even thought in the direction of that Pbodless version, luckily I still had the raw in my downloads so it was easy to figure out I had the pbodless version. Thanks for that.

    Yeah I believe the bodyguard stuff is from Floris, maybe PBOD added it? But idk why whoever did that patch took out the bodyguards.
  18. AnddyiRaynor

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    How the heck do you get your companions to follow you into taverns/ prisons(but I'd settle for taverns)? I tried the 400 renown, tried the leadership over 6, tried taking a walk in town, tried going to the arena, tried merc, tried vassalage... HOWWWW  :cry: I know they are suppose to follow you at some point though? At least in Reformists videos ep 13 there were none (jun 20-23) but in ep 14 they followed him (jun 27ish?). Why can't it just be like Pendor where when you become a lord(or banner?been awhile) they follow you like the good meat shields they are.(Since a lord should have body guards) Perhaps it is a time thing? Do I have to wait until june to have my companions work their butts off?

    I wouldn't care about them not following me if there weren't some impossible forts to rescue prisoners from. Maccavians and their crossbows, mainly npc dies because they are so in the open and you can't protect them yourself.
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    Triggers file

    Because unlike real world occultists we don't need to hide ourselves.
  20. AnddyiRaynor

    Triggers file,125233.msg6106438.html#msg6106438

    Or look up the POP 3 Cheats thread and look through it. Actually no that is not it. Idk where it is atm lol. I'll just post the info I should have on my computer.

    AnddyiRaynor said:
    Not really sure I should post these cheats but as it was one of the first topics that came up on Google when I searched and in this forums search bar, and since this may be useful to some people who may want to use it or test troops out. I didn't make this cheat but I found it quite a long time ago when I started playing 3.42 and couldn't find it again when I looked. Note: This is a bit long but it should explain the cheats/ triggers in pretty good detail that you can use them without to much trouble. Credits: go to the guy who made the trigger forget who he was but he was kind enough to share them when he made it for himself.

    0.000000 0.000000 0.000000  0  5 4 0 71 1 21 1106 1 1585267068834415133 1610 3 648518346341351424 360287970189639834 35 3 0
    0.000000 0.000000 0.000000  0  5 4 0 71 1 33 1106 1 1585267068834415336 1674 2 648518346341351424 59990000 3 0

    Add those 2 lines to triggers.text in your Prophesy of Pendor module folder (save first before making changes), the first bolded area 834 is for Pendor nobles (troops) it gives you 35 when you hit Y on the main map. (More info at bottom of this post)

    The second line of code is for exp mine is set to 59990000 and it gives you exp when you hit  F on the main map.

    It's pretty easy to change which troops you want this works in 3.51 and 3.42  you just have to remember to change the 25 or 27 at the top to a extra 2 when adding these lines so that the triggers are read by the game if you don't it will just read the ones before it, and I would suggest adding this to the bottom of the triggers.txt

    triggersfile version 1

    Would become:

    triggersfile version 1

    You can also use ctrl ~ and type cheatmenu and go to camp look for find item and you can check out all the items this mod uses, it just gives you normal items no masterwork or rusty ones.

    Also if you want to be really lame if what I haven't shown you was enough you can export your character and edit it so your guy have 1000 str and agi this makes your guy have over 1000 hp and moves very very fast, I don't suggest the agi cheat as it is quite lame running around your enemies at a huge move speed  :twisted:, you move faster than a spirited spirit nolder horse (if that's the right name but the running speed is over that 50 I believe) , you can edit it to increase weapon prof. and all that jazz. There is no need to edit firearms as you won't be using them.

    The trigger is tested and it won't crash your game/ cause any bugs (probably), any I was aware of anyways. I just found out you can put your str and agi and so on over 63 if you edit it in so no known bugs caused by that besides and extremely slow heal rate to get to that 1k hp limit lol. (mainly cause I didn't want the cheater achievement  :cool: )

    3.42 numbers you'd add in for the troop cheat that you might want to use is.

    28  Maiden_warder
    170 hero adventeuerer
    188 Nolder Noble
    191 Nolder Maiden Ranger
    133 Pendor Noble

    Pendor Nobles were off by 1 in the 3.51 release so i don't know what the other ones are atm but they would have only changed by a few digits. You can find out by checking the troops.txt like I did to find those numbers in the first place. Note: That if you were to add anything under 100 (going down the list in troops.txt) you'd have to change the numbers to go 728 instead of the 834 it currently is.

    This is in spoilers because of the epicness/lameness of these cheats. If they need to be clearified more feel free to pm me, if you pm over a month or so from this post I might not see it for a long long time depending if im still playing mount and blade as I go from game to game pretty quickly and starcraft 2 is what I mostly play (single player is that fun, neither is cheating I KNOW  :cry:) Sorry if I wasn't allow to post in here because its been 184 days since the last post but it's better to have the cheats in one spot than a million. Not just cheats everyone knows about to.  :razz:

    Last note I know it's very long but this trigger can probably be used for more than just mount and blade warband and especially for more than just prophesy of pendor so if you want to use it for other mods just remember you have to look in the troops.txt and go down manually 1 by 1 counting the troops names until you find the ones you want, then finally add 1 of them to the cheat. If you actually know what that code says you could probably make more than one spawn troop trigger if you could change ctrl y to something else (for the new cheat and make another line for it) To be quite honest there's only a few numbers up there that change so it wouldn't be to hard to figure out which was Y and which was H.  Also the troop one says Theives guild troops are added so just check your party and you will see that you got the right troops. Gl Hf

    Quick Note: If you want to test just the late game use ctrl ~ cheatmenu add some food for yourself, have no troops with you (so you don't get paused while you do the next step I.e you don't needa pay no hookas  :razz:) and infinite camp then use the trigger above to add troops for yourself. If you leave it at poor campaign ai I doubt 200 days in that anyone would have lost a castle  :cry: Good campaign ai you afk for 40 days and half a kingdom has been aten by 2-3 different kingdoms lol, it is quite interesting. Then you can just come in and be the hero you were meant to be. Pretty sure the trigger was made with python.  *changed the exp trigger to crtl + F so it didn't activate cheaters achievement* p.s.s I haven't actually tested this for other maps than pop but it may or may not work it wouldn't be hard to get it to work if you understood the trigger.

    haha damn it was one page ahead of what I posted, at least I backed up the quote and all before I was punished before. Some things did go missing in the forge area that I had posted. You should click that link as it may be more updated (the quote link)
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