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  1. [WAUL] Free Agents

    Name: Sho
    Main Class:All
    Secondary Class:All
  2. [WWL] Discussion and Suggestions

    No one comment on this anymore. I have spoken with Azorekt and both come to an agreement that Bigo can be unbanned as long as he behaves himself and I will make sure he does that. All has been sorted and Azorekt should be shown some respect for hosting this tournament keeping the game alive and letting Bigo be unbanned. So keep this for proper discussion and suggestions and not arguments :smile:
  3. EU Native Battle Open Warband Winter League (signups thread)

    Name: Sho
    Nationality: Human
    Preferred Class:
    Any I don't play at all so it's if im bored and if someone needs me tbf.
  4. [FWL] Finals & 3rd Place

    12-0 default for raven we won’t play it hahahah
  5. [FWL] Semi Finals

    AAA won default baso as we cba to play after 2nd set since we all got bored so call it 12-0 AAA gg ty for tourney and I am officially retired ty tyty
  6. [FWL] Suggestions & Discussion

    Just a quick question of when will the table be updated? Still no points on the board for anyone?

  7. [FWL] Suggestions & Discussion

    Can we get medals after winning the tournament I even cleared up space after winning the last one!
    Aras basically saying he wants a second gold in a row give me yank his MONEY
  8. [FWL] Rosters & Transfers

    Team Name:HOMOFLOW


  9. [FWL] Rosters & Transfers

    Yeah just thought I had to say something on this, basically what happened is me and Rita had a talk and was before he was officially kicked off the tournament, which means I spoke to admins as me and Rita spoke of a trade with Jakhline and Azorekt.

    Rita wanted Jakhline for Azorekt so it’s nothing about this or that it really is just about she wanted that specific player and we didn’t mind taking Azorekt.

    Also Jakhline was bought for a ridiculous price he is defiantly worth far more so I would say it is fine as Rita was happy with it as she got the player she originally wanted and Jakhline himself was fine with it.

    Not to mention in the whole picking I had no time to ever form a strategy for a team (even tho people knew mostly what I want). But no time to prepare on that matter whilst others had atleast a month me to think. Let’s keep this just to what the thread is meant for I just thought to say it so everything is cleared up! 😎
  10. EU Native Battle Open Fantasy Warband League

    I would like to shed some light on this situation. I have contacted Callum from the community lead and sent an email to the main Taleworlds community in regards to this situation, with what has happened, why he does it and images showing proof of him admitting to his ddos attacks and what he wishes to do if he either never gets to play or if anyone talks bad on him.

    I have taken up action on this matter for the community as we all feel the same. I will make sure to inform everyone on here with a reply.

    Hopefully you all wish me luck with a reply that I am doing this for the community.
  11. EU Native Battle Open Fantasy Warband League

    The fact that Grynn has been unbanned from this tournament is pathetic. And taleworlds before you even mute me because I don't give a **** for my language at this point. This guy has DDOSSED the mercs community which he admitted, DDOSSED the matchmaking website 100x over because he is a pathetic little ***** and DDOSSES the servers when he can't play. He has threatened to DDOS the tournament if he can't play and would of DDOSSED the tournament if certain players was playing matches. This kid is a tramp and is the most pathetic excuse for a human ive ever witnessed in my life. The fact this ****ing rat faced **** is allowed to play in any tournament or even matchmaking at this point is a joke, when people who are perm banned on it can be given their chance to play on it or people who cheated in the past and don't know and show proof. But this ****ing retard gets to play when he holds this whole community hostage with what he does. 100% should never be allowed to play in any of these tournaments with the way he is, its pathetic. Most of the community think it and I will have the balls to write it.

    Ban me all you want or mute me taleworlds, but this is your own game that you're letting it happen to. Any person from that company look into fixing your servers and prevent these spastic freaks from ruining the fun of others and there time spent to enjoy themselves relaxing playing a game they enjoy and really put time into whilst it's still alive. No one will want to play in a team with him, me for certain will refuse to play in this tournament after picking if I am in his team, and 90% of people will too. But Ronny is doing his best to do this for us all so it is what it is but this is pathetic.

    I've said my peace.

    Also Grynn if you're reading this which I hope you're, crawl into a hole and die you vermin ****.


  12. EU Native Battle Open Fantasy Warband League

    Name: Hagrid.. Lew, who even cares
    Nationality: British Jew
    Preferred Class: Anything... team motivator, Inspiration... so on
    Activity: yes
    You forgot pure machine kid
  13. EU Native Battle Open Fantasy Warband League

    Player sign up

    Name: BigMoneyMitch
    Nationality: British
    Preferred Class: Inf
    Activity: Hez hez anyone got any haze
  14. EU Native Battle Open Fantasy Warband League

    Player sign up

    Name: Luca~
    Nationality: Austrian
    Steam: Steam
    Preferred Class: Archer
    The god himself is back
  15. EU Native Battle Open Fantasy Warband League

    you're ****ing arrogant LMAO. Being disrespectful to an admin xddd. U just a little boy from a game, but u think that, youre something more right now.
    Atleast he is actually putting in the effort for the community to host a tournament which is alot more than what you have done for this community, and I can't wait for you to go off on me now for backing him up on this but you're such a child yourself and Ronny for his age acts for more mature than what you're at your age now you pathetic boy.
  16. EU Native Battle Open Fantasy Warband League

    Odin, Nessa and Eduard are allowed to play though right? I thought we unbanned them three like two years ago?
    Yeah tbh, like I think there time has been served now and as long as they record everything that is happen and provide proof after each game or training then should be fine?
  17. EU Native Battle Open Fantasy Warband League

    Player Sign up: (Could be captain if not enough)

    Name: LGN_Shovenio
    Nationality: Really Jamaican just a knock off brit lmao
    Preferred Class: Im bad at all tbh
    Experience: I can actually host a 3 vs 3 tournament unlike darklight ://
  18. EU Native Battle Completed Plans for the future tournament

    So i have deciede on a fantasy league for this tournament, so everyone who wants to flame me, can do it below this post.
    Please keep the actual announcement post which i will post tomorrow or on sunday clean for sign ups etc.
    Thank you for once again hosting a tournament, regardless of what people say you're putting in the work to keep the game alive and people should be thankful someone is doing that.
  19. EU Native Battle Completed Plans for the future tournament

    I have to be atleast 100k or all my friends will laugh at me and think im a joke
    We do that already in discord everyday weeb
  20. EU Native Battle Completed Plans for the future tournament

    Stop complaining and play the tournaments ppl spend their time and effort into. People voting against FL have a skill issue and scared to get clowned when they see their ass get bid for 30k 🤡
    King of facts strikes back
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