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  1. Old Mod is making my game crash even after I got rid of the files

    I used a mod called Manage Garrisons before the big update. I've since gotten rid of all my mods from the previous version as none of them worked anymore. I can load the game fine and start the campaign but if I go to one of my castles/city's and hit manage garrison the game crashes does anyone...
  2. Troop training

    I haven't played since the updated the game and all the mods stopped working. Before mods training troops through battles was almost impossible has this been fixed without mods?
  3. Workshop Profits

    So far smiths and tannerys for me have brought anywhere from 300-600 gold
  4. Lack of field battles

    I don't know if this is just me but does anyone else feel like AI troops don't put enough importance in defending? In my playthrough I rarely get into big field battles and never in big sieges I feel like most of the campaign are lords raising armies capturing a couple weakly defended...
  5. Upgrading Troops

    That bonus is very small and insubstantial. I suggest you to use this mod, if you're not against the mods, of course. It allows you to train your troops for a price in any town's arena. Spares me from boring looter hunting,

    That's amazing thank you!
  6. Upgrading Troops

    You can easily and fastly level leadership if you make a party out of your companion, make an army and take them in and just keep leading that army all the time.

    I have leadership level 25 so I get the exp everyday for my troops but it still takes like 3-4 days to level up 1 tier 1 troop which doesn't seem very efficient.
  7. Upgrading Troops

    I've been playing for about 30 hours and I always run into the same problem. My troops are grossly under leveled I can't find a way to efficiently level the leadership perk either has anyone found a way to level troops efficiently without farming bandits?
  8. Enterprise Economy/Troop training

    I understand why they patched the woodshop that was racking in 2-8k daily but I feel like the 200g daily is extremely low as a cap if I hadn't amassed 500k before they patched it I would be struggling financially with 2 enterprises and 2 caravans. On another how the hell do I train troops...
  9. Are caravans worth it? [EDIT: THEY ARE]

    really? Right now I can’t seem to make any money on the caravan I sent out, in fact I am losing money over wages. Any ideas?

    It always starts out that way over time it becomes more profitable wait some more days.
  10. Are caravans worth it? [EDIT: THEY ARE]

    So is there also a caravan limit?

    Yes there is its tied to clan tier but again it's not specified yet.
  11. Are caravans worth it? [EDIT: THEY ARE]

    Q: Can you ever setup more than one workshop?

    Yes there's a workshop limit tho based on clan tier but it's not specified yet.
  12. Are caravans worth it? [EDIT: THEY ARE]

    I managed to save up 530k gold from the woodshop bug before they patched it safe to say I won't run out of gold anytime soon.
  13. Are caravans worth it? [EDIT: THEY ARE]

    Get wood shops, find shop workers using alt in a town

    Look at the new patch... They put a 200gold daily on workshops that's what he's referring too.
  14. Are caravans worth it? [EDIT: THEY ARE]

    Now that the workshops have been driven into the ground with the new patch that just came out I'm desperately looking for alternative options to be able to afford my 1000 dennar party. Has someone tried caravans? are they a good source of income?

    As always ty guys, this community is awesome.

    300-600 gold daily
  15. Marriage and Children

    How did you find a wife exactly?
  16. Kingdom Creation

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed yet but I just noticed that once your clan reaches tier3 in renown you have to ability to create a kingdom I'm not sure if it actually works I have no intention on trying any time soon but if someone else wants to gamble at it and let us know.
  17. Training Cavalry

    Has anyone been able to upgrade troops to Calvary yet? Whenever I try to upgrade one of my troops to cav it says I need a horse or something and I have like 6 in my inventory.
  18. Wood OP Don't Nerf

    I couldn't get any dialogue to build a shop. Just simply nevermind when I talk to the dudes.

    However money was stupid simple for me. Get a caravan going and then just figh fight fight. I'm at 90k gold a town and a castle all independent since I cannot make a kingdom.

    How much money does your caravan make you? I'm averaging about 300gold
  19. Wood OP Don't Nerf

    Who do you need to talk to too build a woodshop? All I can find is getting a caravan.
  20. The AI just spams attacks.

    The game aims to get fairly close to a simulation of medieval battlefield scenarios. No other game comes as close, at any rate. And yes, while you're right about stamina, I have terrible cardio and I can swing a longsword a good 20 times in a row before I start to feel winded. They weigh like two and a half pounds tops.

    Not to mention real warriors would spend their lives training and on top of that it's a life and death situation a little something called adrenaline kicks in... Anyhow I've played 6hours today on the hardest difficulty and I haven't had this "spam" problem I'm usually the one spamming out attacks.
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