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  1. Closed Fog Of War (Towns)

    You need to be within scout range to see security, prosperity etc. once you get far enough away, those values become hidden again in the encyclopaedia.
    Very unusual. I’m sure in past when I use to play the game you were able to see the prosperity of towns. I use to see which had the highest and conquer it 🙂. So it’s only Lords/Ladies that you can see after you meet them? Thanks for the answer
  2. Closed Fog Of War (Towns)

    For some reason every town I visit isn’t updating on the Fog of war. I’m trying to check the prosperity of a town, however it’s just showing up with question marks like I haven’t been? Anyone able to help? Thanks
  3. Help Please

    i dont remember if there is other way than notes to see the kingdoms relations, sorry. Freelancer is a kind of submod that allows you to enlist in lords/rulers army to act as a soldier, receiving armor and money. Adventures guild is a perisno feature that spawn some npc in taverns where yoy can get some really good quests and money in reward after completing the quests, but because of some bugs that happened frequentely with adventure guild, the devs decided to turn it off by default
    Thanks for the reply. Are these bugs for the adventures guild game breaking? Thanks
  4. Help Please

    first of all thank you for this amazing Mod. This is the first time I've played in over a year and noticed some changes. 1. Faction reports has gone. Is there anyway to see who's at war with who? Other than Notes? I use like the old way. 2. On the camp options it says enable Freelancer and...
  5. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Thanks you two
  6. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    First of all I would like to say a big thank you for this update. I've played this Mod for over a year now, and  I can happily say without a doubt this is my favourite game/mod of all time. Anywhere to donate/support? 

    Questions. I've noticed my old saves have stopped working (Steam) is this intentional? Also I've noticed the menu that displays all the Faction info (who they are at war with) has gone? Anyway to find out who's fighting who?

    Thanks, Flint.
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