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  1. SP Modern Oriental The Perennial Nuisance (away for a month - p. 53. New hats p.52)


    just thought Id copy everyone else and use a cannon  :oops:

    Hussey any models you want from napoleon are yours too k.
  2. Props, weapons, armor: make a request

    I made a couple of models for this thread and they are now availiable as part of my model pack on the repository.
  3. What mod would you like me to make?

    For Roman invasion of britain are we talking about Caesars two failed but spectacular invasions or the later invasion which was succesful?

    I put Roman invasion simply because I love Julius Caesar as a general, he had some spectacular battles espiecally in his second invasion. His first invasion he only took 80 ships and two legions, second invasion it was more like 800  :lol:
    Subdued Britain but didnt conquer it as the Roman civil war was brewing.

    Wahey what can I say I love that era  :smile:
  4. English Civil War

    Ealdormann Hussey said:
    Rathanax said:
    Im willing to model anything you want as long as you give me pictures of it.  :wink:

    I'll PM you a load of piccies

    :grin: Looking foward to it.
  5. English Civil War

    Im willing to model anything you want as long as you give me pictures of it.  :wink:
  6. Couched Lance Removal

    Hræfn said:
    Just out of interest; why do you want to remove couched lance damage anyway?

    It and horseback archery can be ridiculously powerful, a horseback archer or a lancer can beat any number of men without trouble. Couched lance damage one hit kills practically anything and a horseback archer just doesnt let anyone get near him.
  7. SP Native Craftmod Community Expansion Project -- Moved to MBXF

    Winter said:
    Quanta said:
    I hope you get it sorted out, I really am enjoying this mod.


    I have killed it! Killed it with fire!

    The problem was the fact that I didn't make a dialogue option to handle a failed crafting and not having all the right materials. Gah. This bug is dead.



    Love yah winter.  :grin:, cant wait for the next release now.
  8. SP Native Craftmod Community Expansion Project -- Moved to MBXF

    This is a BRILLIANT piece of coding winter, you have done stuff I didnt even know was possible  :mrgreen:

    Im really impressed, the 'lets do it' bug gets a bit annoying hope you can sort that one out  :lol: but i really think you deserve credit as this has obviously taken a helluva lot of work.

    I truly am impressed.  :wink:
  9. Devercia's texture pack

    I use gimp, i just cant figure how to wrap my images around my models.
  10. Version 0.751 is out

    Janus said:
    calandale said:
    Butt speellin's not grammerr anywhay
    your rite, it is knot.

    Yarr tis, speshly if yer type like a pirate (yarr!)

    Thanks armagan. If you hadnt noticed everyone here LOVES you for making this game. Cant wait to see what 1.0 looks and works like.

    On a random side note, does anyone have the first ever realised version? I would like to see it. A lot.
  11. "Get object failed: 33" error, how do I fix?

    Oh well Ill continue to model and others can put the models in their mods.
  12. "Get object failed: 33" error, how do I fix?

    I cant texture so I just use the vertex paint tool, could that have anything to do with the problem?
  13. Modders wanted - Waterloo Mod

    I cant figure UV mapping out yet  :???:

    oh and 20,000 faces probably is a tad high.

    But anyway it wouldnt look right even with a very clever skin IMO.
  14. Modders wanted - Waterloo Mod

    Scion said:
    that fort is awesome.

    I have the opportunity to do some modelling and texturing preferably of items (helmets, weapons etc) now and then. For reference you can see,7678.msg176891.html#msg176891, my doomed modproject.

    If you send me a list of items etc. you want me to do. I can also retouch textures for a certain style and things like that. I do not have the ability to model forts like the one above, too much patience required.

    Patience? Nah just overuse of the mirror tool  :oops:
    In reality Iv only been moddeling for less than a week  :shock:
  15. Modders wanted - Waterloo Mod

    I have some moddeling talent and Iv been wanting a mod to work on



    I know im not brilliant but just say if you want me  :grin:

    Edit: those weapons dont have true textures btw, just vert shading from BRF edit.
  16. Props, weapons, armor: make a request

    Pellidon said:
    if you're interested in the wild west mod, and are good at making large props ie. buildings and castles, etc. then help would be appreciated. anything you can give me will be happily accepted, but this is a big project. even a retexture of the current buildings to make them look like wild west buildings would be a great help. the main priorities are getting a good fort of the time period, a sheriff's office, a saloon building, and a trading post building. im throwing it out there in case someone's interested.

    Im interested in the mod but not that great at moddeling is this the type (just a draft will work on a better cleaner version if it is) of thing your looking for as a fort?


    Edit: The improved version, dont worry about the windows, they should appear hollow when properly put in

    Tell me if you want me to continue work on these and if you want any buildings inside the fort.
  17. "Get object failed: 33" error, how do I fix?

    Im trying to load a few new items into the game, I create my BRF put it in resources and modify my module_info.txt to it, load up the unofficial editor which finds the models just fine and put them into my module. However when I try to load the game I get a "Get object failed: 33" error which I...
  18. Devercia's texture pack

    Deve how and what do you texture in  :neutral: I can model but just cant figure out what to do to texture  :eek:

    Oh and top second to left is the best  :grin:
  19. So. Are Animals Possible Yet?

    Destichado said:
    Did you THINK about that before posting?  Oi.   

    Yes, reading it again I see the complete and utter lack of logic however  :oops:

    Ah well, my idea of no AI removes the problem of being boxed up by invisible men.
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