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  1. What would you describe as "eyesores" in the current state of the game?

    Tbf, armies tended to get helluva multicultural in real life lol. Especially for conquerors.
    that little fact is true. but works against your logic for the very reason that "multicultural" armies usually lacked the cohesion and morale of armies made of one group of people. particularly notable is the in fighting between factions that sometimes outright lead to defeat on a greater scope, or the fact that these factions are not 100% together means espionage was used to start in fighting as a tactic from their opponent to win without fighting.
    with that said. even if an army is made of many different groups of people. they stay amongst themselves. in their own formations and camps of purely one culture. that's how it always worked for reasons such as language, or food. they dont just fight together, they live together and travel together...

    another thing is. armies wear UNIFORM so they can LOOK THE SAME. but TW puts in 4 different templates to add DIVERSITY....trying to "look different and unique compared to your peers" was usually punished in the army, anybody with experience would know that.

    Elon Musk joked about netflix saying they are waiting for the war to end so they can make a movie about a black ukrainian falling in love with a transgender russian soldier. well, this game certainly has that level of wokeness, albeit setting in a time period of the 1200s.
    I love how warrior lords, after their initial defeat in battle. start sitting home sometimes. while letting their wives or daughters lead their clan army to battle....such equality go feminism!
    we can have a game about conquering the continent, executing prisoners and generally murdering your way around the globe, but "not enough females" omfg that can't possibly stand. go look at armies today, tell me the % of female soldiers, and most importantly % of female commanders... lol
  2. Do AI get a shield force-field?

    at least players can do the same. you can essentially rotate 360 degrees almost instantly and block all attacks from all directions as long as there's a tiny bit of time between each. what's annoying is the arrow magnet that sucks all arrows into the shield even though they hit a few inches around
  3. What would you describe as "eyesores" in the current state of the game?

    to me the biggest eye sore is how at day 0 the factions are normal and lords have culture exclusive armies. but with in a few years everyone becomes a modern globalist and start fielding multicultural armies like a netflix show from the last 2 years.
  4. Spear foot combat : current state

    I've taken to riding with long glaive + shield: all the stabby, some defense, and just put the shield away if you find yourself in a crowd.
    my favorite crafted weapon is a couchable long glaive with hooks. and with legendary smithing you can get a +(5-10) on that swing speed it will be beast
  5. I am once again asking to make spears good again

    Sure, but that's not a fantastic battlefield weapon. Better to have a shield, a very long spear or some sort of harder hitting polearm. And I don't think anyone in this period was going around with just a spear in any case.
    dude. a long spear is just a spear. lol frankly pikes and lances are spears too. let's not get boggled down by semantics here. if a person drops or lost his shield he's certainly gonna 2h that spear and gain huge benefits in attacks speed and reach, but the 2h bonus in bannerlord is negligible
  6. I am once again asking to make spears good again

    the spear is one of the most versatile weapons out there. one hand with a shield it has great thrust speed and variable range depending on where you choose to hold it. but using a spear with both hands it becomes a different weapon all together. the extra hand for pivot you can change the direction of attack so much faster and while thrusting. you can spin it, you can slam it. you can parry with it. you can faint, you can double/triple jab in the time of one sword swing... there is just so much you can do with it. it's not just a long pokey stick.
  7. Beta e1.7.2 Troop & Equipment Changes

    And they already have their archers too, Fian Champions. And they fire at an absurd rate which is indeed a shower of arrows.
    are you attempting to make a case saying a group of 20 fians can shoot more arrow than about 30-40 archers plus as many horse archers? really?
    because that's about the composition different you see in a party sized around 120 men between a battanian lord vs a khuzait/Aserai lord.
    if the Battanians are firing out a shower of arrows than they certainly are receiving a storm. seems just about every faction has the ranged advantage over our arrow boys, the sturgian round shields are clearly vastly superior to the Battanian narrow planks at receiving said storm.
    Go read the dev blogs and also the official Twitter. Every single faction devblog goes into depth about the historical inspiration behind each faction and even, in some cases, cites individual battles and historical sources that inspired TW.
    in terms of most historically accurate games ever made. Mount and Blades doesn't get close to the even the middle of the list. there's a reason they made up everything. when they could have made it all based on reality. there's enough texts and info for them to go for 100% historical accuracy, they aren't going for that or even in that direction. thus a fantasy land "INSPIRED" by real life, as much as it's inspired by movies and fiction.
    Yes, Fian Champions and Veteran Falxmen. What's the issue? Both of those things are already in their trooptree.

    You do realise that the argument you're making could also be used to make Aserai's nobles into light infantry skirmishers, or add cataphracts to Empire's regular troop line.
    the issue is they have about half as many archers compared to every other faction when the Battanian lords seemed to suggest they'd out numbered their opponents in ranged units when you talk to them.
    why not make Aserai nobles some kind of skirmisher infantry, the faris line suck with their 170 lance and golden poo armor. while at it, give them another type of tier 5 , maybe a cavalry
    the empire already has legionaries and cataphracts and 5 types of tier 5 troops. aside from palatine guards being clearly under equipped compared to their counterparts thus quite obsolete they are fine and arguably the most balanced/well rounded faction.
    Then you didn't check at all. First off, open up a new campaign, and read Khuzait's. "They are masters of mounted archery, shooting and galloping out of reach."

    More importantly, Battania's culture description doesn't mention archery prowess at all! Seriously, boot up a new campaign and go read it. It only talks about their great swords and great axes.
    "MOUNTED" archery.... could this mean it's different? perhaps a completely different category of troops called HORSE ARCHERS?? or maybe they just know how to gallop on foot from being with horses for so long...
    they are master horse archers with 2 types of horse archers and out number every faction's horse archers. in the case for these Khuzaits, TW got the memo and nailed it.
    the culture description is a description of their CULTURE. not military strategy. which is why i quoted the dialogues from the quest, where WARLORDS detail you on the events of the GREATEST BATTLE in recent history from their personal perspectives. besides. i don't see a single great axe in Battania so what's up with that? clearly the cultural text is a new change from a few months ago with little to do with the rest of the game.
    And why would TW bother using the entire Celt aesthetic if they weren't going to copy their warfare style too? Which is what they have done. Apart from a bit too much cavalry, Battania's troop tree is an authentic mix of different types of Celtic warfare.
    because aside from visual aesthetics they haven't been very consistent or accurate with other aspects of the game for any of the factions. or put in nearly as much effort. i mean since the early release, what aspects of the game have seen more work? troop tree balances or new armor pieces? how combat works in game or new village/town/field scenes?
    having too many cavalry is basically the same type of problem as having too few archers, and can be fixed with one change.
  8. Why is player bow/crossbow nerfed compared to ai?

    I haven't noticed this
    I can take a crossbow and a horse and solo any town militia because I outrange them. You can fire very far with the noble bow and long skill if you aim high and lob into formations.

    It's just a player skill issue.
    i regularly land 150m head shot but that doesn't mean the enemy tier 3 archer can't hit me from 30m farther. you are literally talking about siege scenarios and frankly it's quite irrelevant since siege maps are smaller and you get plenty of cover.
  9. Beta e1.7.2 Troop & Equipment Changes

    NotStackable tag comes from the spearhead and they start to throw their spears again if you remove it.
    yeah i remember reading somewhere about if they only have 1 item they don't throw it.
  10. Beta e1.7.2 Troop & Equipment Changes

    "As readers have probably guessed, the Battanians are inspired by the Celtic peoples of Western Europe - in particular, the Picts, Irish, and Welsh of the early medieval era."

    Source: Dev Blog 19/10/17
    can't believe you managed to dig something from 5 years ago. bravo...

    but "inspired by" is a very vague term. which to me represents more of visual aesthetics in terms of equipment art than historical accuracy especially history of warfare.
  11. Beta e1.7.2 Troop & Equipment Changes

    They wanted that Legio and Darkhan should be pure melee/limited & scnenic anti-cav troop. Probably for role seperation purposes.
    do they use those short spears vs cavalry or are they still using just their swords only? with the spear being dead weight? ( why do javelins come in stacks of 5 but the pila, which is the exact same size, only comes in 1...)
  12. Beta e1.7.2 Troop & Equipment Changes

    They are based on cultures who highly idolized skill at archery.
    Because Celts, which are Battania's inspiration,
    using your logic. i mean this is a genuine question.
    "When did TW say they were meant to be the...." i mean where did TW say Battanians were the Celts and Aserai were inspired by w.e and Khuzait were meant to represent the w.e else? can you quote an official post by a TW team member? or are you just making assumptions based on head canon?

    Last time i checked, Battania is the ONLY FACTION with mentions of ARCHERY PROWESS in their culture description. (if this doesn't make them TW's best archers faction, then what does?) and it was further emphasized in the dialogue given for Neretze's Folly: their army featured the archers and falxmen. while Vlandia had their knights and crossbow. Asrai sent only their light infantry skirmishers, while Imperial had their "vanguard" which i assumed was the legionaries and they had the cataphracts on reserve. The sturgians sent their shield wall while the Khuzait had their horse archers. that's the Tw version of the calradia and what each culture's specialty was. loosely based on the real world. but very loosely. there has been no indication that they hired history experts as consultants in order to make the game as realistic as possible... and it does seem a lot of their inspirations come from fantasy and movies.

    Battanians were about the archers and falsmen, they already got their falxmen. but them showers of arrows would be kinda hard when you have half the number of archers. (not to mention half the factions also have more ranged units in the form of horse archers)
  13. Why is player bow/crossbow nerfed compared to ai?

    They just know how to line up the best shot when they detect you and don't really aim.

    You can shoot a lot farther then 150

    i'm literally aiming up at 45 degree angle which will allow the projectile to travel the maximum distance. aiming farther up would result in a shorter hit due to the arc.
    a tier 3 imperial archer has more range than me at 300 bow skill using noble bow...

    i literally observed my archer line as they take shots at targets too far for me. they just aim up and their projectiles don't even move in the same way that mine does (they don't aim up as much and their projectile lose energy a lot less, thus don't dip as much and hit farther). it almost seems that the ai archer/crossbow units have their projectiles magically appear and works off different calculations
  14. Unit collisions is an absolute nightmare

    i call it popcorning. when masses of infantry (usually stacked on walls during sieges) are just shifting and twitching... like corn kernels on a hot oily pan about to explode into some snack for a movie
  15. Beta e1.7.2 Troop & Equipment Changes

    I don't understand why both Aserai and Khuzait have only 4 types of Tier 5 troops while the other factions all have 5

    also why does Battania, the supposed best archers faction not have normal archers or horse archers...(this means their ranged unit numbers are always below their opponents...) yet have 2 types of cavalry, both being the weakest and second weakest of all? (feeding horse meat burgers to their enemies en mass for a mountains/forest dwelling people seems illogical...where are they getting all the horses?)

    I feel like Aserai could use a regular cavalry line. and another tier 4 lance weapon with around 200 range

    Khuzait could use a 2h shock unit like a glaive man or something.

    Battania scout/horsemen could become a horse archer line so they have some none noble ranged troops. or have this line erased and the battanian raider line split to have a foot archer line
  16. Why is player bow/crossbow nerfed compared to ai?

    I've consistantly noticed this in my playthroughs for the last many months now. since they haven't changed the ranged mechanics it makes sense. at 300 bow/crossbow skill and using the best gear. my character can barely shoot an arrow 150 meters. it just does not physically travel farther while...
  17. Can we just hand out the game to modders?

    Right, right, almost as if actual developers are expected to be contributing more than the hobbyist few since it's their ****ing job, innit Mr sherlock. So why don't they?
    i know right? their excuses sound more and more absurd as time drags on. it's been early release for 2 years lol

    in 2 years of time. with the a budget from the 6 million sales. i've seen companies assembled a complete team, and created a whole game from scratch in that much time.
  18. Modders , Do you think it will be possible to mod an ambush mechanic for Bannerlord?

    how would said ambush mechanic play out? because ambush requires:
    1) the location being out in the open field, not at a settlement of any kind (since you cannot set up at a hostile settlement and your enemies will just attack your settlements, there's no chance for ambush)
    2) it targets a moving host. (they have to not be there when you set up and be there when you spring the trap)
    3) it requires set up time and terrain (if they are too close they'll see you before you hide. and obviously you cant just hide in plain sight.)

    this could mean that there's a new separate type of encounter where the terrain allows your troops to stay out of sight somehow, and the enemy army passes through not expecting anything.
    and once engagement breaks out depending on the enemy commander they could retreat, push through or fight you to the last man.

    you have to somehow get intel on the enemy army on the world map. then move ahead of them, at a location set up a special event of ambush. then you become invisible to the enemy and if the host runs into the ambush location it triggers the new type of battle encounter.
    so it's required to have a faster moving army to avoid detection and is advised to be used at choke points.

    frankly the hardest part is how to make it happen in the world map. everything else is about triggering this new map or series of maps
  19. Why am I paying for other party wages?

    when it comes to splitting the loot, those parties gotta have their share. but when it comes to paying the bills. it's all big daddy over here dishing out the denars...
    lets not forget the troops the companion party leaders donate to ally settlements just so they can get new recruits and rack up the bill even more
  20. Why am I ending up with a bunch of Fians in my army?

    Kind of feel like I'm being trolled here, if not and you are arguing in good faith then please stop getting worked up
    I could honestly say the same, because instead of taking my post as a complete cohesive piece . you try to dissect every paragraph, every sentence, every phrase and every word, then analyze it as if doing so has any merit. while ignoring the whole picture.
    look at your post, how fragmented it is, how many different points it has yet lacking a central idea aside from the fact you disagree with you honestly expect people to converse with you like that. in a hundred little point form phrases?

    if you insist i'll boil it down to one simple argument:
    in a hypothetical scenario where your target is tied down unable to defend himself or move. you get a clear shot on his head with your bow and arrow with 100% accuracy. assuming he's got a solid skull and is wearing a helmet. simply due to the physics behind arrows hitting helmets, the majority of your "direct hits" on his head will glance off and have significantly reduced effect, only a few dead center hits coming within a narrow range of angles will deliver the full intended amount of force.
    now that also depends on the type of helmet. some offer only as much as about 40-50% coverage of the head, while others have facemasks pretty much covering 95% of the head allowing only eye shots to get in there.

    and the side argument i'm making is: the aforementioned small area and narrow angles is actually smaller than the effective kill area for the neck. making the "actual critical area" on the neck greater than that on the head.
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