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  1. SP Fantasy The Bones of Ragnvald (Version 2.1 released!) (Now Open Source)

    Well, now that Bannerlord is out I think it's finally time I'm done with Bones of Ragnvald. It's been really fun to make and thanks everyone who played. With that said, anyone feel free to download the source and use it for whatever you want, whether to pick up BoR again or anything else you want.

  2. SP Fantasy The Bones of Ragnvald (Version 2.1 released!) (Now Open Source)

    Hey, this is an amazing mod, and I'm really happy to see that your still working on it. When I first download and played it a few months ago I was afraid that it had been abandoned before I found this forum. I would rank this as easily one of the best mods for M&B: Warband. I believe I may have run into a bug (this is my first play through with the new version).
    I'm at the point where I have to unite Aerune, I've brokered a treaty between Estmere and Swangarde, and Erskine and Swangarde. Amber and Aphillius have already said "No, hahahaha," and I've just talked with Aginnum, Titus tells me to go talk to Estmere about peace, but King Renoldus does not have the option to talk about peace, I've gone back and forth between Renoldus and Titus but the option never comes up in his dialogue. The only think I have done vastly different in this version compared the past version is that I started a Kingdom (I took Lomarde from the Hernar after they took it from Swangarde, Swangarde declared war on me and I ended up making peace by giving them Lomarde, thus ending my kingdom), I've been running around for a while to see if the message about defending Mystmeare eventually pops up but it hasn't, any idea as to what I might do or is this actually a bug? Thanks.

    Also, a question about the sons of Iemasior:
    Am I supposed to be able to find all 3 missing sons by the point I am at? I have found the one in the desert, the one in the jungle I can't figure out how to get past the Guardian, and I can't find a 3rd area yet.

    I also have a proposal if you continue on the mod. Perhaps a second Story where you become a servant/lord of Ragnvald and you help him conquer Aerune, almost like a scourge-like (WoW) storyline, I think that would be pretty interesting.
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