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  1. Criticizing an early access game released 1 day ago lol

    seriously if anyone was expecting anything more than what it is right now you only have yourself to blame. 90% of the issues that it has was addressed in the Early access info given weeks before it was released. If you buy an early access game without looking into what to expect your disappointment is your fault not the developers.
    this comes off a little ignorant people have bought a 40$ game and right now alot of people cant play the game because of bugs of course i know there are some people unfairly criticizing the game but most people are actually having genuine issues with the game crashing and what not i literally cant load into my game that ive spent 14 hours on
  2. In Progress game crashes when i hit resume game?

    ah ok so do we have to wait for a new patch?
  3. In Progress game crashes when i hit resume game?

    whenever i hit resume game it crashes with a white box saying something about collecting files?
  4. My game crashes when i hit "resume game"

    i keep on crashing when i hit resume game a little white box comes up and says something about collecting files? could it be the new patch?

  6. What Type Of Combat Do You Go With?

    It depends on the game stage.
    Early game light cav or horse archers. Lightly armored enemies, unshielded infantry stand no chance even if they out number you greatly so they are great as long as you are fast on the map and pick your battles

    Later I will mix this with heavy cav, horse archers can harrass the enemy while the heavy cav mow down opposing organized cav or archers

    Much later I often do a hard transition to heavy infantry

    BTW I think your poll left off horse archers
    I would have added them but I ran out of space I guess you could count light cav as them but idk
  7. What Type Of Combat Do You Go With?

    btw people who are going with Heavy Infantry what faction will you go with?
  8. What Type Of Combat Do You Go With?

    In campaign?
    My ideal playstyle is a versatile medium cavalryman, although it can be enjoyable to play as a specific role.
    I was going to put versatile units in the poll but I sadly ran out of space. but you can cast up to three votes to make up for that!
  9. What Type Of Combat Do You Go With?

    What Do You Plan On Going With?
  10. will there be army size limits? if so how much is the limit?

    ive recently been playing a lot of warband and Ive been getting stuck with my amy sizes because I reach the max but want to go higher im already high level so it takes me a long time just to upgrade leadership. I was wondering if I will have the same problem in bannerlord or is there something...
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