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  1. 1.1.0 has some frustrating issues

    They already got our money genius.
    Yeah so they want to stop getting more. Obviously. Makes sense yeahyeahyeah.
    Honestly how far do you think this bad faith, non constructive criticism will get you? Why would the devs listen to the community's feedback and suggestions if it's filled up by trolls with nothing else to say than "you're trash devs I would have done a much better job you're bad reeeeeeee". I'm just trying to get the devs to think again about their decisions, if you want to trash talk for the sake of trash talking go on Twitter
  2. 1.1.0 has some frustrating issues

    Honestly, they have been working on that game going on what? Twelve years now? I think they are sick of it, like an angry little teenager, you just want them out of the house, so what do you do? You make their life a living hell, so the first chance they get, they bounce.

    We are those angry teenagers, and they want us out of their house.
    Yes I think they are trying to alienate their customer base on purpose that makes perfect sense. They just want to stop making money and just get out of business. No one actually likes money it's disgusting. Have you ever tried tasting it? Yucky.
    I'm gonna go feed a dog chocolate while wearing a tinfoil hat in the microwave.
  3. 1.1.0 has some frustrating issues

    I get that 1.1.0 has some exciting new features but after playing with it for two or three hours it feels like a downgrade. I wanted to continue on a savefile I started a while ago in 1.0, I own half the map but suddenly I don't know anyone, even my vassals are complete strangers and I don't...
  4. v1.1.0 sieges are completely broken now

    It really bothers me that you no longer get to deploy before a siege defense... Why? My party has been in the city for days we should have had time to prepare for battle
    I used to spend some time setting up killboxes and funnel the ennemy inside, it felt great and when I did it well I could win sieges with pretty bad odds.
    It just baffles me that someone actively took that decision. Why? How does it make the game better? Why take away a good feature that was previously in the game? this is the opposite of a quality of life update...
  5. Resolved [e1.9.0 beta]Problem with a building at Revyl

    Summary: When assaulting Revyl against about 500 defenders, about 20 of them got stuck in a building (probably spawned there) which had closed doors. I found the building again after the siege in the "take a walk around the town center" scene. It is the horse trader building between the...
  6. Need More Info [e1.9.0 beta]Banner colour change

    Summary: When trying to change banner colour the background and sigil colors are inverted, I can only pick what should be sigil colours as background, and what should be background colours as sigil colour. How to Reproduce: As far as I know just press B in game Have you used cheats and if so...
  7. Why do you all hate this game?

    The problem is that the devs simply ignored plenty of good advice based on massive player feedback, seemingly out of carelessness, indifference and/or hubris. This made many well-intentioned players who wanted the game to succeed frustrated and even angry. The MP players were especially screwed and ignored from the beginning.
    I didn't follow the early developments because I had never heard of Mount and Blade until march of last year or something like that, but if I understand correctly it's not that they never asked the community for their opinion, but rather that they did ask for feedback and then proceeded not to listen?
    Why are you assuming that if you don't know, then no one else knows is beyond me. You could just ask us.
    Well I wasn't trying to pretend that I know everything better than everyone else or to antagonize anyone, but I just thought it was safe to assume that no one knew, or rather that no one who really knew could tell what went wrong, because NDAs usually are a thing when you're working on these kinds of projects. It's often very hard for a project manager to identify and correct the systemic flaws that lead to situations like this, so for people who weren't there it's usually impossible. (Although sometimes it can be obvious, I'll admit)

    For instance if you ask people what went wrong with Cyberpunk, you'll get lots of answers. Some contradicting others.
  8. Why do you all hate this game?

    just gonna copy/paste my steam review
    i just downgrade from 10 based on major flaws

    1. unit balance is non-existent:

    armour's basically 2-3 hit ko, no armour's 1-2 hit ko
    arrows ignore armour, from the weakest 0-skill unit to khans guard and fian (last 2 1-shot everyone)

    skill progression is... there is none, just perk unlocks. the difference between 50 and 250 is 10%
    some skills are ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ insane to level. medicine for example needs 30,000+ casualties for 200, then another 20,000 for 250. i'm not exaggerating... 50,000
    to sum up: everyone is looter.

    2. economy is either simple or neurotic meta. there's no in-between
    the AI is not neurotic meta. they're all bankrupt
    (still basically looters) [this is fixed in 1.72]

    3. faction interaction with other factions and the clans is non-existent
    they're just bandits or not
    they want 10k/day for truce after i kill em 3:1 and have all the lords prisoner
    break truces in a week
    never-ending merc village raids
    mesui was passed over for 20 fiefs by mochung, is broke, under 100 troops, and has 100 relation with me. refuse to join me
    akit has 3, lots of troops and money, i executed one of their members. joins easy
    (still, basically looters...)

    4. there's no growth/progress/soul whatever you want to call it, everything you do is meaningless

    take care of a village till it has 100 milita and 800 hearths? merc bro w/ 30 peasants demolish it
    or they'll need 30 horses and want some bandits killed, demolishing themselves
    defeat 5 1000 armies? get ready to do it again just as frequently.
    make best friends with everyone, its a influence discount
    imprison 1/2 a nation? they all escape in a week

    Jesus, i can fill a steam forum page with #4...
    the game in its entirety can be summed up in a looter encounter repeated endlessly, the player is also a looter.

    it's disappointing. i aint angry or sad about it, just bored

    #4 is my biggest gripe, there's no point in doing anything, and no impact to actions. everything gets back to equilibrium almost instantly
    well I think 1 and 2 both got slightly improved in the latest beta which I have not tried yet so at least that's a good sign. I agree with #3 and #4 and especially #4. Basically the only way to dominate a nation is to have both the riding and scouting perks that together let you keep prisoners forever, then you just have to defeat the armies once. But the fact that the only way to feel like you have a meaningful impact on a war is to have these two perks (or to execute everyone) is really bad and I can't wait for that to be fixed either by the devs or by modders.
    I recently made a execute everyone playthrough because that is basically the only way to permanently defeat a faction at the moment, and coming from total war games I wanted the ability to do that. I was extremely disappointed to see that when I finally defeat a faction by beheading their last noble, all their territories don't go to my kingdom but to some other random faction. I say random, it might not be, there might be some factor that determines which faction gets their cities but I can't pinpoint what this factor would be and act in consequence.

    Basically it's frustratingly difficult to "win" the game by conquest and I understand that it is meant to be a sandbox game that you can keep playing on the same save for a very long time but I think that having the possibility of conquering the world to 'finish' your playthrough before starting a new one wouldn't hurt.
  9. Why do you all hate this game?

    I got to here and stopped, you've already answered your own question. You said there's plenty of threads explaining that but you've obviously not bothered to actually read them
    A few others which I cba finding
    Its okay to enjoy the game, its not a bad game, but when you compare it to its predecessor its pathetic and the amount of criticism is amplified by lack of communication
    Okay so let's go up from the bottom. Threads 3-4 basically complements number 2, which is a very well made list that I had skimmed through a couple times. And before discussing that whole super long early access thing, I want to briefly touch on No Man's Sky. As you probably know, NMS generated a galaxy-sized amount of hype when it was teased, launched very bare and full of bugs, not even calling it an early access or beta and that generated a ton of hate, but the devs didn't run away with the money and kept working and now the game is widely seen as a success and very positively reviewed. Why this thread brings this to mind is because their was a similar sort of thing but in the form of a spreadsheet for NMS, with all the features that were promised at some point pre-launch and wether they were present in-game or not. And it feels like when this spreadsheet was starting to show as much green as you can see in the list you linked, people were already kissing Hello Games' buttocks super hard.

    That being said, I totally agree that this was a very miscalculated early access launch and they probably shouldn't have released that soon, probably could have made more progress since, but hey, we don't know for sure what motivated these decisions (I mean, money obviously, but in detail we don't know) what happened during the development cycle and stuff.

    Which brings me to the first thread you linked, that I had not read and which is closed for new replies. I sincerely hope we can keep a civilized tone here.
    But basically what I have to say about what OP wrote, point by point, is this :
    1. You don't know. Yes he can do a back of the envelope calculation and come up with a rough estimate but I can also do a back of the envelope calculations and estimate that his margin of errors are too big for his calculation to be meaningful. Plus, for-profit company made money so boo-ooh? What's the logic here? This is absolutely the kind of irrational rant I was referring to in my original post.
    2. He says the game lacks content and is absolutely bare-bones with nothing to do, my 452 hours of play time disagree, and then he says I don't like singleplayer so the game is trash. Well the devs decided to make a mostly singleplayer game, some people do like these games, and as long as they make a good singleplayer game that is fine. You can't call a game trash because it was not made with you in mind, if you want that then make your own game and see how hard it is. That being said, I do understand that the community might feel let down by the devs that they previously supported, and yeah, it is truly a shame. But in the end, it's their jobs, it's about their lives, not about ours. We have other games, they don't. They do what they want with their product and in the end we're still free to buy it or not.
    3. Modding tools and early access games don't go well together, and again, I think they screwed up the early access launch, game wasn't ready enough, probably still isn't. And now they have to update the modding tools and modders have to update their mods every 5 minutes but nobody got time for dat so mods get abandonned and that's bad. Yep. Let's just hope modding gets better and more stable in the future, the devs said it would be the case at some point, probably gonna have to wait a long time for that though. But although I do feel empathy for people who were hoping for a great multiplayer mode and got basically nothing, I feel that such a profusion of hateful comments might discourage the devs and thus ruin the experience of people who do also enjoy singleplayer.
    4. Time. Well, people always seem to assume that a game with an abnormally long development cycle is necessarily going to be a masterpiece when reality has shown time and time again that it is not true. Cyberpunk 2077 was disappointing (7-8 years development I think), recently ArmA Reforger came out 9 years after ArmA 3 and crashed every 10 minutes at launch, Duke Nukem Forever took 15 years and was just wholly unexceptional and there are many more examples I've heard about but these are just games I played that come to mind. If a pregnant mother doesn't give birth after 24 months you don't go "Surely that's gonna be the best baby ever!".
    It's mostly a sign that something went wrong in the development cycle. Could be money, mismanagement, major technical hurdles, a global pandemic, sometimes a mix of all that... It's so common that I'll even do a prediction : Kerbal Space Program 2, planned sequel to the beloved KSP 1 my favorite game ever, was due to come out "in 2020" when it was announced. That was pushed back several times and this time they say have a "for sure" release date of Q1 2023. People are saying oh that's good they're taking the time to polish their game and they're going to come out with a really good and well finished product. My prediction is, and I'd be willing to bet quite a lot on it, that they are just being pushed by their publisher to release the game in fiscal year 2023 because that will look good in their annual revenue even if the game is crap given that it is highly anticipated, so the game is going to be at best a buggy mess at launch and people are going to get frustrated.
    As for what went wrong with Bannerlord's development, I'm willing to bet that it is : something. Yeah I would assume that something went wrong but we don't know what because we don't work at TaleWorlds, and imo speculation is useless other than for the purpose of pure entertainment.

    So in conclusion, yeah the game is not perfect, but fortunately it is also being worked on, and if you are disappointed by the lack of a good multiplayer mode I understand, that sucks. But I think people shouldn't be bullying the devs away from developing at least a good singleplayer game.
  10. Why do you all hate this game?

    I am quite baffled by the number of threads here where people are just saying the game is trash and Taleworlds should either give up and move on or fix everything instantly by just snapping their fingers very hard. I've heard that the M&B Warband community is particularly outraged for reasons...
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