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  1. MaRzz

    I'm no longer enjoying this game

    **** game. idk how it takes this long to realize KEKW come back in 5 years see how it plays.
  2. MaRzz

    I hope it's a joke

    bad game gg
  3. MaRzz

    TaleWorlds, We Need a New Mexxico

    Good luck getting the server. SA doesn't even have one yet.
  4. MaRzz

    ETA on battle mode?

    Never will. Taleworlds doesn't care LMAO. Only hope for mods.
  5. MaRzz

    Horrendous state of MP

    You literally can only play the game from a kid who made some server in his mom's basement for FREE. XDDDDD You know its bad when a MOD is more popular then your game.
  6. MaRzz

    Horrendous state of MP

    They don't give a **** it doesn't matter LOL. Can't even play MP without it crashing.
  7. MaRzz

    Bannerlord Online mod

    Better then bannerlord
  8. MaRzz

    Why are NA servers still in NY?

    @azakhi @Callum

    Please? It legit kills half of NA with it being on East Coast.
  9. MaRzz

    NA Skirmish Completed Royal Rat Rumble Tournament

    Steam Name: removekickpila
    Do you have a mic? Yes
    Would you be interested in being a captain? No
    Do you have prior team tournament experience?: Yes
    Are you available on weekends and weekday nights? Yes
    Do you pledge yourself to Rat Royal Family? I swear to uphold my oath to the Rat constitution.
  10. MaRzz

    Dear TW, I heard you're planning to **** up this great game.

    Bro can you just go play SP. You don't need to have a brain to play it.
  11. MaRzz

    Dear TW, I heard you're planning to **** up this great game.

    This is the wrong game to even be complaining about this, just get good. Its like playing Tekken for the first time and asking the devs to make it less complicated. If you don't wanna improve go playing Single Player or some other game.
  12. MaRzz

    1.5 State of throwing weapons

    I suggest we remove the whole system and go back to warband. Easy Fix.
  13. MaRzz

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.0

    Thank god.
  14. MaRzz

    Hooked attack and spear bracing

    Okay Idea but its like putting a band-aid on a shotgun wound.
  15. MaRzz

    What the community is REALLY waiting for

    Remove kick pila and bump couch.
  16. MaRzz

    This Game is Unplayable

    oh i checked my cache and reinstalled so what do you want from me :smile:
  17. MaRzz

    This Game is Unplayable

    gg just clean ur pc ez games ****
  18. MaRzz

    Hey Gamers, what do you actually like about Bannerlord multiplayer?

    Remove kickpila and the crappy tdm game mode (skirmish) and everything will be fine.
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