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  1. Is it possible to allow clan parties to siege?

    Hi everyone, newbie to modding here. I'm wondering if anyone knows if its possible to do the following: I want to allow clan parties (player created parties lead by clan members) to siege castles and settlements, because currently they do not (at least in every playthrough I've had).
  2. SP - World Map Is there any reason as to why clan parties cannot initiate sieges or create armies on the campaign map?

    Exactly as the title says. This single restriction makes the possibility of a one-clan playthrough immensely frustrating as you, the clan leader, must now initiate every single siege instead of letting all of your clan members sort themselves out. I cannot think of a logical reason as to why...
  3. Resolved Game fails to launch after updating to 1.8.0.

    Sure thing.

    I had some leftover files in the bin folder and subfolders that I recognised as modded files, but could not find all of them. What I ended up doing was deleting the entire bin folder, and then used steam to verify the file integrity of the game. The bin folder was then downloaded again through steam (only about 100mb or so iirc) and the game worked fine afterwards.
  4. What would be an ideal "Bannerlord" for you?

    All I want is what's in the game now, except balanced, working right, and QoL'd. I'm not expecting it, mind.
    Honestly, same.

    They already have a game, its just not working the best it possibly can at the moment. Modders can add content all they want, but it means nothing when the game is inherently broken. I just hope TW adds a heap of fixes before the full release in October instead of leaving the game in the state it currently is in.
  5. Resolved Game fails to launch after updating to 1.8.0.

    Update: I dug through the game files and found some files that should be there as a result from prior modding, especially in the bin folder in the game installation directory. The game now loads to a main menu. This post can be flagged as resolved.
  6. Resolved Game fails to launch after updating to 1.8.0.

    Summary: Game fails to load past the main loading screen and crashes as a result of recent update to 1.8.0. The crashing also occurs during safe mode. I have deleted all saves, configs, mods, and have fresh installed the game. Game is also unable to send crash report, and is stuck in an infinite...
  7. Anyone else unable to get past the loading screen after the new update? (Version 1.8)

    I've deleted all of my mods, all of my saves, configs, and reinstalled the entire game and I'm still unable to get past the first loading screen without crashing. The game was working fine before the update but somehow my game is effectively unplayable. Surely I can't be the only one having the...
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