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  1. Cleaning the versions

    Hello, I come back to silverstag after a while because life has slowed down a bit. However I'm sad to see development has stopped. I see we have multiple versions that exist: The 0.26 oficial download à 0.27 in devellopement and a 0.30 that was forked i dont know where from. Is there a link to...
  2. NEW RELEASE - v. 0.30.2 testing release

    Yea i wanted to report this bug too. If you select one handed and shield for you or a companion you can get a spear. Its a very crappy one however since it has only 1 animation (the trusting one)


    Some of the kergit ground troop dont have shoes and some bowman dont have melee weapon
  3. Odd bug with WSE?

    got it to run, no problem here.

    Have you tried clearing out your modules folder and puting silverstag again in it?
  4. Odd bug with WSE?

    I haven't been able to play in a while. So I will try to install it this week and see if I can get it running. I would be horribly sad if I could not access it.

    I suggest a morningstar instead of the war axe, the ability to break through blocks is valuable when fixing hardware and software problems.
  5. Can't use Masterwork warhammer

    this bug was already reported. The weapon has no associated animation, rendering it useless for now. It will hopefully be patched in the next release by leifdin
  6. Damage type discussion

    Don't boost too much blunt weapon, they already have a damage bonus versus armored unit that make a lower damage blunt weapon to perform quite better then a sword.
  7. About *those* quests...

    You know, for lower lvl merchant players, it would be fun to have a quest where the lord just ask for a bunch of material.
    Like: bring me 2 stack of fur,  spice, velvet or tool
    Maybe they need it for an upcoming marriage/feast/gift/home improvement

    another idea, if the lords can see what our relationship with centers, they could ask us for specific troop. Like a rhodok noble asking us to go fetch some veluca pikers.

    For a more difficult quest they could ask  us to go fight a specific enemy lord (because they hate him).

    By the way I forgot the raise taxes on my city quest. Its a usefull quest, especially early game, since you dont need to give back the money as long as you dont meet the lord. It's like if he was lending you money.
  8. About *those* quests...

    When I see a lord prisoner I always seek out his relative to make them pay for the quest. You dont need to be a member of any faction for this. (in fact its easier if the castle does not consider you an enemy). Its a fun quest with great payout.

    I try to do caravan escort early game if they dont take me too far (or through khergit or sarranid territory). Its worth it if you dont need to kill 100+ bandit to do it because it gives huge amount of experience to companions.

    Most of the villager quest are fine, ill run around seeking village that ask for cow if i just looted a village and got cows, if not its a little expensive.

    As for lord quest, I always try to use them to bolster my relationship with them. Usualy its not worth much however. Ill sometime accept to start a war if the kingdom is doing nothing. Bandit hideout clearing is a super cool quest, but i usually just take it either if i already found the hidout, or if i know i can find it easily. Because most of these are stupid hard to find.
  9. Unique troop ideas.

    For generic mercenaries I might have an idea that would make it quite simple and would maybe also stop another problem.

    1) it requires every faction to have a "typical" t3 or t4 unit, like crossbowman for rodhok, bowman for vaegir etc. It would be the unit a player of that faction would be most likely to stack a lot because they are cost efficient.

    2) make that unit faction specific

    3) make a copy of these 6 units and make it a mercenary with a different name but maybe cheaper to hire and with a more costly upkeep.

    It would make generic mercenaries into more talented peasant that went out and hire themselves to other faction.

    The problem it would solve is what i like to call "cultural assimilation". Since units choices are based on the owning faction rather then the base culture, some culture disapear as their faction disapear. Thus the dream of lezalit of a "unified" army with vaegir marksman and swadian knight can not really be realized with the current build. Making mercenaries into representant of each culture kinda solve that.

    They would be usefull for starting player that dont want to commit to a faction and for lords that seek a unit that is not very good amongst their rank. A nord lord seeking some swadian mercenary for the cavalry, a khergit lord seeking some rhodoks crossbowman for siege battle, etc.
  10. Rhodok Siege Defense Test

    One change that make spear vastly more efficient is adding a overhead attack (there is one in viking conquest for example)

    In a siege situation, you cannot swing 2-h spear, and 1-h only have one direction of attack. This makes its ludicruously easy to block even a large amount of spear wielder and diminish their power a lot. If you have another direction of attack, it suddently become very deadly.

    I thought vaegir were the skirmish and archer civilisation. They could use a good T4 archer, they have 2 T5 one, wich is a bit redundant, because if you are going to pay for a veteran, you might as well get the best one.

    On an unrelated note, I found the fact we have access to replenishing ammo to be super OP in siege offence. I cleared a whole castle of swadian (300+ unit) with 2 casualty with a mix of about 60 shielded unit and 10 T7 vaegir marksman and 5 ammo replenishing unit (the unique one from a nord village). I just stood outside the wall and let the archer kill everything.
  11. Recruiting Guide?

    Sure, ill work on that when I come back from vacation
  12. Generic vs foreign language troop naming

    I like generic more. It actually kinda take me out of the game when I read a troop name I don't understand. Especially since its generally just a translation of a generic word like knight, chevalier, caballero etc...

    Some untranslatable name can be tolerated, especially for high tier troop and if there is no clear translation or if they made it to the English language. Cataphract, huscarl and the likes of them.

    Anyway that's my opinion

  13. This mod would have been so much better if the troop tree wasn't changed.

    sure thing ill be glad to help! Can i suggest some original content that could be usefull if i see it too?
  14. This mod would have been so much better if the troop tree wasn't changed.

    I'll look into that. I thought we had to wait for a 0.27 source, but after playing a while I realize there's not much that is essential.
    The first oath bound stuff is glorious, but it is still too incomplete to enjoy a lot.

    I agree that a lot of works is to be done with items. Btw, as I was playing I noticed that the warhammer polearm does not have any animation in 0.27. One litteraly can't use it. I was a sad panda after winning a masterwork one in a tournament.

    Btw is it only 0.27 that removed str requirement from armor?

    Do you write somewhere about the work you do with items? I'd be glad to help on my free time. My wife's pregnant and I suddenly get about 1-2 hour free time every night, that's why I have been more active lately.
  15. This mod would have been so much better if the troop tree wasn't changed.

    The cavalry problem is definitly a warband thing, but it is made far more painfully obvious in silverstag for a couple reason. The main one is the huge investment each unit, even low level one is. You could endure army of lower lvl walking fodder because each loss wasnt a huge deal, but the cost of units in silverstag make it so even 2-3 t2 or t3 loss negates all the profit you get from a group of sea raider. So you always pick horse because of their good cost/survivability ratio.

    Gekokujo is a mod that go with very little horses and its not that bad. So making horses a veteran only stuff is not so bad.

    Also I'have been playing more and the khergit t3-t4 unafiliated rider are not too bad. They have low armor horses and arent by them self super power full. Maybe looking into  lowering horse armor on the men at arm would fix a lot of stuff.

    By the way, do you know if windy will release a new source code in a foreseeable future. Making multiple people able to modify troops might make trials a bit quicker. I at least liked playing with it a little while ago.
  16. This mod would have been so much better if the troop tree wasn't changed.

    I think inter-faction balance is not too bad right now. Even in native some faction would often get stomped more often then not. The inter-faction balance is even harder to make in Silverstag because you have kingdom policies, which impact balance a lot more then individual units. In fact I think for battle between lords the actual unit matter very little anyway.

    One of the sad part of reverting to vanilla units is that you lose the ability to level T4 units to veteran status.

    As the matter of balance, I do agree that units would require some work (they were just barely added after all). However what i think would be very useful is specific observation of what require changing. I can give some of my personal example and we might make this thread a constructive one. Remember however that we all have different vision of what "balanced" and "fun" should mean and you might need to delve into modding in order to get exactly what you want.

    My observation
    1) proficiency are often too high. Since proficiency govern swing speed it can make the computer look glaringly out of place. We should compare them to the player character. It take some significant investment to reach 200 in a proficiency and you rarely go beyond 300 unless you literal use the weapon all the time for 30+ levels. After playing multiple different mods, id say trying to keep T4 units and lower proficiency below 125 would probably be good. And probably the max proficiency for a unit should be around 250.

    2) too many units. Its not a balance problem per say, but it becomes hard to look at enemy and allied lord when there's as much as 40 different units they can have (12 base *3 because of experience + mercenaries). It can even become painful for the player if you add companions and unique troop. Maybe cutting the number of possible upgrade from experience to one and removing some troop that are more niche would help.

    3) I have noticed the swadian man-at-arm to be far too strong for a T4 recruit. You can pretty much go through the entire game with only recruiting them and you wouldn't have much problem. The same seems to happen with khergit lancer and vaegir captains, but i haven't tested them much. The main problem seems to be the armored horses, they add a huge amount of offensive and defensive power to a unit that by itself is already on par with other ground T4.

    4) the number of T4 by faction. T4 seems to be the most cost effective unit level all around since it require no veteran and provide a lot of survivability. However some faction have a lot less option then others. For example the Vaegir have 1 affiliated T4 while the Nord provides us with 5 different T4

    Ill provide some more comments maybe, but I think this wall of text is already a lot.
  17. Recruiting Guide?

    Well, if it interest anyone, I could polish the small "guide" i did, and then someone could copy paste it into one of the pinned thread.
  18. Recruiting Guide?

    1. Come up with a good comprehensive guide that explains how to build up a strong army and get the best units and put that in the Game Concepts notes page
    Theres only three type of units, peasant, veteran and mercenary, it doesnt take a whole guide to explain how to get them ( ill do in this post). There might be some balance problem because there are so many troop type but this is an ongoing development. I'm personnaly waiting for the next stable version to try my hand at making my own troop tree.
    2. Add a simple explanation right in the recruiting interface. It could be a tooltip or a button that opens a new page.
    Its a good suggestion, but the forum is the wrong place to write it, follow the link to post suggestion in a place windy can organize them

    3. Change the name of the second tier upgrade to something other than "veteran".  Its confusing if I know that I need to disband veteran units to get high-tier troops, then I go and disband all my Veteran Militia and just get a bunch more peasants. Maybe call them "Seasoned" or "Expert" or something.
    There's a mod option (I think in the camp menu) to change the naming convention. My favorite is a simple "+" or "++" to denote upgraded level.

    4. Change the word "Dismiss" in the recruiting page to "Promote" or something that doesn't sound like you're throwing good troops away.
    But you are dismissing, not promoting. If anything you can dismiss a tier 4 guy and hire a tier 1 in exchange. All you are doing is putting back a man in the man pool.

    5. Maybe have a small number of Veteran recruits already available in towns to make it easier to get started.
    If you win a tournament you get some veteran recruit. They aren't really needed, since you can pretty much destroy everything with tier 4 unit (and it's probably more cost effective right now.)

    Ok, troop guide
    To hire a troop in a center you require the appropriate resource int he center
    There is 4 type of troop resources: -peasant,
                                                            -horse which are quite different.
    If you go in the reference material menu and click on the troop tree menu you get all the information you need.
    Each troop as a recruit type field: it state what resource is required to hire it, and what kind of resource it gives when dismissed. Generally Tier 4 and lower are peasant, tier 5 and up are veteran. Mercenary can be of any tier. If a troop use a horse, it need a horse to be recruited and gives a horse to the center when dismissed.

    Centers will create peasant, mercenary and horse slowly over time. The speed depends on improvement to the center and on prosperity. Veteran recruit can only be obtained by dismissing in the center a troop that has it as a resource or by winning tournaments.

    Recruitment condition and location
    Troop choice is not geography bound but faction bound. Any swadian owned center allow swadian recruitment. Village only allow tier 1 or 2 recruitment while castle and cities allow the full range of units. You can dismiss any unit anywhere, but if you dismiss a veteran or mercenary unit in a village you wont have any option to hire them back.
    If you go back to the troop tree, you will allow see color coding:
        -Black troop can be recruited in any faction center
        -Blue troop can only be recruited if you are affiliated to the faction (as a mercenary or a lord)
        -Yellow troop have specific condition, written in the bottom left corner if you are looking at their stats and inventory. Either a specific location, honor rating, friendliness with a center, etc.
    The swadian men at arm is  a Tier 4 cavalry unit, it require a peasant recruit and a horse and can be recruited in any castle or town owned by the Swadian. If it is dismissed, it gives back to the center a peasant and a horse. If you upgrade your men at arm by gaining experience you get a Men at arm + (or veteran men at arm) which is a tier 5 cavalry unit that require a veteran and a horse. You cannot directly recruit a men at arm+, but if you dismiss him you get a veteran recruit and a horse in the center.

    A fast way to get a lot of veteran recruit is to stack a lot of tier 4 units and level them to the next tier through experience, then dismiss them to get veterans. It is however super expensive, as it require to pay the tier 4 unit price and the upgrade cost. On top of that you will need to pay the price of the veteran unit you wanna hire.
    Alternate way are to rescue prisoners (if you roam around the slave mine you can intercept prisoner convoy) or to hire captured ennemies.

    This is however kinda moot, as the easiest way to stomp all opposition is to stack good tier 4 units and never upgrade them. You could mix in a couple veteran unit that gives good bonus if you want, but you don't need an entire army of veteran (it's in fact not cost effective at all).
  19. Is development for Silverstag still live?

    Last update was a little while ago, but it is not officially dead.

    The annoying thing is it kinda taken a pause in between important update (27.2). This mean we do not have the source code to make modification on the latest version.
  20. Too freaking hard, need some tips

    Ive used the looting skill with klethi and with me and the combined skills allowed me to get some decent money from murdering sea raider with a small army.

    They are very vulnerable to mounted rider so with 30-40 cavalry you can kill same sized party with close to no loss. The loot from 1 or 2 battles should be enought to empty all the money from rivacheg close by. At least thats what would happen for me. Naming a quartermaster makes it quicker. It become less usefull if you have a large army.

    Its usually a good idea to never engage in a risky battle unless you have a big backup army to replace your losses. Storing low level units + money is the best way, as they cost little upkeep and they can be upgraded very quickly by dismissing the low level dude and buying the appropriate level guy.

    Being a mercenary is definitly the best way to make money, as your entire army wages are covered. Looting villages can give you tons of money. Once your a lord it become more dificult to have big incomes, you really must invest  in getting a town and keeping it safe. If you keep your village safe for a while its prosperity will go up and you can expect almost 2k per week. (more for castle if you keep their attitled village safe.)

    For your current situation, I would try to focus on defences. Maybe let the ennemy capture some of your side cities. Try to build a power base of troops and income for yourself. Invest in entreprise, they can net you some decent income, protect the villages of your castles to increase income. Money is the lifeblood of war. Dont try to kill every small lord you see if your on defence, it increase the faction aggressiveness toward you and they will all focus on looting your villages.
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