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  1. e1.6.0-v1.2.7 Modding Changes

    We just made a quick animation to demonstrate how the system works. It allows you to move an item from the right to the left hand and back within a single animation, if that makes sense. The reason he's holding the sword as he is in the left hand is because we made the test animation like that.

    This request came from the mods with rifles so that they can use their reload animations (to move the rifle into the left hand while reloading). But there are other applications as well.
    Thanks for the explanation!
  2. e1.6.0-v1.2.7 Modding Changes

    1.6.3 Changes​


    Patch v163 brings a number of modding-related changes as well. They've been included in the patch notes but here's an overview of them as well and some additional information.
    • Heightmap selection dialogue now remembers the last used folder.
    • Added a warning to catch duplicate removals of entities.
    • Animations now support switching the item on the right hand to the left, and back. The appropriate flag for this is "switch_item_between_hands" which can be set in the editor. The addition of "hand_switch_data" to the animation is then also required to be set in the editor.
      • In response to the animation-related request from @Lucon.
      • Preview example of usage:
    • Damage Particles are now moddable. A new GameModel named DamageParticleModel has been added. By creating and using a new model class inherited from DamageParticleModel and overriding needed functions modders can choose damage particles very precisely according to collision properties.
    • banner_icons.xml is now moddable. Modders can include their own banner_icons.xml in their modules under "{MODULE_NAME}/ModuleData/banner_icons.xml". Sigils, backgrounds and colours defined in these XMLs will extend the native banner icons.
    • Added editor visuals that show ranged siege weapon trajectories.
    • Languages are now moddable. Modders can now change options for all languages by providing their own options file. (see Native/ModuleData/Languages/[ID]/[id]_options.xml).
    • Moved occupation field to the Hero class from CharacterObject class, making occupations moddable.
      • In response to a community request made via the modding discord.
    • Made character creation modder friendly.
      • CharacterCreationStages are now moddable. Modders can decide explicitly which stage types should be included and in what order in CharacterCreationContentBase. They can use their own stage types.
      • Fixed a few bugs that could crash the game when new cultures are used in character creation.
      • Exposed CharacterCreation.CharacterCreationMenus to modders.
      • Most functions', fields' enums' protection levels in StoryModeCharacterCreationContent and SandboxCharacterCreationContent have been changed to protected from private.
      • In response to a community request made via the modding discord.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred while sieging settlements with custom cultures.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred if the submodule.xml had a comment in it.

    We continue to work on the following issues:
    We have also updated the following documentation page as the system has changed a bit with v162 and the addition of the <AlwaysLoad/> spritesheet config:

    We also continue to work on the world-map-related issues that prevent you from using custom maps successfully, thank you for your patience.

    Thank you for all your feedback. If you have any questions or would like to make further requests, please discuss them below (or HERE).

    Just a question about video.When he holding sword in left hand he is holding it in half. it is made like this by purpose? there is a difference in which hand he holding sword? how this work?
  3. [Tool] Arena - Xml Modding Editor for Bannerlord

    Demo 20210907 has been released:
    What are a differences?
  4. Anyway to increase the limit on bow "nock to nock" length

    Thanks @Kowal252 . Hopefully a @Dejan can give more info. In the meantime I will try and see what I can mesh with.
    -Mongolian Throat Singing Intensifies.
    Editor generally gives you the possibility to create overwrite and assign shader to the material of the bow.
  5. Anyway to increase the limit on bow "nock to nock" length

    According to dejan its possible to create custom shader. So we should be able to do it.
    True. But tutorials are limited and it may not even be possible. The bannerlord way is easy, but may prove to be limited in the customization. In warband you had to do the bending animations, but it was more customizable.
  6. Anyway to increase the limit on bow "nock to nock" length

    Maybe you need to create custom bow deformer for this?
  7. Tutorial 3D Implementing Custom Bows, Crossbows, Arrows, and Quivers Tutorial

    Devs stated that adding custom ones should work fine
  8. Tutorial 3D Implementing Custom Bows, Crossbows, Arrows, and Quivers Tutorial

    On the request of the creator Enpremi, here is his tutorial covering the implementation of ranged weapons in Bannerlord:

    Question: were you able to create your own bow deformer shader? Im asking because we got bows which are asymmetrical. And I can't replicate long bow deformer in editor to later modify it. Because I will most likely need to modify shader to do asymmetrical bow bent correctly.
  9. Resource Browser Scene Editor Music modding documentation request

    You're welcome. This is the official documentation currently available.

    That said, it's not a bad idea to keep an eye on the audio section inside the modding server on Discord (link). Maybe you will find more information there.
    Yea, im there and im aware of this :smile: I wasn't able to find a good community guide. Guys from discord also got problems.Or maybe someone figured it out, but it was not shared
  10. Resource Browser Scene Editor Music modding documentation request

    Thanks for this.
    The only problem is that this is all about sounds themselves. Sounds for missions, sound for scenes, this documentation is great and explanatory. But what about global music? How does it work? How music mixing itself works in the game? This is something that our team tried to explore and we got problems with it. Also there is no information regarding this in the documentation.
  11. Resource Browser Scene Editor Music modding documentation request

    Hi. Can the modding community get a piece of documentation regarding adding music to the game? It's hard to figure out how it works in-game. If developers can explain it will help for sure.
  12. Suggestion Resource Browser Request for access to shader files

    Hello. We discussed this at one of our modding meetings and want to explore it in the future. Having said that, you should already be able to add new shader files and we intend to work on the documentation for that.
    I tried to do it ... but i wasnt able to. It almost looked like editor blocked me. I was trying to paste options 1 to 1 as the native shader. But I wasn't able to. I looked like editor forced me to use tesselation for some reason. And outcome when I attached shader to the material also was totally different
  13. Custom shader problem

    Hi. I got a problem with shader creation. Im tried to create a custom shader, first I want to copy the longbow_deformer (later i wanted to slightly modify it in .rsh files So I created a shader in the resource browser. And I copied all options. What is the problem? I'm not able to uncheck Use...
  14. An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    "A decent first step" is how I'd put it, but also yet more evidence that TW needs to take some classes on corporate communication and customer relations. I mean jesus ****, if you're removing >100 and adding 4, you don't just say "added some and removed some", especially if you're gonna give that another week to stew.

    That's just an absolute own goal in terms of advertising your response. And that came from a COMMUNITY MANAGER, not a random dev, so it's not like it was someone you can give a bit of a pass on for not knowing how to communicate stuff like this.
    Yea, i got same feeling. It looks like they were doing decent job, they really listened to the modders and removed a LOT of blocking problems And they got ragdolled by community because of misleading communication :/
  15. Elephant DLC?

    A random software developer with time on it's hands named an addition "DLC Elephant", ye buddy go kid someone else.
    You wouldn't call it DLC then, that's not something you would name a random 2 hour project on the side.

    We will drink from your skull.
    Actually it depends what they mean by this. Maybe its just fricking elephant then its bad, but maybe this is part of bigger dlc for example addition of new culture with fricking elephant then I'm ok with this.
  16. Elephant DLC?

    With danEn's permission... :lol:


    Regarding the topic in question... What do you think of this model, more asian or african? Let your imagination run wild... :iamamoron:
    Actually i got question regarding this. I remember that in XML there was information about kicking. So that means that you planning to add feature like that to the game? Or maybe its already implemented but its unknown?

    And regarding your question, African elephant look more aggressive and overall better in my opinion.
    if I can go wild then i will enlarge this elephant and use him as battering ram :grin:
  17. 1.6.0b releasing at 20:00 UTC+3 (Confirmed)

    i just need to redeem myself. I envy your sources
  18. [Tool] Arena - Xml Modding Editor for Bannerlord

    Item Editor has been finished
    Are you sure? Im asking bc item editor is not working for me. And in newest version in templates there is no item template.
  19. 1.6.0b releasing at 20:00 UTC+3 (Confirmed) one has anything positive to say about TW, but when a patch is about to drop, everyone is lined up like crackheads on government cheese day.
    Stockholm syndrome kicking in
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