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    Team Caveman > Team Dino

  2. [BRE] Roudrac

    Weird shadows showing up on item in game [Solved]

    You can delete this. I found the issue, the normalmap was not uploaded to my ressource.brf even though it was already in my textures folder.
  3. [BRE] Roudrac

    Weird shadows showing up on item in game [Solved]

    Hello, I have been retexturing and adding a couple of new items to Warband, but for a specific shield I get weird shadows or lightning displayed when I am equipping the item in game. Those do not exist on the texture, normalmap or specular and I cannot see them in OpenBrf, however they still...
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    Why Is This Forum Section So Toxic?

    Feedback was given politely in the past, most of this feedback was ignored, it was only once people started leaving sarcastic and snarky feedback, they realized they were getting answers every time.

    How can you be sure it was the case? I feel like TW also made an effort to answer and reply to more community feedback in late autumn and winter, a time during which the community managers were more active. Sadly it has not been as good recently but, seeing the current state of the forum, I am not surprised.

    People need to keep in mind that CMs like Dejan and Callum, altough they are TW employers, are also sort of the middle men. There is a limit to what they can do and report to the devs. The decisions regarding development are taken by people higher up in the hierarchy, and probably most of them the CMs can't disclose. I don't see the point in treating the CMs badly.

    If feedback has been ignored, there is probably a reason for that (I'm not defending that choice). Taleworlds should come forward with a public statement regarding their plans for the future of the game and explain which of the design choices that have been made conflict with the community feedback. In the best case scenario, it should come from Armagan.
  5. [BRE] Roudrac

    Why Is This Forum Section So Toxic?

    See the latest page of forum posts, the people who hang out here are just absolutely horrible and need to get a life
    There is no need to call them horrible, they're simply passionate gamers and sometimes blinded by their disappointment.

    That being said, I also share the opinion that this forum has been overwhelmed with anger, rage and bitterness which is not helpful or constructive for the future of the game. Like how many threads do people need to post saying the same thing over and over again? We get it. And I think the devs got it too now, we are all disappointed.

    I think so many people are passionate about it because they had put all hopes in Bannerlord and have no other games to play at the moment. As customers we are free to express criticism or disappointment but there is no point in keeping screaming to a wall. If Taleworlds wanted to reply to the issues we have raised, they would have done so by now. We don't have "to get over it", but we should just sit back and see how it goes from here.

    On a sidenote, worst are the entitled requests for refunds, that I see daily on this forum too. Do you ask for a refund too when you go the movies and it turns out to be ****e? I mean, we all agree that the game is a disappointment and way below our expectations, but you also have a responsability as a customer. You buy a product at your own risk, even more so for EA games, not matter how much the devs hyped the game.
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    TaleWorlds, how you succeded to piss off the friendliest community in videogames history?

    If anything, all I see is crying. And Taleworlds didn't make anyone cry alone, our own expectations can take a fair chunk of the blame for that.
    True, but ask yourself why did we have those expectations. 1/ Development was 10 years long (I know they restarted a few times but it's not like they were working on other projects at the time) so we expected a decent game. 2/ They hyped it a lot, many features were announced but never implemented.

    I don't think people have any expectations left now, but they are just asking for two things : modding for the SP, private servers for the MP. Both have been ignored for a year now. There is not even a commitment from Taleworlds to provide it in the future.
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    Taleworlds once said...(finish the sentence)

    Taleworlds once said... soon (I know, that's the easy one)
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    One Year Anniversary Recap

    Children, don't bother with "are we there yet", daddies are driving. Please count sheep, posts or clouds to keep yourselves amused :iamamoron: .
    Yep, but the current journey is like driving into the void.
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    Bannerlord Clan list

    Clan name: Royaume de Bretonnie
    Clan tag: BRE
    Clan region: EU
    Clan's TW thread or TW group link:⚜️-royaume-de-bretonnie-⚜️-recrute-eu-fr.83/
    Contact's info (links to TW & Steam profiles): TW - STEAM -
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    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    Thanks for the answer. Yes, I am using Chrome. I'll have a look into it to try to resolve the issue on my side. It's good to know that the forum still allows it.

    EDIT: Resolved the issue, thanks again for your help Janus.
  11. [BRE] Roudrac

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    Yes, that's what I am trying to do. So if I am trying to use this image for example, the BBcode doesn't work :



    Does the issue come from my website then?
  12. [BRE] Roudrac

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    The IMG BBcode tags work. If you are having problems using them, please provide specific details on what you are trying to do.

    No, it was related to my first point. I was asking in regards to one of my threads which used that feature extensively but that does't work anymore because the pictures are hosted on my personal website. But I understand if it is due to security and performance issues as you pointed out.
  13. [BRE] Roudrac

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    Is there any plan to allow direct upload of pictures from personal domains and websites in the future or is it not allowed for security reasons? I remember being able to post on the old forum pictures already hosted on private websites instead of an image hosting service using the IMG bbcode tags but it doesn't seem to work anymore.
  14. [BRE] Roudrac

    Bienvenue en Bretonnie!

    Bienvenue à Thomasson, pélerin de nostre dame.
  15. [BRE] Roudrac

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    You may be wondering why the majority of mods released for Bannerlord are small-scale tweaks, faction/culture overhauls, and generally don’t change the core gameplay of Bannerlord. The reason behind this is that TaleWorlds has put up artificial roadblocks throughout the game’s code that severely impede (and often, make it completely impossible) to make any large scale changes.

    Just out of curiosity, did Taleworlds ever said they were going or planning to offer the opportunity to modify core features of the game through modding? I'm very ignorant about modding, but I remember two points from the dev blogs on that:
    6. With Warband the list of hardcoded features lessened as time progressed. Will this be the same for Bannerlord as you decide over time what should and shouldn't be hardcoded?
    Most probably.

    10. How is the code split between hard-coded (engine) and modsys (open to the modding community)? What level of access do we have to the game UI code, AI, etc.? Could you provide us with an example of what will likely remain hard-coded?
    Unlike Warband, the vanilla game scripts will not be directly modifiable by modders. However, it will be possible for modders to add new scripts as plugins and also have modifications for XML data files.

    Does that imply permanent "roadblocks" in the coding?
  16. [BRE] Roudrac

    Last Resort for Multiplayer

    The "base" is most likely intertwined with the SP part of the game. Asking for a new base to work on would mean conflicts on the SP side.
    Only a dev could tell us but I think the whole point of having two branches of development and a launcher was to avoid this sort of issue.
  17. [BRE] Roudrac

    Last Resort for Multiplayer

    Starting clean could be a good idea but I don't believe Taleworlds is ready to abandon its vision regarding the multiplayer (class systems, skirmish, ranked matches and item customization). I'm not saying it's any good, but that is what they are going for with the multiplayer and their business model.

    Restarting from scratch also raises ethical/legal questions? You can't sell a game and then turn off the multiplayer down the road (even if for a couple of months only). Multiplayer is bad but it is better than no multiplayer at the moment. So, if they are starting from scatch again they would have to keep the current multiplayer alive until the replacement is ready, and that would mean maybe months without any updates.
  18. [BRE] Roudrac

    Organize a mapping contest?

    But we cant really host a contest like this without custom servers.

    You know what to do then :shifty: Just kidding... or am I?
  19. [BRE] Roudrac

    Why dont you add new maps?

    They are completely right not to give a date.
    Have you forgotten how annoying it is to have these constant delays and delays for a patch or even the game?
    Just waiting for them to have a definitive date is much better then having that day you waiting for the patch to be delayed and your day partially ruined.
    True, but a deadline is also a commitment to stick to. Without a clear roadmap or ETA, they can keep delaying for as long as they want. I know Taleworlds might not have the ressources to produce multiplayer maps at the moment but why not use the community? They could offer the players the opportunity to work on map designs using the map editor and just select the ones they think more suitable and add final touches and balancing. The community is ready and willing to help, but Taleworlds is missing that opportunity.
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