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  1. Bug Reporting HQ

    Guys, I apologize in advance if this was already reported, but seriously there are 164 pages of bug reports so ... :meh: well here it goes:
    I'm in love ... or at least my character is. I'm trying to marry a lady. The problem is: when I arrive at the castle and go to the hall -> her father isn't there. As you might imagine that makes marrying her a little difficult. I already checked if there's enough entry points for all the characters and a lot of them are unused.
  2. How would you change "Use Blunt Weapons" to "Take Prisoners"?

    Since I have been unable to find a topic, answering my question and this one at least sounds alike, I'll post it here:
    I'd like to rework the damage system so that all damage types can, but do not need to be lethal. Does anyone know how to do this?

    Thanks in advance!
  3. Ideas & Suggestions

    I'm not going to read 53 pages of suggestions, so sorry if that one has already been made. :mrgreen:
    A few people already said that climbing up the social ladder is too easy. I'd suggest to make progress a bit slower ( needing 1,5 - 2 times as much prestige as currently to rise up to the next class) and put a little quest as barrier in front of each class ( I mean: lower class to middle class to upper class) and certain requirements like a minimal wealth/ property.
  4. Main Topic

    Ok, thanks! I'll give it a try. Still: if anyone else has the problem with ModDB, it might be a good idea to look after it ...
  5. Main Topic

    Quint - moddb link is not working again. I can click on all the other versions but not 5.0 . Could you please look after it?  :ohdear:
    ( I have the steam - version, but I like modifying the values of some items via Morgh's and that kinda requires some files ...)
  6. Main Topic

    I hope that only the writing is cyrillic ...
  7. Ideas & Suggestions

    I got some small ideas: swordbreaker, swordstaff, new sallet
                                        wait! what?
                                        eh-yes I mean to include the swordbreaker and the swordstaff into the game ( the later was a quite common weapon in Sweden, so I also wouldn't mind to see it on some Union - troops)
                                        And I've noticed something about the sallet - not in the game but in reality: Wearers often left the throat and jaw unprotected cause the beard heavily limited breathing - so why not just use a sallet model with a mail coif for the start and later on: a beard with breathing slits in it.
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    Only for beginners. It'll become easier by time.
  9. Main Topic

    Just go for it for now. We'll see later if it's too hard. I've been waiting for quite a long time to pay taxes, lol.  :razz:
  10. Help me! - Research on the east.

    Point 1: Don't you think I've tried? ( For example: when I'm searching for chinese dynasties, all I get is Wikipedia, telling me: "Yes they existed - fin." and pictures of modern chinese politicians, models and vases) - talking about books, I know from experience that they aren't always reliable and I think it's understandable that I don't want to buy a whole library just to find the one book, that's actually of any use.
    Point 2: The Sage's Guild however looks promising, I'll search it threw. If I find what I'm looking for, I'll close this topic for spam-reasons.
  11. Help me! - Research on the east.

    Hello, although you already know, I'll tell you: my forum name is long and of mixed language. What really matters is that I'm here to ask you about sources on the history of eastern (realworld!) countries. But Dings, you may think now, this is a Mount and Blade Forum - why are you spamming it...
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    Not on my screen
  14. Main Topic

    Sorry for bothering you with this, but since the forum wasn't really helpfull - can anybody tell me how to create a new topic? I have some questions that aren't especially related to Nova Aetas, and I wouldn't want to spam.
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    Thanks for giving me the link!
  16. Main Topic

    Thanks for reminding me, I just noticed that gold - ingots are worth 440, while silver is worth 1.300. Oh and where exactly is can I find your modding tutorial again? My test-version of Photoshop is ending today and now suddenly I can't find the tutorial via Google anymore.
  17. Main Topic

    Check 16th century. Apart from Australia, which is just a Landmass there, it covers the whole world.
  18. Ideas & Suggestions

    Hey Quint, I just thought about Templars and the thing that they're kinda not fitting too well in the rest of the scenario - you know, 12th century armours and all - so what about bending history a bit more and letting the templars increase their technology alongside the kingdoms. So in the 16th century we got templars with plate-armour and firearms.  :smile:

    PS: An overall precense of them, as well as the Order of Saint-John, the Agonic Order and so on would be nice too.
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    Quint: one question: which software do you use for texturing? I wanted to download GimpShop, but my Anti-Virus-Programm warned me that it contains PUAs.
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