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  1. Wulfsdottir

    why xD

    I would love to hear the story of Salusios The Cargomaster (from your screen) :grin:
  2. Wulfsdottir

    Unattractive character = Few babies?

    oh come on you guys, you really actually believe a computer game know how to define "attractiveness"?
    well, sometimes they do.
    By looking at the attributes. Charisma for example.

    Depends on the game and system really.

    Here it seems to be totally random though, as the characters might tell you you're not attractive even if you have 200+ charisma. One more Roleplaying element that Bannerlord doesn't care about at all.
  3. Wulfsdottir

    Can we have a debate about women without getting it locked?

    Ignoring thread.

    Try this? I don't even know if this still works, but it's something. They don't even try to hide the intent of this mod either, yet so many 'historical' gamers thinks its meant for owning the libz or something lol.
    I play 1.5.5 beta version now and none of the mods work. All of them crash the game, even the ones that specifically state they're compatible with the latest beta so I play without any mods for now :sad:

    But thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Wulfsdottir

    Caravan escort mission is problematic

    I think the player should be given the option of joining any active battle, but it would count as a declaration of war on the party you attack. This means you'd have the option to honour your contract with the caravan at the expense of making new enemies, could also make for a great bit of game if war broke out when the caravan was in enemy territory and it was up to you to get it out. It would also be nice to be able to join a pivotal battle to help out a friendly lord/clan in trouble without having to track down another party of the rival faction to attack.
    Thanks, and I think you're right in that you SHOULD be able to join any fight, even when you are neutral. It could seem strange to declare war on a faction just to honor some merchant contract, but who knows, maybe you roleplay such an honorable person, why not.

    Another way that might save you from declaring the war or joining the battle (though the option still must be there) can be the chat with the besieging army's leader. Maybe if you're neutral you could persuade him to let you in to fulfil your duty and honor your contract, while taking your word that you won't stay in the town to help the defenders. He could also want to check your trade items and see it's not weaponry. It can be attached to your charisma and persuasion skill, so one more option to roleplay...
  5. Wulfsdottir

    Caravan escort mission is problematic

    Do you think i am playing this game for the first 5 minutes? i know all the stuff you mentioned and implement it if possible but nothing from what you sad addresses even one of my points. So just stop it.
    I don't know you and have no idea if you play this game for the first 5 minutes or for the last 5 months. Just wanted to be helpful, no need to get pissed over it.
    And if the merchant caravans outrun your party, it's obvious you're going slower than the player party should.
    But sure, whatever...

    Good luck withthe thread...
  6. Wulfsdottir

    Can we have a debate about women without getting it locked?

    I think the answer to this should be pretty simple and shouldn't warrant a debate. TW should introduce an option to include historical sexism in the game the same way Warband had. So have it where there's a much smaller proportion of female clan leaders/warriors, inheritance should always go to a son but go to a daughter if no other choice is given and if you play as a female character it should be much harder to gain support etc.

    However this should be an option. You must remember that this game does have female players and I can imagine it would be pretty infuriating if you had to be at a significant disadvantage just cos you wanted to play as your gender. This game is very loosely based on historical factions so does not have to follow a historical narrative.
    Female player here and I would LOVE to have this option. I would always play with this option ON, if it existed.
  7. Wulfsdottir

    Caravan escort mission is problematic

    Well, there are many things broken with the game, but I haven't had any issues with Escort missions. First of all, caravans travel really, really slowly. You must have been overburdened or something. Make sure you dump all the excessive cargo when doing this mission. Also, buy some mules, but just as much as to balance your party number, because if you have more than that, then it goes up into the "herd" category, which further slows you down. You need to have as many mules as needed but not more.

    Also, buy some cheap horses for your foot soldiers. They won't fight on horses on the battle map but if you have as many horses as you have a footman in the party it gives you a very good bonus too.

    And at last, do have a decent scout in the party (or appoint yourself as a scout). If you do all these Escort The Caravan missions are one of the best in the game. I usually make good money by trading together with my caravan, buying and selling in towns we visit and attackers drop decent loot as well (well, in comparison to usual looters anyway). And the salary isn't bad usually... merchants pay good money per day of travel.
  8. Wulfsdottir

    Can we have a debate about women without getting it locked?

    Since it's not a historical game and is only based in a world that is vastly similar (but still different) from our real-world medieval society, I don't have a problem with so many warrior women, though I wouldn't have a problem if there were even fewer of them. (my character would feel even more awesome and exclusive because of that), so I don't have any strong opinions about it.
  9. Wulfsdottir

    Isn't raiding villages supposed to be a dishonorable thing?

    executing a lord for pillaging a village would not have been considered justified back in the day in most circumstances.
    Depends on situation. And Lord. And political stance. And many other factors.
    Also, only Christian lords would be granted the honorary captivity and rights of war. Muslims and Mongolians (Read Aserai and Khuzaits) were considered as barbarians and would be executed. Vikings also had different standards and so on and so on. It was never black and white. And if one lord pillages your villages over and over again, after you captured him few times and released, coming back for more and more, no one would blame you.

    It was never black and white and all this code was depended on very particular circumstances. Escaping from captivity would also justify the execution. Some lords being captured were held on their word and not even locked away. There even were cases when lord would be sent to bring back the ransom himself and they WOULD. Because they gave their word.

    The simple game like this can't emulate all those situations, hence why it's important for traits to function. If lord does dishonorable thing by pillaging the village, you shouldn't be penalized for executing him/her. There should be some manner for repercussions.

    Being honorable or dishonorable should mean something.

    For example, being dishonorable would be profitable for all the pillaging, but if you go that way, you risk being executed. At the other hand, being honorable might prevent you from raiding, but in return you could hope that if honorable enemy captures you, he wouldn't decapitate you.

    It's simple game so it needs simple solutions and if it has traits system, they should mean something.
  10. Wulfsdottir

    Isn't raiding villages supposed to be a dishonorable thing?

    Pillaging has been a thing since forever, and certain cultures (both hn real life and in game) reacted differently to it. While I agree some lords should be more prone to it than others, right now it servers as nice cash influx for lords, and stop enemies economy.
    Yes, and so was the executing dishonorable lords.
    So, if they strive for reality in one case, they shouldn't punish you for roleplaying the very reasonable response in other case.

    Right now, even honorable lords do raids while you can't do anything about it and if you execute them, your game suddenly turns into hell.
  11. Wulfsdottir

    Complete lack of Immersion

    This video very well explained what is going on with gaming and why at the moment (and its an old video). It was in my recomended 2 days ago.
    Sad thing is, i recognize this in the rethoric used for Bannerlord - "it would be too complex for the new players" :neutral:

    Yes, he makes very good points too.
  12. Wulfsdottir

    Siege tower: current or 2015 model?

    Off-Topic but... what structure it was near the village Corenia? Didn't look like a classic castle
  13. Wulfsdottir

    Complete lack of Immersion

    This is why good games are hard to come by now
    Well, yes... :/
  14. Wulfsdottir

    Age and Death.

    no pollution? liquified animal droppings not pollution? smoking hearths without chimneys? Sorry. Just couldn’t let that go. Your reasoning is sound. Studying Towton remains showed nutrition to be very good among rich and poor (no sugar).
    That's why I wrote "At least in village and farm areas, whereas cities were much worse in this regard"
    Villages were much more clean because the density of population was much less than in towns and chimney smoke and animal droppings weren't such huge problem as in big cities. The river water was also mostly fresh, especially in comparison to city rivers.

    There are villages in my country still to this day, especially in higher mountainous regions and some people still use pack animals, along the big vehicles too but you can even physically feel how cleaner the air there is when you go up there from the capital city I live in. The difference would be even bigger in medieval towns where you basically had to walk through the human excrements in the streets and while villages had outhouses for toilets, city people just did their deeds inside homes in pottery, throwing it out then on the streets.
  15. Wulfsdottir

    Complete lack of Immersion

    I agree once again, but take a look at No Man's sky it didn't have much depth (like Bannerlord) and that was reflected by the amount of negative reviews as well. The problem here is if No Man's sky had a 87% positive rating, they would've never improved it as much as they did.
    Hmm, Never played no man's sky, so don't know what to answer about it.
    Another reason for vastly positive reviews is I think what @Kentucky James VII says below.

    You need to use it reversed.
    I read the negative reviews, usually they give me a pretty good idea about the game, obviously you need to "read between the lines" and understand that the truth is often the opposite of the text you are reading.
    Off course, if you take such reviews as true, you'd miss out on many amazing games.
    Kenshi is a great example, "meme generation" boys leave terrible reviews because the game does not cater to them, it means it's the perfect game for me...and actually is incredibly well made.
    And with time you learn to understand quality reviews and distinguish them frompoor fanboy/hater reviews. And reading between the lines comes with experience too.
  16. Wulfsdottir

    Complete lack of Immersion

    Damn. It finally got to you to huh brother? Don't worry come in sit down. There's plenty of room.
    "Sister", but yeah :grin: I'll just sit here for a while

    I completely agree @Wulfsdottir, but the worst thing is this is just 1 out of many things that ruins the immersion. But lets be honest they have a 87% positive review score (which i still don't really get looking at Bannerlords state) so the higher ups belive they're on the right track.
    It's easy. The games are more and more mass-product now. It's not the thing for niche kind of people or audience. Everyone now more or less plays the games. And MOST people tend to prefer their games being casual and not very deep. Pretty graphics and easy to learn controls and you're done.

    People who bother to register to forums are more pretentious gamers but they (we) are minority in fact. The rating comes from majority though. And money too.

    Now look at Mass Effect: Andromeda - horrible, terrible, horrendous abomination of a game if you compare it to Mass Effect trilogy, but it got 90% of bashing not because of its real flaws (Like terrible characters, terrible story, terrible world-building, terrible lore, terrible villains, terrible main quest, terrible side-quests, terrible crafting system etc etc etc) but because it had bugs and glitches. And they usually praise Andromeda for having shiny graphics and good shooting mechanics. As if shooting mechanics is what draws people to RPGs. In fact we were lucky that game had bugs and glitches so it pissed off those casual gamers, or else, EA would continue to milk Mass Effect franchise till this day.

    Curious if you've seen this guy -he posted here on forums -who figured out how to make caravans profitable

    Haven't seen that, but still looks like too little coin if you want to keep high tier garrison and high tier army. The thing is, you SHOULD be able to keep one castle garrison no matter the tier if you own few enterprises and caravans, though it is impossible today. (It was impossible even before nerf)
  17. Wulfsdottir

    If you're gonna ding me for my companion parties' raids...

    Also the companions/nobles with honorable trait should NOT raid the villages at all. Period.
    Maybe only when YOU as their monarch order them to do it (but then it should at least slightly worsen the relationship with them.

    Little things like that is what gives NPCs personalities. When they all act the same, no matter their traits, it's a really bad experience.
  18. Wulfsdottir

    Anyone Else Hate the Plot / Storyline and Lore about the Vlandians?

    also basically a lot of childish, squabbling, quarrelling nobles.
    Like most feudal societies were back then...
    Personally I don't think that Vlandians' lore is done any worse or better than the lore of other factions. It gives enough RP opportunity in that regard.

    Of course, if it would be me I'd add lots of books (Maybe even libraries in big towns, like one library per faction) where you could learn more about the factions and noble houses; Read about their history, their mythos, legends etc...

    Then there would be bards and just story tellers in taverns that would give you more and so on... But that's just me, coming from the proper RPGs, so don't mind me :razz:
  19. Wulfsdottir

    Why village elders felt more immersive

    I have dual feelings about that.
    At the one hand I like the idea of notables. It's more immersive when the place have few influential people (sometimes even at each other's throat) than one elder or one guild master... It makes room for lots of roleplay...

    At the other hand, the execution is really bad. They don't feel like proper persons and all they do, as was noted above is "sell slaves" as recruits. In case of adding some more weight on them and personalities, I like to have few "elders" per village like that rather than one village head or one guild master in town.
  20. Wulfsdottir

    I get that you don't just snap code into existence...but what about scenes/models, story elements and other more code independent parts?

    Many of you say that scenes don't mean much and they'd better drop it and so on.
    I can't agree here.

    More scenes mean that when the time comes modders will have more things to play with and they will have less to worry regarding scene making and such (They will still make new scenes and models I'm sure but still)... so when modders will come with great ideas of how to populate those dead towns and how to make them more alive and how to create things that gives those scenes meaning, they will have less things to worry about.

    And one thing TW did GREAT, and I mean, really great is all those scenes. I mean. They're big and beautiful and in the hands of right people with bright ideas they will be great functionally too.
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