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  1. Any mods that change AI behavior on tactical map?

    I've looked through a lot of mods on Nexus but don't seem to find any that change AI behavior on the tactical map. Mostly what I'm concerned about is the constantly getting attacked during wars and AI recruiting huge armies in minutes.
  2. Hot to make money

    Thanks for the detailed answer. I guess I pretty much knew all that stuff, just thought maybe I was doing something wrong with my towns and castles that I wasn't making enough. Its weird that they nerfed that income so much. Considering how much time they spent balancing the economy its weird that the only reliable way to make money now is loot and smithing, which was before a swell, but at least you could do other things besides fighting to make some money. I don't always just want to paint the map, sometimes I want to develop my kingdom or go do something else, like trying to get other lords to join my kingdom. I might have to look at some mods that change the economy a bit.
  3. Hot to make money

    I'm wondering how do you effectively make money now. Its been a while since I played the game and I know they've changed the economy a lot, but it seems like nothing really gives you enough money besides selling items after battles. I have my own kingdom and I have 2 towns and 3 castles with...
  4. Closed workshop not giving income

    Yeah I forgot about how they had changed the economdy, I thought it was just the caravans but I guess the workshops work similarly. I guess that could be possible, the shop starts with 10K capital and I guess if its not making profit the capital is going down, so income in showing 0, but in reality its losing money. Its kind of confusing though, there should be a better indicator of this. I'll keep an eye out to see if the capital is going down or not.
  5. Closed workshop not giving income

    Summary: The workshops seem to not do anything for me. They're not making money or losing money, its stuck at 0. I do have two mods enabled but I don't think they should effect it. One of them is the realistic battle mod the other one is petty kingdoms. How to Reproduce: Not sure Have you used...
  6. Development Update #9: Multiplayer Customisation and Grant Peerage

    I don't get these development updates, they should be called development recap, I feel like update should be talking about upcoming plans and how things are progressing, not what has already been done.
  7. AI Lords party is 90% Recruit

    Just want to ask if anyone has the same experience as me. I've experienced AI Lords have 90% recruit in the mid-game even with everything set on very hard (bannerlord except recruitment difficulty, I am too lazy to play the quest lol). It is kinda boring to fight recruits over and over again. I barely see more than 5 imperial legionaries when I fight the empire. The recruits are easily picked off by the fian archers. Same as the others like the khuzait, they have tons of noble sons and qanli.

    Sorry if I made a mistake, English is not my first language.
    Sometimes when there is war and a lot of fighting and the enemies lose their armies, when they recruit new ones they have a lot of recruits, its just there is no time for them to train up their armies. Usually I feel like whenever I start a new war the first few battles are a bit harder because AI has good troops but after you beat them their troop quality goes down, because they recruit and come fight you again right away with no time for their troops to level up. I think they have been tweaking the AI recruitment here and there by a allowing AI to recruit from better troops, but I don't know exactly where that balance stands at this point.
  8. Prime Matter new publisher

    Awsome thanks. I guess we can lock the thread.
  9. Prime Matter new publisher

    Prime Matter and Koch are the same?
  10. Prime Matter new publisher

    Pachinko machine after that? Maybe Konami can help.
  11. Prime Matter new publisher

    Ah forgot about this going on Consoles eventually, that makes sense.
  12. Prime Matter new publisher

    Just saw on Summer game fest that there is a new publisher for Bannerlord. I don't think we've heard anything announced here about it. What does this mean for the game and will Taleworlds make a statement about this?
  13. Killing an army needs to have a much bigger reward

    The way the game is designed its going to be really hard to balance this. When the game first released into EA I think the AI was recruiting from the same pool as the player and once they lost their armies it was hard for them to raise armies, this was a problem because it led to snowballing effect vs other AI and also was kind of boring for the player as there weren't enough armies to fight. Now since the AI cheats it has led to non stop fights which is I guess good vs snowballing but very bad for the player. Since the map is so big and each faction has so many lords and prisoners escape so easily it results in non stop armies or just hordes of lords attacking you when you're sieging. So I don't really see what can be done in the current design. They could maybe make it so the AI can't form an army too quickly after defeat or something like that, but it doesn't solve the problem you face during a siege where you just get attacked by 10 separate lords at once. The only solution I've really seen is a mod that breaks the game into tons of little clans so you're only at war with smaller clans so you don't really have the problem of fighting vs 50 or more lords at once. I think its called Calradia Divided. I'm pretty sure this is not something the main game will do.

    Another idea I had was that if you could join a faction and than go to war vs specific clan than that would be another way to keep the conflict small so you're not fighting armies after armies. You could even have allies internally in the faction that could join you or your enemy could call on allies as well, this could create more interesting diplomatic options as well, but it doesn't seem like the game that taleworlds wants to create. They have said before they want to make the game more action oriented and less management, so doubt we'll see any complicated system in the game and are probably going to be stuck with either unending armies or basically no armies to fight.
  14. Loot from battles need some kind of rework

    I notice when I marry my spouse has a unique weapon (not one available in any shop). I also once received an axe called an executioners axe from post-battle that also appeared to be unique for the same reason.

    This kind of loot is very exciting, almost like noble houses have access to highly skilled smiths.

    I would like to see more of this in the game. It is both very rewarding and very exciting to find.
    I think I've gotten the executioners axe before, but I thought I had seen it in shops before, maybe its just a high level item that's rare to show up in shops kind of like some of those tier 6 armors. But I do agree getting some unique stuff dropping will be very fun.
  15. Which Faction Needs the Most Love and Work?

    I think diversifying the empire a bit would be good for the game. Right now its just a big blob of sameness right in the middle of the map, gets kind of boring after a while.
  16. Loot from battles need some kind of rework

    Did loot really get worse? I thought they said they were working on improvements. That really sucks. I also heard about Mexxico leaving, but I heard it was decision that was made a while ago.
  17. please taleworlds adopt the bannerlord online mode

    They are already having a hard time developing the SP and MP as it is, let them finish what they are working on first before they start working on other things.
  18. ***Community Feedback ROADMAP - What Taleworlds still needs to fix!***

    Agreed, I think most people don't hate it, I think its just people are disappointed and frustrated with the game. If you have never played warband I think you'd still probably enjoy the game a lot since there isn't anything else like it out there. However for those of us that have played warband and other M&B games, had higher expectation of the game especially with the features they had talked about previously that have been cut or appear to be cut. The game right now seems to be more of an engine demo than anything else.
    For me personally when you start your own kingdom the game gets very frustrating very fast. From being attacked all the time to trying to hunt down AI family heads to do that stupid RNG game to maybe join your faction, to AI lords in your faction doing stupid stuff, the game is just not that interesting at that point and very frustrating. There is also not a lot of stuff you can do for kingdom management and diplomacy. You're just doing non stop fighting or whack a mole against AI armies sieging your stuff. These are just some things at Macro level, there are a lot of little things that could be mentioned but I feel like those are a bit more on personal level or aren't that big of a deal if the larger things were fixed.
  19. Loot from battles need some kind of rework

    I like the idea of loot being tied to the rest of the the game systems and such, but I feel like unless they've already been working on something like that its probably not going to happen because it would be too big of a change at this point. Repairing seems to be a decent idea but how would they implement that exactly, would it be free to repair or require a bit of resources, if it requires resources than what's the point if you can just spend resources to buy stuff, once you hit clan level 4 money usually isn't that big of an issue anymore, you can go buy almost all the high level stuff for yourself.
    I think the problem actually isn't even that you don't get high tier stuff. After playing for a while I actually did get some high tier things, but the problem is all those things are damaged, i.e. cracked or rusty or whatever, which makes them virtually useless, I can spend a couple of thousand and get some armor or weapons that are lower tier but have higher armor/damage output than the damaged loot, which makes them only good for selling. I think unless they are going to rework the whole loot thing, the best thing might be to increase the stats of damaged stuff, so at least they are useful mid game. I feel like it used to be like that in Warband at least, and maybe in Bannerlord early on, but I can't remember exactly, I just feel like I was never annoyed at loot until the last few versions of Bannerlord.
    My idea and a lot of ideas here though are just kind of Band-Aids I think, late game once you and your companions are kitted out loot becomes useless again. Would've been nice if there was some kind of system where that didn't happen, but the only one I can think of is that you'd use loot to upgrade troops kind of like horses with cav, but I feel like that would probably be pretty annoying in practice.
  20. Resolved Icons not showing

    From what I understand today's hotfix (Feb 16,21) was supposed to fix this bug. "Fixed an issue that blocked the loading of item thumbnail images."
    Wanted to report that this did not fix it for me, still having the same issues.
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