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  1. i'm owed 1500 loot

    That sucks. Also whenever servers crash, that takes you back to the main menu and the game wouldn't report any loot earned at all.
  2. projectiles going through shields

    When having a shield on your back, the bolt or arrow from behind penetrated through the shield and gave me almost normal damage maybe with a little dmg reduction. Saw the bolt stuck in the shield itself, didn't hit my legs or something. Same with melee hits on the shield on back. I find it wrong to happen like that. A shield is a shield.
  3. TDM: Playing VS Vlandia sucks

    Remove xbows. If not, - Reduce their accuracy. - Increase the cost of basic arbelist xbow unit and sharpshooter units by 20 at least - Reduce their kill/assist gold - Decrease the speed of weapon switching from xbow to any other weapon. - **** them This is boring insane how long this goes on...
  4. SP - General NON-SPAMABLE DIRECTIONAL STEP-DODGE new mechanics suggestion

    Thanks for replying to my thread there. I was thinking about something like this too. Just one quick 'dodge' hop to any side, 'bunny hop'. But NOT Quake-like series of bunny hops and not spamable. So the question is how fast should these hops be allowed to be repeated without breaking the gameplay but improve it in a closest to realistic way. As well as how much will is there to go for closer to real.

    My idea was to allow this 'dodge hop' to any of the four directions, for the time it takes for your other leg to catch up, line up and gain a stable stance again. This shall not make you be able to use this as an alternative to regular running in a direction. You should loose out already making two such hops in a row against running. Also, you wouldn't be able to swing your weapon during the hop, since you would be wholly concentrated on this 'dodge' action. I'm thinking it's realistic to have the block stance available but only if you do it initially and then do the hop. All this could be achieved with double tapping the W key, like with riding a horse, since this is unused when on foot. And here, you'd have it to be possible in all four directions so double-tapping A, S and D too. The backward hop would be somewhat less in distance than forward of course.

    I never intended to play or rather even now don't intend to play other available melee combat games like this, which are merely not that good copies of it. The physics based swinging of the melee weapons was amazingly fun and complex enough in the original Mount&Blade series for me. On the other hand, general movement and navigating the map, obstacles and combat was always too simple and lacking. And it didn't get better in M&B2. This has nothing to do with managing your units, strategy or creating your own weapons. This is an action part of the game which I considered under-developed and even nowadays I see it as too much freedom where there shouldn't be, and not enough freedom where it's obviously missing. I don't know the reason but I'm almost sure a lot of people in and out of TW had all these cross their minds at times.

    Jumping is still vertical hop + direction + speed. If you jump without enough direction and speed, you're stuck. There is no option to climb or vault over a simple, a bit higher obstacle without clumsily trampling on it and getting stuck sometimes, like it's still 2008. This should be implemented with holding jump [space] key.

    Swinging is one thing and movement is another thing but they can't be this disconnected. I realize it has to be quite difficult to make this in a different way now, and maybe you'd have to start from the ground-up which is most likely painful.
    Having no sprinting and no stamina in the game, OK, that might be a signature M&B thing I guess. But also is almost non-existent inertia of weapon blocking and weapon fainting and swinging. Especially with a big heavy weapon which has almost no influence on your stance and leg movement during a swing. Next thing you know, you can't swing a 2H fast and powerful enough since the 1H sword or even a pugio can counter it with an instant block/parry. Now, to try and go around that, there are unlimited movements and unlimited faints. Faints are also simple and at no cost to use. And online, they all seem pretty much instant no matter the size and weight of a weapon used and thus OP. But where they fail the satisfying gameplay is actually online, where usually the unlimited faints can't be shown in time to the other player to counter it, especially if someone has a bit higher ping. You can try and use weapon/shield bash or a kick, but it locks you up into it, so if you miss you're done. Oh how hard sometimes it can be to push/kick an opponent right in front of you. So, one thing leads to another.
    A shield bash remained the same since M&B. It is actually a left hand swing at an opponent, making you open and vulnerable which is the opposite of what you would want. Instead it should be shielding yourself and pushing the opponent forward without doing any damage to them.
    Another example for not enough inertia, you would be able to rush forward, swing your weapon and backpedal without loosing energy in the blow. It's your body movement forward that somewhat adds up to that energy. Also, you could overhead swing a 2H axe and then turn around with mouse your torso, turning almost completely to the other side. It's kind the same when doing a pike or spear pierce attack, which is a different thing, but can be done with the same direction and outcome change way too easy, and without loosing energy. Arms, torso and legs - it's all pretty much independent in M&B while in reality they work together to land a good blow. Right now, in multiplayer it looks like the other player will miss and does miss his overhead swing on me completely, but instead server detects it as actually landing a fatal hit on my hand, shoulder, head or whatever even though I was moving away from it. It all happens in hundredths of a second roughly. Seems that it's only latency not being able to show his adjusting of the direction towards me. Even though both that player and me have ~30 ping each, which makes it at ~60-70 combined. But that's an issue of online gaming. And M&B tries very hard to achieve something which happens, as I say, measured in hundredths, even thousands of a second. I guess those are the limits the devs always have to be aware of to try and make a good online action game. In the end I always gave them credit for trying really hard throughout the whole M&B series which wasn't just another game shooting bullets and rockets.
  5. MP 1H weapon blocking (parry)

    Thanks for replying both @Hans 77 and @darksoulshin

    Well I wouldn't label you or others anti-crush-through enthusiasts @Hans 77 . Crush-through we know isn't impossible from happening, but I get it why they're not desired in this game all the time, as well as some other things are not. A chance for a stun-lock, that's great. I just thought when I looked at it, that it make little to no sense because the initial problem IMO is the general movement in this game. Which was overlooked all this time with all the swing speed nerf/buff, encumbrance, weapon damage nerf/buff, shield durability, kick stun locks, crush-through or not debates... Darksoulshin points this out, and IMO it's one good example, he has a good idea for one way towards a solution.

    Back to expand on my post, this pugio is more of a dagger than a sword. One would not be confident in swinging such a small weapon as there is not much weight in it such as in swords, but would rather look at using the pierce attacks from up close. The pugio damage should be maximum for pierce attacks and less for swing attacks. Unless there is a successful attack with the tip of the pugio at an unarmored part of the body. That should hurt a lot. So with me being left with only a pugio, I should be able to move around the 2H axe opponent more lightly. Trying to rush close to him, so that he can't make swings with his long weapon at me properly, while I'm attempting to land stabs and pierce attacks on him. Even one good stab could be enough to take him down for good realistically but possibly this is also not desired in the game. Additionally, how about an option to use the X key not to throw, but to inverse the hand grip on a dagger weapon the pugio is? This way with inverted grip, you're making more powerful pierce attacks from three directions now - left, overhead and right. The drawback should be that it would be tough or impossible to block/parry attacks at you, so you'd have to be constantly on the move and changing the grips often. Could be a good skill check to fight like this.

    The other thing connected to this, and any other close encounters for that matter which should be looked at, is finally nullifying or decreasing dramatically the damage done by wooden weapon handles instead of bladed parts which still works and makes it so forgiving for the attacker. I'd be literally in their face as they hit me, or the other way around, it works the same. This is primarily for 2H - polearms, axes and maces. There is probably something wrong happening with weapon hitboxes and damage cones and/or player hitboxes. It should be nothing or light blunt damage at best. One more thing is that 2H axes and maces for example don't have the ability to make a forward blunt attack (or what is pierce for swords). This could be useful in close combat such as the above mentioned for example. I understand for 1H axe or mace but for 2H should be there, instead of just relying on a locked-in animation kick/bash which is limited.

    But this is all more in reality, and the question is what can be achieved and how the gameplay can be fixed, improved and expanded dev-wise in an online fast-paced melee combat game, especially in this phase of development.
  6. Resolved Game Crashes on Armory Page (used to happen prior to the latest patch)

    Confirmed, the armory freezing issue is no more
  7. MP Cavalry hitboxes/glitches review, suggestions

    I wrote about this somewhere earlier, but something is suspicious and I think you should really review the hitboxes or some damage calculations on cavalry. It seems that often I end up hitting an opposite side or do an opposite effect of what is expected. I don't have videos of this, but some...
  8. MP 1H weapon blocking (parry)

    Alright, if someone wields a small fast 1H sword or even worse, a pugio, I find it depressing that they can block off my heavy 2H axe or maul attack. Just like that. And then what follows is of course their faster counter attack. IMO even with a successful parry of such a powerful attack, there...
  9. MP Suggestion for javelins/throwing stuff (except rocks)

    I find it odd that if I am in throwing 'mode' with a javelin for example, I can't block a melee attack. The weapon is still in my hands so I don't see the reason having to press X to switch between to melee 'mode' and only then be able to block. All that in crucial fractions of a second in close...
  10. MP The spears, man... Let's just make them viable.

    Suggestion for additional spear attacks:

    1. If wielded with only one hand + shield, then logically let it stay the way it is now, only two attacks - from above and below.
    2. If wielded with both hands, make the left or right side attacks to be as a quick blunt attack with the opposite end of the spear to tackle and mess the opponent. I think that's completely viable and realistic, instead of only relying on the block+E key to push the opponent and be exposed to attack if you miss him completely.
  11. Resolved Game Crashes on Armory Page (used to happen prior to the latest patch)

    Just found this thread and I have the same problem today. Wanted to see if it was something random or will it happen again, and it did three times in a row.

    Clicking Armory and entering that menu, the menu visuals would freeze up after only 2 seconds without doing anything. The background menu music would still be playing. I can only Alt+F4 to kill the game, but the music would still be playing, which means the processes are still running. It's the Bannerlord starter and BattleEye launcher processes, so I have to ctrl+shift+esc to close those two manually.

    Sending my rgl_log about this in a PM @MArdA TaleWorlds
  12. Need More Info Game freezes randomly - TAB scores viewing or just auto-displaying scores after a match

    Sure, if it happens again, I'm sending it. Thanks.
  13. Need More Info Game freezes randomly - TAB scores viewing or just auto-displaying scores after a match

    Opening a new thread here on request. This is something that has been happening to me for several months and I've seen other players' threads on this issue. Summary: I play TDM mostly on EU server. But I think, not sure, I had it on Siege also. Once in a while in multiplayer, if I press TAB to...
  14. Muted: abusive chat-inquiry

    Please refrain from using this language on the forums.
    Oooga booga boogaaaa!
  15. Server shows up, but randomly no join

    The 3-match TDM game finishes and the server is closing. In the lobby after maybe a minute or less while clicking refresh a couple of times, a new server shows up. For the umpteenth time when clicking join, the lobby gets stuck in lobby with "Please wait..." The game never loads up, and I can...
  16. Muted: abusive chat-inquiry

    As Fixer said, the chat filter is not working correctly since it would censor words like "assist" or "pass" or "button" just because they contain the profanity words within.
  17. lancing needs to not work when the lance is physically going through your own horse

    Definitely check the swinging radius and torso radius of cav riders and weapons! Especially Rider Menavlion and Glaive.

    But also the hitboxes on the cav: The low frontal thrust attack with 1H and 2H swords, spears and pikes is an easiest low effort way to kill the rider if he doesn't attack/couch lance. I guess that counts as hitting rider's legs? Sometimes I thrust the spear through horse's neck frontally and kill the rider but not the horse?? The attack above however doesn't do much sometimes, even when attacking from above on the back of his head with a 2H axe. More often you hit his shield if he has it.

    The rider glitches sliding through and into the buildings' walls when thrown off the killed horse, making it impossible to hit him while he's on the ground. That is until he gets up.

    Cav jumps are ridiculously high.

    Also, cav sprinting towards people hit the walls and buildings with no other problems except stopping. Shouldn't there be some kind of a damage to the horse for that?

    Seeing a cav suddenly "hitting" small obstacles and thus glitch stopping is so annoying if you're infantry and have to think up front and prepare for attack/defense against it since they're so fast moving.
  18. Resolved Game Crashes in Multiplayer whenever I bring up the Scoreboard with Tab, and try to scroll down with middle Mouse button

    Just saw this thread on search so I thought to join in. I also sent to you my log text file in PM, @MArdA TaleWorlds

    What's annoying is loading up again which is kind of slow, even if it's installed on SSD. Here's my summary:

    Summary: I play TMD mostly but I think but not sure I had it on Siege also. Once in a while in multiplayer, if I press TAB to quickly view the scores the game will freeze and the sound will stop. I don't even have to press middle mouse button to scroll. I'm sure I don't Alt+tab accidentally or something like that. Alt+TAB works fine when I need it though. When the game freezes on scoreboard, I can't do anything else except alt+f4 but then I don't get the crash report option to send it to you like with other crashing issues. Additionally, the processes of Bannerlord Starter and BattleEye Launcher will remain running which Steam is showing as well - like the game is still running in my games list. So I have to shut down the two processes manually and then Steam will show it not running anymore.

    How to Reproduce: The server is EU. No idea what causes it but connected to showing scores, and it happened on all TDM maps randomly when:
    1. Pressing TAB just when moving or
    2. When killed and during dying animation playing and I press TAB or
    3. When dead and on the troop selection screen for respawning also pressing TAB or
    4. After the match, the scoreboard will automatically display and sometimes freeze the game
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