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  1. Correct XSLT usage for Kingdoms?

    If you use campaign/story mode often the npcs involved in the quests are pre set to be of certain kingdoms/cultures and those will be null values if replaced by xslt.

    So the fix in that specific case is to use sandbox.
  2. Open Letter to Taleworlds - Mod Custom Servers

    Our main point is: the more time you take, the less your community will be motivated to mod your game, and the fewer players will be able to enjoy it. We don't expect you to release the custom server files tomorrow: we do expect you to realise that your current prioritization and lack of communication is not right.

    Really - contrary to what you may think - we are not horny amateurs with a wishful, demanding attitude. Many of us have experience with professional game dev and we can be understanding about many things. The basic problem is that we do not see the TW openness to any agreement, we do not see any attempt to find any compromise solutions. This causes distrust and rage to increase. Believe me - I really know what I'm saying - you have to open up to a real dialogue, some real compromise. Otherwise, everyone - TW and mod developers - will miss a huge opportunity. People draw conclusions based on the facts, and you can't fix it with just words.
    Aaaaand this.
  3. Dev Blog 27/06/2019

    Any info on how to apply for closed beta or just insight on the selection process would be appreciated :grin: I am a professional software and game tester and played since M&B .63x something. I can dream :wink:
  4. Dev Blog 07/12/17

    Co op confirmed. Just calling it like I see it.
  5. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Whoever said they hope for a more nuanced diplomatic situation, instead of war being chosen at random, I hope that is the case.

    Regarding faction placements, we have some interesting possibilities with regards to starting relations, that could help the Battanians, for example, to survive. Though with heavy woods I would think it would be tough for any faction to invade their home territory, going up against strong ranged defenders. Some thoughts on faction relations:

    - The three Imperial factions are likely at war with each other, or neutral to begin with.
    - They will probably initially want to fight against those who stole their territory from them. This might mean:
        - Western Empire vs Vlandia, Battania, possibly Aserai or Sturgia.
            - If Battania is neutral or allied with either or both of Sturgia/Vlandia, they may not be in such a bad position. In fact looking at things this way, the Western Empire
            is probably in the weakest position of all factions, to start with.
        - Southern Empire vs Aserai & probably Khuzaits.
            - Aserai have a lot of territory, but it's spread far/thin. This might mean some early gains for the Southern Empire. It looks to be in one of the strongest positions,   
            assuming we don't have randomized diplomacy.
        - Northern Empire vs Sturgia and Khuzaits, possibly Battania. About equal with Southern Empire.
        - Lastly, if we see Aserai and Khuzaits as foreign invading forces, then we may also see Aserai vs Vlandia, and Khuzait vs Sturgia. If Battania, Vlandia and Sturgia all
        "broke off" from the Empire and are neutral or allied with each other, then Battania is actually in one of the best positions in the game.

    Lastly, regarding timeline to Warband, this could probably be modded in. It would take a while yes, but as someone else said, time passes faster in Bannerlord. As well, do we know that the "status quo" of Warband was established AT 200 years after Bannerlord? Perhaps it was some 10, 20, or more years before.
  6. Currently working on...

    I don't post much anymore or play WB these days. Too busy with school; more time programming = better mods I can make or work on for Bannerlord! Still, I have my eye on your mod and will play it when it's out. Take your time & thanks for all the effort you put into it!
  7. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Woot! Looks great! Super happy to see how much looks like it hasn't changed (all the good stuff) and I am quite happy with the graphics, music, atmosphere etc. Can't wait!
  8. Viking Conquest Update 1.04 (released)

    kalarhan said:
    You get a speed bonus for stacks of 10 (not wounded) sailors.

    10 sailors = +1 speed
    20 sailors = +2 speed

    There is a cap, something like +20 speed (200 sailors).

    3 sailors wont give you any speed buff.

    Open your camp while at sea and you will get a message about it.

    Check if all your boats are in good repair. Get a companion with high sea skills. When possible get better boats.


    I had just noticed that it was quite different from 1.03 for me. Even still, having repaired my boat to top condition and the weather changing many times over my 7 day journey around the isles, I should have noticed some difference in speed.
  9. Viking Conquest Update 1.04 (released)

    Playing beta today I noticed that my ship speed was really slow and didn't seem to change at all with the weather, sailing the Trannan. Also didn't notice any change when I picked up 3 sailors. Condition of the boat didn't seem to make a difference either. It took me about a week in game time to go from Ribe to Glenn Da Loch(sp?), and then I realized I hadn't taken the quest to raid the monastery. I'm on 'no quitting without saving'. D'oh!

    I also got the same quest 3 times in a row from King Horik (Danmark); the bandit lair one. I saw skimming through the thread that it has been mentioned, but I didn't get stuck on the quest offering screen as one guy did, nor were there many bandit lairs spawning around each other. Well, possibly there were on this last point, but my spotting is low. I received the quest 3 times, and they were all near each other in the southern portion of Danmark, but after the third time I wasn't offered the quest again.

    Lastly I'd like to mention that there are some text errors in the quest dialogues while still in Friese at the beginning of the game (I assume there are more throughout the game as well, but I haven't made it past Ulf's farmstead personally). Simple things like no space between two sentences, etc. I didn't write them down but perhaps you should look over these dialogues again; this early in the game and more than once, it makes a bad impression. In fact, while the dialogues overall are good, I think they can be improved in lots of places just in terms of phrasing and flow. I realize this is not highest on the priority list right now, though I would be happy to point out any errors or places that might be improved, if you're interested.

    Overall though, excellent work Brytenwalda team! Thank you! I've been waiting on purchasing a second copy for my brother for the bugs to get ironed out, and will probably do so when 1.04 comes out of beta.
  10. Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 8 - Engine Power [VIDEO]

    Not that it's relevant to this blog in particular, but with the conversation going on the way it is here, I thought I would pose a question.

    Would/do axe wielders ever use the shaft of the axe to thrust? It seems weird, but at least in the M&B combat system, I would use an axe more if I could say, do a quick thrust into an opponents face. It would not be terribly effective (unless there was a spike atop the axe), but think of it like a baseball bat. If someone thrusts a baseball bat into your face, it will not be pleasant. All I'm saying is it seems silly to not allow such a move, even if it is not very effective. I could see a situation where it might be the right, and unexpected move to make. Also, it might be useful to have it as an option when ordering your soldiers to use blunt weapons only, since otherwise they resort to fists. Along the same lines, swordsmen could use a pommel strike of some sort, either blade in hand or not. They could still use the full weapon for defensive maneuvers, but strike with nonlethal attacks.
  11. Suggestions about new skills and powers

    I think it could be done appropriately. A permanent wounding system wouldn't really make sense for magic IMO, but maybe for actual physical wounds. It could just restrict you from raising more undead or casting a spell above your level if your stats are below a certain threshold, or even base it off of your current HP, which would mean that you couldn't do it with stats that were too low (max HP is below the minimum needed to perform the spell) or if you were recovering HP from a recent fight.

    In most of the mods I've seen this kind of feature, it was adjustable or optional through a menu somewhere. As for whether it glitches out or not, that just depends on if it is well coded and tested. Of course that's up to G if he wants to go this route, it may be a lot of work.
  12. Suggestions about new skills and powers

    It should be, though I haven't messed with the module system at all myself. I have seen it done before. I don't recall how D&D handles it, but IMO this method makes more sense than losing health, actually making them weak for some time (which would also lower their max HP) rather than just hurting them.

    You could also lower INT (maybe not all three attributes at the same time, but a random or situation-dependent coding system that could affect any or all of those stats) to simulate being sapped of mental ability.

    Also could be interesting to expand the idea and implement some way for any kind of spellcaster to be able to cast spells above their ability, in an emergency for example, but at probable cost to their own health, either weakening their stats or even giving a chance to outright knock them unconscious by depleting them of all health.

    That last idea wouldn't be very interesting until the mod gets fleshed out more though. I'm thinking of dungeons that might contain spell scrolls or books, or some such. If you purchase all of your spells, you'll probably just not purchase any spells you can't reliably cast yet. If you happen across powerful spells while you're adventuring, you might be tempted to go ahead and copy them into your spellbook, leading to a situation where you might want to chance casting one to save your skin.
  13. Suggestions about new skills and powers

    I think it would make more sense for necromancers to lose strength/agility when creating undead, rather than just health. Like a temporary "wound" which has been implemented in some other mods.
  14. Let's play series

    Interesting, I don't usually watch let's plays but I was surprised to hear all of these videos say cal-'ray'-dia. I've always pronounced the 'rad' as rhyming with 'bad', but you could also pronounce it as rhyming with with 'shah'. Not that it matters much. Looking forward to updates anyway Guspav!
  15. Straight into warband - am I missing something from M&B?

    There are some classic mods for the original game you'd miss out on, but in general Warband is a refinement of the original. There's perhaps some things which some longtime players might prefer in M&B, but IMO Warband is definitely an improvement in almost every way. They both slightly different versions of the same engine. The map is different. I suggest you get them both, personally, they are cheap and it's more support for Taleworlds after all. If you're brand new to everything though, you're fine starting with WB.
  16. How did you find this wonderful game.

    I'm one of those who has no memory of how I came across M&B. I did a bit of a search through old emails to find some clues. I was about 16 when the beta .60x versions were being released and tried the demo and bought it. Man, I was a dumbass. Not for buying the demo of course, for being 16.

    I had been playing MMOs around that time for a while, coming from an RP-based clan/guild in Star Wars Galaxies and then getting into the beta for Vanguard. I realize those two games don't lend me much cred as a gamer, but A) SWG was star wars so I think we all had great hopes back then, and Vanguard was supposed to return to EQ after WOW. My gaming experience stretches back to the good stuff from the mid-late 90's when I was a wee lad. It was probably partly the failings of those games which led me to be done with MMOs and find quality indie games such as M&B.

    It was probably from someone in the Vanguard community which I was pretty active in that I found M&B, or possibly through a clan member from SWG.

    And now here we are years later.
  17. Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest DLC (Release Date: 11th December)

    Impressive feature list on the home page. Brytenwalda was excellent. Not as much time for games as I used to have, but between this and Bannerlord my gaming needs are pretty much covered for years. Now I just need HL3...
  18. Mount & Blade Warband version 1.161 patch

    Vikings would be cool with me. All the DLC for M&B so far has involved guns somehow, which is not the game's forte. It would be beneficial to the community (in terms of getting more people interested in M&B) if there was a different but similar official "flavor" to native/vanilla, which would hopefully be more refined than native. We all know mods have improved the game in many ways. Plus, if it were vikings the time period would fit nicely right in between Bannerlord and Warband.
  19. Somewhat new to Mount and Blade, not really sure what to do.

    You can always circle sea raiders/any other non-mounted troop type with missiles at full speed on your horse at just close enough to get them start throwing things at you range, let them deplete themselves of ammo and then pick them off. If/when they blob up you can just ride away a bit and their differences in speed will naturally separate the blob making easier pickings of the lighter armored ones, etc etc. It's tedious and I wouldn't recommend going after sea raiders right away, even for experienced players, it just makes more sense to have some ranged troops at least backing you up when using a tactic like this.

    For a complete new player, I would recommend staying around Praven as looters are common there. For a bigger challenge head to the Rhodok mountains and hunt mountain bandits, or more ideally go to Rivacheg and hunt taiga bandits and sea raiders when you think you're up for it. The rest of the advice in this thread is pretty sound for a new player as far as ideal party size and all that other stuff.
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