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  1. KoA_Nigerian

    NA Skirmish Completed [NABB] - Bannerlord Team Tournament - Week 3 Underway - Free Agent Sign-ups OPEN

    He is more than a mere man. I have seen this disgusting being devour 35 tacos in 24.2 seconds while shooting an armadillo from 20 yards using a crossbow with his feet. All the while the crowd of beautiful women and jealous men + myself, Brave, and Creampie all looked on in horror as the bolt was released and transformed into a fiery missle 10 times the size of a 4.99 Bean burrito from Taco Bell. The impact of this magically imbued projectile sent a shockwave that would kill any RCC team member withing 30 yards with power alone. Dear god have mercy on your souls. *vomits*
  2. KoA_Nigerian

    [HB] - Honour Bound

    Beautiful people that everyone is genuinely happy to see/play with.
  3. KoA_Nigerian

    Reporting Hate,Sexism, Racists Player "KINGS GUARD" 2100 EST. USA Server

    imagine asking who cares while all the protests and social injustices are going on lol... george floyd and ahmaud arbery didnt die just for you to ask "who cares". tbh as a "tournament host" you should seriously take a step back and reevaluate ur logic and decision making. seeing your performance as a host for the first BSL now seeing this just completely changes the way i see you as a person. you should be ashamed of yourself for being so apathetic. its people like you that keep racism alive and keep the world from changing.
    #justiceforgeorgefloyd #justiceforahmaudabery #justiceforwhalefishandmihawk
  4. KoA_Nigerian

    Reporting Hate,Sexism, Racists Player "KINGS GUARD" 2100 EST. USA Server

    What kind of person gets upset about someone reporting a racist? That’s just weirf
    A racist.
  5. KoA_Nigerian

    KoA - Kingdom of Avalon | North America

    To further my own power and unlock the secrets of old I have decided to shed this mortal cowl I wear to dampen my power for the greater good. I will from henceforth be known as Grant. Powerful, yes I know. Do not be afraid. I am here.
  6. KoA_Nigerian

    Roaming Cavalry Company [RCC] [NA] (Camel gang)

    In the end, who is anyone?
  7. KoA_Nigerian

    The Knights Of Vlandia

  8. KoA_Nigerian

    KoA - Kingdom of Avalon | North America

    "We may have lost the war but we will win the tacos." - Abraham Lincoln

    "Walk soft and carry a big Taco" - Teddy Roosevelt

    "TAco AToc TaC AT TO TAC TAco" - Ghengis Kahn
  9. KoA_Nigerian

    Black Shields (BkS) bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks

    panic said:
    I'll never forget chambering Vani on his helmetless blonde hair on ruins by the wall fort side.

    Sad that's the highlight of your life.
  10. KoA_Nigerian

    Black Shields (BkS) bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks

    A day that has been lingering in prophecy and hope for thousands of years. The seals on the Ancient Scripts have been broken. The contents of the tomes of Calamity have been spoken aloud in the depths of the catacombs and echoed in the great halls of Black. Whispers among the commoners circulate as the helpless rabble and masses cling to what hope they have left. I see you gathered before this page as the flock gathers to the shepherd. Longing for a glimpse into the Future. The day has come children. REJOICE AS HE WHO LEADS US HAS RETURNED. The memories of days past are rushing forward to those who remember and the ones who came after are left dazed and stunned at the sheer brilliance of how something can be a shining beacon but still be as Black as night. Go forth, all who have the ability to spread the good word that your leaders have arrived....but they had never left......
  11. KoA_Nigerian

    Disciples of VushLAMA

    name: Nigerian_Knightmare
    class: archer
    id: 6942069
    reason want join:  My dad says I gotta get a new hooby other than eating hotpockets and watching anime and I for the longest i have been wondering how can i say...(Marnid told me this next bit would be edited and I might get a warning so this is now an inside joke for him)

  12. KoA_Nigerian

    [NASS] North American Seasonal Series Announcement & Sign Up

    Roberta_Baratheon said:
    Chowski the Aimbot

    Like fine wine.

    I really hate drama but I couldn't resist.
  13. KoA_Nigerian

    [NASS] North American Seasonal Series Announcement & Sign Up

    Zacty said:
    should be 1500 gold for the real throwback

    And wappaw should only be allowed to use spears.
  14. KoA_Nigerian

    Black Eagles

    Apollo~ said:
    Here is a banner if you wanna use it instead :razz:

    Now those are some black eagles.
  15. KoA_Nigerian

    Black Eagles

    ServeAndFolly said:
    why they gotta be black.

    Is this one of those me mes? ITs obviously white.


    Its still white.

    Thank you computer.
  16. KoA_Nigerian

    Black Eagles

    Azorekt said:
    main post has been updated.

    But the eagle is still white?
  17. KoA_Nigerian

    [NASL2] On Topic Scramble League Fun and Compliments Thread (New Fun Poll)

    Well this was a fun tourney and I love you all. I will accept the trophy on behalf of my team and...

  18. KoA_Nigerian

    Black Eagles

    That eagle is white.
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