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    Hello i got a problem , when i start the game , the game is loading. Normal !
    But at the middle of the loading , the game crash and say "get_object failed for texture"

    There is my problem ! Help me please ^^.
  2. SP Musket Era War Getting Worse Beta 2.20

    The problem ! In my CommonRes Files , the ani_musket.brf does'n't exist
    I don't know how i can resolve this problem , it's CRAZY !
    If someone can help me and the other players with this bug help we ! ^^,

    Thx have a good day.

    QWW said:
    Try replacing "actions.txt" with the one from Ogniem i Mieczem.

    Doesn't work :s
  3. SP Musket Era War Getting Worse Beta 2.20

    It was downloaded from the Mirror , i try to re-download from the Repository

    Modification : Doesn't work ... again and again this error ...
  4. SP Musket Era War Getting Worse Beta 2.20

    Hello , i have a problem with the Mod.

    When i launch the game , at the loading an error message appear , it say.

    Unable to open file:CommonRes\ani_musket.brf

    I need help please :'(

    Sorry for the bad english , i'm French :grin:
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