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  1. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops rework perk order and remove learning limit

    training companions to be decent governors and captains can take irl weeks because many of the perks are in the 200's, to mitigate this i think the order of perks should be reworked so that governor / captain perks are front-loaded allowing both more rewards to go deeper into the tree as the...
  2. Resolved cannot send crash reports

    ok i think i found an example. in this crash i was chasing retreating enemies zooming in to fire at them and after shooting i zoomed out while i reloaded and the game crashed: 2021-02-15_23.39.34_73dc3dd959244ec91f2775e8565d1e60
  3. Resolved cannot send crash reports

    i assume you mean 'send' not 'fix', ill work on brute forcing my way through the elite sea raiders crash and next time my zoom key causes a crash ill let you know
  4. Resolved cannot send crash reports

    alright then would you be able to send me the save that you said you had found? if i am given that save it should be easy enough to crash again
  5. Resolved cannot send crash reports

    the previous crash issue i was having (the save you found and the one i made another thread about) is somthing i managed to move past because i figured out that big battle+ zoom key = high likelihood of crashing but im currently stuck in a battle where 'elite sea raiders' are causing crashes and i dont know why
    here is the crash id that i was given upon upload: 2021-02-10_21.28.47_00000000000000000000000000000000
  6. Resolved cannot send crash reports

    i found CrashUploader.Publish.exe, making that run as admin fixed it! thank you!
  7. Resolved cannot send crash reports

    i wasnt able to find "crash uploader executable" but when i found the game exe and made that run as admin instead of steam the uploader came back and even finished a part of what it was supposed to do! but i still ended up with an error that says "cannot cleanup crash report"
    huzzah! progress!
  8. Resolved cannot send crash reports

    i think so, i cant really check because ive found yet another crash caused by the 'elite searaiders' fight and since my zoom key isnt binded thats not at fault but the crash uploader wont even open now? so last time it opened i think the error it gave me was the same but im unable to confirm

    and before anyone asks. yes, i turned off mods for this crash
  9. Resolved cannot send crash reports

    i described how to replicate the crash it should go somthing like "start the battle on this save put infantry in front in shield formation, archers behind in loose formation and mounted archers behind them. then circle the enemy by yourself and pelt the backs of their shield formation with arrows" i didnt include my name or anything with the upload since the crash was all that mattered at the time i didnt realize yet that it was my shift key causing the problem

    update: running the game as administrator did not allow the crash uploader to work. maybe its because im on steam?
  10. Need More Info zooming in causes crashes

    even when i disabled mods the crash rate does not decrease. i tested that way back in 1.5.6 but since the problem persists inconsistently even now i doubt mods changed anything
  11. Resolved cannot send crash reports

    "You can try starting the game in the administrator mode." got it will try that

    "Do you have a save file before the crash happens?" already sent. hopefully they will be able to replicate the issue
  12. Resolved cannot send crash reports

    my other post is about the crash this post is about the inability to send the report. mods are closed along with the game after the crash so i doubt they are effecting this
  13. Need More Info zooming in causes crashes

    i was faceing crashes every time i started a particularly large battle and it wasnt until i realized that every time it crash i was about to shoot an arrow did it hit me. zooming in greatly increases the chance of a crash. i have the perk "eagle eye" which increases my zoom so that probably...
  14. Resolved cannot send crash reports

    whenever my game crashes(i found a particularly stubborn crashpoint)the crash uploaded opens and i give it a description but when i click to compress it only goes a few seconds before i get an error saying "cannot compress report files. access to the path [path] is denied"
  15. how do i manually share crash reports?

    thank you! hopefully they wont have any problem reenacting the crash i sent them
  16. how do i manually share crash reports?

    my crash report uploader isnt working so how do i do it manually?
  17. Resolved The Perk "Veteran's Respect" doesnt work on Raiders

    found out what the problem was, for some reason if a unit requires both a warhorse and the "Veteran's Respect" perk then not having a warhorse produces the error "you need the Veteran's Respect perk to upgrade bandits into normal troops". if they only require a warhorse then you arent alerted that the unit can be leveled at all so its still a bug but a more minor one then i originally thought.
  18. Feature request: Kingdom subjugation

    when a kingdom loses all of its fiefs it should lose its kingdom status and become a regular clan that can be vassalized like any other non-minor faction
  19. Resolved The Perk "Veteran's Respect" doesnt work on Raiders

    Update: it suddenly started working? was there an update i missed? all day yesterday it wouldnt let me upgrade but today it had no issues. im really confused as to what changed but problem solved i guess?
  20. Resolved The Perk "Veteran's Respect" doesnt work on Raiders

    the Khergit bandit unit upgrades to "Raiders" at max without "Veteran's Respect" but even though i have it upgrading still isnt possible i also had forest bandits that upgraded to Fians with no trouble so its working partially while i am using mods none of the mods change my perk effects or the...
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