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  1. Kevlar

    For Honor

    Anyone have an extra beta invite?

    Wanted to try the game but unfortunately did not get in.
  2. Kevlar

    Star Citizen (Wing Commander MP successor)

    Orion said:
    Anybody who didn't expect organizational & leadership problems in a project of this scale is a fool.

    Sadly, it is quite hard to convince some people that the project may have been either mismanaged originally or simply the scope of the whole project grew to big to quick for them to handle. That is how I see it considering it has taken this long wherein the original kickstarter scope and scale it would have come out 2014 (of which I backed).

    The little amount I have played of 2.6 thus far hasn't been the most enjoyable but I find that mostly due to the lack of game modes I would like to play as deathmatch and TDM aren't that appealing to me as I mostly play CSGO now.

    That being said I still have faith in the game and believe it will eventually come out, I just don't know when that will happen.
  3. Kevlar

    Star Citizen (Wing Commander MP successor)

    Their cheapest ship will be a mere $20 next Friday, their most expensive will be $2500 though  :cool:
  4. Kevlar

    Star Citizen (Wing Commander MP successor)

    I'll just leave this here :
  5. Kevlar

    Screenshot Mega Thread

    What was said:
    PoisonCourtesan said:
    It's a good thing some crowd-founded projects have taken a more "cartoony" approach.

    What you replied to:
    PoisonCourtesan said:
    It's a good thing all successful crowd-founded projects have taken a more "cartoony" approach.

    Feck, how why is that edit button next to the quote button. Why am I trying to post when my head is made of phlegm and painkillers?

    I'd fix this back to what it originally was, but I can't remember exactly what it was? Something about "But Star Citizen is super realistic"? Crap, sorry Kevlar.

    Edit edit:
    Wait, I had it open in another tab:
    Except the most successful one (star citizen) is going for exactly what you seem to dislike, ultra realistic graphics.

    Okay, I'm going to crawl into bed and die now, bye.
  6. Kevlar

    Assassins Creed MMCCCLVIII (ie 'Unity') Thread

    This thread is pretty funny of people bashing the game when only rebelknight probably bought the game.
  7. Kevlar


    Sir Prince said:
    Jesus christ what the **** they want $69.99 CAD for this? Well that's a game I'm waiting for a sale on. **** that.

    Thanks to the indonesian steam store having a pricing error I picked it up for a mere $10 :p

    Alpha ran like complete **** for what it was, hopefully they do a better job. I still don't see how they could charge anymore than $30-$40 for this at launch though since I doubt there will be much more then a few more characters and monsters come launch.
  8. Kevlar

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Sir Prince said:
    I haven't heard anything about it having dedicated servers, and its still CoD gameplay.

    Looked it up earlier and it does not appear to have dedicated server so instantly I will not buy it.
  9. Kevlar

    say cheese

    Isn't there a list somewhere here of everyones images. Trying to find the one I had uploaded :/
  10. Kevlar

    Trade Center

    Been on the fence about wasteland 2 for a while now, is it pretty good?

    Was just hoping for it to be as good as fallout 2 was basically.
  11. Kevlar

    Star Citizen (Wing Commander MP successor)

    Arvenski said:
    Then it occurred to me to wonder how much of their backers' money is being spent on PR fests like that

    Barely any if there is even a cost to them at all. They sold tickets to the show that I assume covered their venue and besides this they have only been at smaller booths during conventions and never have had to pay for anything (At pax east I believe it was they simply shared a booth with logitech).

    Their PR is working pretty well for them if you just look at their sales from last week alone where they raised over 1 million in just a single day

    The game still won't be out for another year or more but people like to complain about little things it seems. The problem people have just seems to be about stuff normal development cycles wouldn't be showing you but they are just more open about everything.
  12. Kevlar

    Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

    Ringwraith #5 said:
    So I realized I don't actually have to buy from Steam and put up with their ridiculous €1 = $1 policy

    I use a site called steamtrades most of the time now. Seems to be mostly Russians and Vietnamese people selling codes they get cheaper from their region.
  13. Kevlar

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Just saw the new video, patiently awaiting more news and hopefully one day to be in beta again :grin:
  14. Kevlar

    UK Election 2015 Poll, Vote Here!

    RabbleKnight said:
    By that logic, civilizations and cultures themselves are absurd.
    Its normal to be proud of your identity.

    Only a lot of people take this to far and identify themselves of a certain heritage without actually being from the area. The thing I really don't get is why people seem to be proud of their lineage when most likely wherever they immigrated from was bad enough that they decided to move from that country to somewhere else.

    It just irks me when someone tells me they are 1/10 Dutch or something yet have never been to the Netherlands in their life and don't speak Dutch. By this logic we are all in some shape or form part of the same lineage and therefore part of the same heritage as most people
    (except Ancalimon who is an alien species from that is trying to erase evidence of the glorious Rut people).
  15. Kevlar

    [Sandbox MMORPG] Life is Feudal

    If people are really concerned about $40, I introduce you to steamtrades :

  16. Kevlar

    Screenshot Mega Thread

  17. Kevlar

    The Unreal World

    Kobrag said:
    I am PISSED that they've nerfed nets.

    Nets were probably the most OP thing you could start with in the game though (as in, taking the start and then starting the tutorial to get I believe three nets). Might have to try playing the game, my last game I started I got incredibly lucky and ended up killing an elk or something day one so I was good for food for a long time.

    New scenarios look good :

    - added: two new start-up scenarios
          * You encounter a band of ruffians in the wilderness.

          * You set out into the unforgiving wilderness with a four-legged companion.

    Looks like my old trapping system won't work on bears now though :

    - added: bears can now break down fences (if they want to)
  18. Kevlar

    [Sandbox MMORPG] Life is Feudal

    Early access is only $40, surprised they didn't try and go for the amount they were trying to get in funding of like $200 just to play their broken ass game.

    From what I am seeing and reading the game still isn't worth picking up right now and I probably won't until it is complete and or $20.
  19. Kevlar

    Path of Exile

    Probably because it is completely random  :roll:

    I literally have a complete row of ID scrolls in my stash (12x40=480), unless you are identifying every single item you will most likely have tons to spare. Once you are level 60+ you can start to do a vendor recipe that will give you two chaos orbs for a complete set of armor that is unidentified and item level 60+ so I don't even really need my ID scrolls at this point.
  20. Kevlar

    Path of Exile

    Then just go play diablo 3?

    Diablo 3 seems a much better fit for you since you don't need to actually interact with anyone else which seems to be a challenging concept for you.
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