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  1. Dennis The Great

    Bellium Imperium is Bae <3

    Hey man..

    I think its looks good, just downloaded it, so i have a try on this mod... :smile: please keep up the good work
  2. Dennis The Great

    Viking Conquest Update 1.04 (released)

    Pie_scavenger said:
    I am having a problem in story mode when you have to fight at doaur-en-enez.  I initiate the battle against the Danish, but my game crashes.

    Thats how strong the Danes is.. they crash your computer before the battle  :razz: lol
  3. Dennis The Great

    Requests/ideas for the upcoming update

    Well in a future update then :smile: i do really hope they will make it possible to build a Ring castle (cirkel castle or what ever its call'd in english :smile: )

  4. Dennis The Great

    Requests/ideas for the upcoming update

    I am really looking forward to this new Update Coming very soon, but i have a few requests or ideas i Would love to see in the new Update.. 1. You be able to upgrade your refuge, to a Ring castle, like Fyrkatborg, Trelleborg found in Denmark :D that World be awesome, and you can better protect...
  5. Dennis The Great

    Missing gifts ??

    Hi Dev team Love the DLC, and its getting better and better :) i have won more then 15 tournaments in Ribe, but they never have any gift to offer me ?? when i was playing a earlyer version i won more then 2 gifts from tournaments, is this a bug ?? best regards Dennis
  6. Dennis The Great

    Thank You Docm30...

    Hi Docm30 Really nice mod, i love it.. So nice modeling and textures, looks just beautiful, i think this is the best mod for Warband so far.. and its just an alpha :) i will point out some things I think misses or i wish would be in game. 1. I love that you made those Army depots, but its sad...
  7. Dennis The Great

    Welsh Faction thoughts and accuracy

    The long bows in this DLC sucks.. they are way to thin and dark, and they are very weak.. i shot 6 or 7 arrows (arrows had 2+ damage) in the chest of a priest.. and he still running against me.
    i was shocked.. he almost scared the **** out of me :grin:
  8. Dennis The Great

    [Suggestions] for Viking Conquest.

    mike56 said:
    Jesgard Gysson said:
    ...since vikings also threw spears and axes and swords.

    Yeah, for sure a viking would throw a fine weapon that costs as much as two good horses  :roll:

    Spears and axes where cheap weapons, specialy the spears was the cheapest weapon a viking used, and yes they did used throwing weapons like spears and axes...
    if you think a little realistic on it.. you can throw any weapon.. so why not throw weapons that a made for it :smile:

  9. Dennis The Great

    Viking Conquest issues


    There are still alot of things to be done, but im sure you know this guys...

    One thing still an issue, is the travel option from a town to another, when i select 'travel to another city' the ships is sailing, but without me.. then i can walk around the place i was suposed to sail from.. i can even fight some thieves or whatever.. and suddenly i enter the city i was suposed to travel too in first place.. this is getting very frustrating.. i ofcourse have the newest update 1.02.

    Sometimes when starting a new game, and you choose to be a northman, you can spawn in Denmark and Norway, but sometimes you spawn on the map where you can go anywhere.. in Norway you sometimes spawn on the mountains, and you are stuck there, can only move a bit, but not away from the mountain, In Denmark you sometimes spawn in Northern Jutland, and you cant get away from there because of missing bridges. please fix this too.

    This is not a issue like that.. but still very frustrating. the BOWS, normally i like to use the Long bows, but they are so unrealistic thin, they look like chinese eating sticks.. please make them more realistic.

  10. Dennis The Great

    Viking Conquest Update 1.02 (released)

    Thank you for your great work.. i hope that it will fix the problem with getting stock on the map when i will use the 'travel from port to another port' option... i also had this problem in story mode, i sailed with my own ship the england to raid it, when i landen on shore, i suddenly had the half of my men and i couldnt get back in the ship somehow, please fix these problems also :smile:

    Merry Christmas to you guys

  11. Dennis The Great


    For grying out loud... God damnit.. Suddenly when i wanna travel from one port to another, The game screen freeses, I cant do anything, The Boat freeses and then nothing happens, I have to delete the game, And start all over... Please fix this devs
  12. Dennis The Great

    Hair visible under Helmet mod.

    I agree with HugoBernie.. You should be able to see you hair even with a helmet..
  13. Dennis The Great

    Dialogues - is addressing 'sir' proper for the period?

    Qualin said:
    "Sir" does not have a translation in modern Norwegian which is one of the languages that evolved from Old West Norse, and I believe its the same in Swedish and Danish as well. It does simply not have a corresponding word in those languages, and thus probably not in Old Norse either. From what I can read out of the Eddas and other sagas, one used their names, not titles, to adress people. Also those of importance. But I am neither a linguist nor historian, so I could be wrong.

    However, the game is in english, so some leeway must be given to keep a consistent language.

    I agree with the first part :smile:
    But yes is in english, but i still Think 'sir' and 'ma'am' dont fit in this DLC...
    However we could use lot of time to discus what they really used in this period, i think a simple thing as 'my King' and 'my lord' and 'my lady' even this would be used in a later period..
  14. Dennis The Great

    Amazing Viking city, drakkar and Props

    Really a Nice made town.. Beautiful graphics..
  15. Dennis The Great


    I was thinking about monasteries.. I dont know if this was true that they May had few armed Guards to Protect the priests... I saw it in the Vikings tv show.. (I know that its not historical accurate). I think it would be nice if the monasteries in game had a couple of guards, they are too easy...
  16. Dennis The Great

    A little request.

    Yeyo said:
    Dennis The Great said:
    -Tool axes, like those they build with, cutting wood and every day axes.
    -Seax's, not only just the small one, but a also Long Seax's.
    -Hunting Bows (they did hunt you know :wink: ) those should not be that often, but sometimes.
    -Also the slingshot, but not that often as it is now.

    Yes, there are possibly too many slingers in VC. The tool axes would be weapons of choice in the hands of peasants and bandits. There are actually a langseax in the game, it has a Petersen’s type C hilt.

    The thirty six bows found in the Danish bogs of Nydam are from 170 to 185 centimeters length, and they are almost all made from yew wood in a D section. As the ones from Thorsbjerg, they are dated in the third century and almost identical to the Viking Age ones, like the published by Andrew Halpin in ‘Weapons and warfare in Viking and Medieval Dublin’. The longbows were also used for hunting, I don't know archaeological examples shorter than 1.5 m, an their length seems to be related with the height and strength of the user, rather with a difference in their use.

    Thank you, i was only trying to point out that recruits should have bows :smile: hunting/Longbows.. i know they used Longbows for hunting, i was just trying to explain that it shouldnt be elite archers, thats why i called it huntingbow :smile:

    I hope that the ingame bows would change size in the future, right now they look like thin sticks :smile:
  17. Dennis The Great

    Viking Swords!!

    Do not look here said:
    I believe I've seen already swords in Ribe, at least I'm positive I've found some variant of item called "Rich Sword" there (which is amazing, btw), it's just that they rarely show up in shops at all.

    okay great.. just that its possible too buy a sword in Ribe, then im happy :smile:
  18. Dennis The Great

    A little request.

    HolmgårdViking said:
    I agree on all points except giving them longseaxe.
    The longseaxe was a costly item and was worn by higher class.

    I agree.. not the Longseax's...

    But spears, the one of the cheapest weapons vikings had.. so yea they should get spears too :smile:
  19. Dennis The Great

    How many two handed weapons are there?

    wildyracing said:
    Of course two-handed axes existed in 9th century - this is out of question. I can again quote my previous posts about woodcutting axes, which were always used with both hands.

    This discussion proved to be fruitful and decisive, and at least served as a way to tell the devs how we think as a gamers and as a historians. Rest assured, they will consider adding the 2 handed axes in the future, for which they have my (our) thanks!

    Lets give them time to fix all bugs and glitches in Viking Conquest, then I'm sure it would come down to improving the game with the addition of 2 handed axes and increasing bow's damage.

    Agree.. :smile:
  20. Dennis The Great

    Viking Swords!!

    I was only asking if i could buy a viking sword in Ribe, not who or where they make them in real life... yes ulfberht sword was a high quality sword, and was made in Frankish.. but Danish swedes and norwagiens made some fine swords too, when they got the iron from frankish or asia, the iron in scandinavia is mostly from the ground, and is not as good as the iron from mountains..

    So swords made by iron from scandinavia wasnt the best quality, but not bad either.. :wink:
    Whats the point of this tread is i just want to be able to buy swords from Ribe, i cant see why not, thats 100% realistic... so please dear devs. can you make it possible if its not already is :smile:

    And Holgårdviking.. good point, i dont think they have made that sword.. i havent seen it...
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