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  1. Sjaeles

    [WPL2] Betting Corner

    or ignore the math that's cool
  2. Sjaeles

    [WPL2] Betting Corner

    almost everyone bet on gp...

    4902*0.95*(2700/7682) = 1637
  3. Sjaeles

    [WPL2] Betting Corner

    also empty criticisms aren't helpful
  4. Sjaeles

    [WPL2] Betting Corner

    new sheet

  5. Sjaeles

    [WPL2] [NA] Week 4 Fixtures - Deadline 11/29

    something something a private forum would be helpful something something
  6. Sjaeles

    [WPL2] Betting Corner

  7. Sjaeles

    The Midnight Watchmen [TMW] - UNDEFEATED SINCE 2015

    Clan tags in Minecraft usernames DansGame
  8. Sjaeles

    Warband Competitive Matchmaking Client / BETA / [Update: 1.1.0]

    if there are error reports, like with fancy numbers and stuff

    actually copy that part too
  9. Sjaeles

    WPL2 Friendly Criticism Thread

    Rake said:
    Also, shout out to my favorite reviewers, sj and prime, always making sure i get the dankest product

  10. Sjaeles

    WPL2 Friendly Criticism Thread

    Achilles_TheIV said:
    So far all of you are still my good friends. And that's FINAL.

    nuh uh
  11. Sjaeles

    Warband Competitive Matchmaking Client / BETA / [Update: 1.1.0]

    Bsur said:
    as long as the game doesnt have a ranked matchmaking that is linked to forum accounts this post is completely pointless because anyone can say anything

    gg ez

    -your official king

    From a thread about getting Multiplayer help for Warband.

    Bsur said:
    taleworlds give ranked matchmaking or riot

    -your official king

    Taleworlds Forum » Mount&Blade: Warband » The Guildhall - Warband Discussion » Post reply (  Re: Competitive Mount & Blade has made its way to Facebook! )

    Bsur said:
    so how are champions determined in a game without ranked matchmaking? tournaments hardly matter in warband, nobody takes the broken mess of a game seriously. 1920 mechanics.

    another pointless list gg wp. /facepalm community

    taleworlds provide ranked matchmaking to end this cancer please

    another thread about warband, look he actually says warband too!!!

    Bsur said:

    and this is why ranked matchmaking (battle only) is required.

    10 different circlejerk lists on this forum, i should make one too

    another warband thread, must be about warband because it mentions battle, and afaik we don't know what modes will be in bannerlord considering we've seen like 10s of multiplayer

    Bsur said:
    this is what happens due to the LACK of a ranking system:

    all done without armor/shields/ranged weapons but with only a one handed sword. while other players struggle even tho they use javelins which ensure 100% kills and exploit spears that are broken enough to consider using them cheating, i dumpster the servers empty and its absolutely boring. this is literally every round, so i could post pages full but i wanna prove a point, not spam.

    your official king

    another warband thread, looks there's screenshots from a mod for warband

    oh can't forget the entire ****ing thread he made on the topic:,342540.msg8195340.html

    Taleworlds Forum » Mount&Blade: Warband » The King's Court - Suggestions » The Privy Council - Make Suggestions » COMPETITIVE MODE NEEDS TO HAPPEN

    - your official human bean
  12. Sjaeles

    WPL2 Friendly Criticism Thread

    Given that Goker responded and most people continued their low quality ****posting, the thread probably should stay locked.
  13. Sjaeles

    WPL2 Friendly Criticism Thread

    wtt rune scim for real forum
  14. Sjaeles

    Plagiarism | Pg

    - reserved for when i find something else to copy paste -
  15. Sjaeles

    Plagiarism | Pg

    Leader Sjaeles ~ Clan tag(s):Pg_Name ~ Teamspeak address: ~ Clan Server:Pg_Training ~ Clan Contacts:Sjaeles ~ Recruitment Status:Invitation only ~ Official Member Count:1 Member | Twitch = | *Offical Matches Only* | Youtube = | [center] [center]
  16. Sjaeles

    [WPL2] Mercenaries

    only NA left in the OP

    choose freedom not crumpets
  17. Sjaeles

    [CoR] Corporation of Radicalization

    new title please
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