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    In Progress [EDIT] Buying ANYTHING from ANYWHERE seems to crash my game consistently, and furthermore TWCrashUploader fails to upload

    Hi guys, having this problem too. This seems to be caused by the "Gang leader requests x weapons" quest.

    Once that quest fails you should be okay again. Unfortunately for me, my party will starve to death before that happens, but perhaps you guys have been luckier and bought up on food?
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    Resolved Crash when pressing "resume game" on main menu

    I played 7h and no big problem, I loaded my game and played it. But now I can't use it anymore. I can go in "campaign" and start a new one, "options", ... but I cant load old ones. Even in safe mode. I tried the steps pinned for crashes at launch, it didn't change anything.
    Solved the problem. IT was because I was playing around with my save file, trying to remove some lines to avoid the "Gang leader requests x weapons" causing crashes when leaving inventory. Once I removed the save file in question, it resolved.
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    Resolved Crash when pressing "resume game" on main menu

    Having this issue too; suddenly popped up.

    I tried verifying integrity of game files, no dice.
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    Please add an option to cancel quests

    Gang leader asking for weapons leads to a bug as well; crash upon leaving any inventory screen.

    This is much needed
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    Option to have standardized armour/equipment in tournaments?

    That is fair and you are probably right that I'm joining tournaments too early. Perhaps a toggleable option, though, like how it was in Warband?
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    Option to have standardized armour/equipment in tournaments?

    I was quite surprised to join a tournament and see that while weapons and shields were standardized, armour was certainly not! I was facing off in cloth armour against an Imperial Cataphract and lost. Hoping that the devs could see this and change it in the future so that tournaments will be...
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    Random Question

    Should only be a PC release AFAIK

    Edit: For Early Access, I mean
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    Edwards Mapping Project for Infinity NA (PK SUBMOD) *COMPLETE*

    Looks great, good to see another NA server alive again.
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    MP Fantasy Game of Thrones Roleplay Module [RELEASED] [Source Code released!]

    500-1000 GB graphic save space.

    wait what

    is this for real?
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    MP Native Tales of Rindahl: Roleplay

    What's the other server the maintenance mode message is referencing?
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    Can I get the link to the minimap fix? I know it was there before, but I can't seem to find it at this moment.
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    Perisno Perisno Perisno Mod Bug Reports Smth

    I gotta pay my slaves 13 gold every week? They're my slaves, why would they get paid?

    I tried looking in Morgh's but couldn't find anything to fix it.

    Any way to change this?
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    SP Native [WB][OSP] Tama's Enchanced Native Mod (attackable townsfolk and stuff)

    You should make it so that equipment might be looted from dead guards or citizens, and also maybe a fixed amount of money?
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    General Questions

    Another question: Is the recruitment screen glitched? When I dismiss some troops, I ended up LOSING money. I tried it again later though, and no money transfer. Is this a glitch, or did I do something wrong?
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    General Questions

    how do you disable shield bash?
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