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    Does the weight of horse's Harness/Armor effect the horse's handling, acceleration and/or top speed?

    Maybe there will be a mod for it someday or the developers might add it. Anyway it would be a quite good realistic feature, as it could always make the game slightly harder.
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    High level prisoners (named Nobles) are randomly escaping my party

    You can escape captivity, so they can escape as well.
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    Boardgames should give skill points

    Although, it would be an interesting feature it wouldn't most likely give much skill points for it as commanding an army is a bit different to the board game.
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    When is Bannerlord playable?

    I did divorce my wife...kinda. So I was a Vlandian just testing marriage and I married some girl with absolutely no skills and my last save was from too far ago to just load the game, so instead i pulled out the console and killed her with a command. Then I married Liena and had no problem whatsoever in all the process
    I tried waiting for sometime until she dies of something, but after a long time of waiting, I created a new save.
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    When is Bannerlord playable?

    In my opinion, the economy has to be better balanced, as right now it's quite broken even though they do send out fixes for somethings. I did find someone today, who posted a picture of a piece of armour which was worth 600k and wasn't much better than other pieces of armour. Another feature which in my opinion is a bit not working is marriage/ families as I don't belive it's possible to divorce a wife yet.
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    Has telling a lord "Actually, I think you're the one ought to surrender" ever worked?

    Well, if you barely have any units like 5 to 20- then I would most likely surrender. That should be the same with Lord but at higher unit numbers.
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    Has telling a lord "Actually, I think you're the one ought to surrender" ever worked?

    They should add a chance which increases if you have a better party and persuasion.
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    Most likely you won't be able to play Co-Op unless they decide to add this feature in, but I doubt it as it wasn't included in the earlier games. Although, mods if given enough time might give you the possibility but who knows if it's going to give you the full campaign.
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    Can't find a single match

    Right click on the game and press properties. Then go to "Betas" tab and check what version your using.
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    Troops Gain to little XP and it contradicts the game loop of player progression

    Well there is a part of the game, which challenges you but it's also annoying when you level up a unit and it luckily gets killed in battle and then you have to complete that process again.
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    Can't find a single match

    Check if your playing on Beta as beta servers are not up yet/ no players play on them.
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    Disappointed with Multiplayer

    There was no multiplayer campaign in Warband, so I don't think there's much chance of them implementing it now. Although, there were some interesting mods in Warband, which allowed for multiplayer campaign, so there might be a few mods for bannelord, which allow for multiplayer campaign, but they would most likely have many bugs and glitches, and not allow for a full campaign mode. I could be wrong, it depends on what the developer community comes up with.
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    Should Recruits Change Culture to the Occupying Faction's?

    In my opinion, they should stay the same faction's units. This is because a conquering faction usually doesn't kill off all the living people in the fief/city. Although, I do believe that they should increase the conquering factions recruits found in the conquered fief, as it would seem a bit more realistic to me as other people would most likely move there.
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    AI War targets

    I agree with it, but I don't think it will be changed as the same thing was with Warband. Although, sometimes, a large army decides to go for a long march to the other end of the map just to fight a castle/city. This makes the factions fief poorly defended to attacks. On the other hand, it would be better to fight a country on the other side, which is less powerful than fighting a neighbouring faction, which is more powerful.
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    Vanity Items For Multiplayer

    I hope it does as I don't think it's even shown in the match.
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