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    can not queue in party

    Having this same issue but it is only some of the time. Primarily Siege as well.
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    Unresolved Can't join Multiplayer?

    What region? The servers have been rather full for awhile, so it may take a while to match. You can always hit the custom server list and find a TDM if you want a quick(ish) game. Though with taleworlds hosting all the servers, they are a bit over loaded with the perils of launch count.
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    I rarely see Vlandia, is this intended?

    I can't count how many times I've played the Aserai and Batania, but I cry when I get Vlandia because they are just so good and so rare. It's honestly a treat when i get them. Quite sad really.
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    Why does Matchmaking take so long?

    I'm in full agreement that we need our own dedicated servers. As far as poor feedback, it is fair to say that they have a lot on their plate as a team, and that they only have so many employees that are required to check these forums (IE: Community Manager). They've released patches nearly everyday since release, so it's not a lack of development or effort on their side. I like to think that the more they patch and update, the closer we get to them being able to take the time to receive our feedback. Plus, these forums are quite massive as a whole. Growing pains.
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    Are there no other playable factions? Or am I shadowbanned?

    That's not what that post says at all. It says they won't be available on[/in] early access release. Not that they won't be available during early access; there was a post by Callum stating they will be released "closer to full release", which could mean any point up until full release, but implicitly still during early access.

    Pardon, running with what's available. Forums are rather large so if you could provide me a link to the post you are referring to, that would be helpful. :smile:
    The rough estimate of end of early access is from another discussion post that has been lost and I can't find that one unfortunately. If it's subject to change then I would be more than happy. It was mentioned it would be toward the end of Early Access yes, and that the rough estimate for the finish of early access is a year from now. Didn't mean to say after.
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    When can we get dedicate file?

    Marbons is correct. It's not an exact timeline, but it's about as good of an estimate as we are going to get.
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    NW DLC? (or Mount and musket 2) [i understand the game is still early development]

    Pretty sure that there will be something akin to Napoleonic Wars. It was too popular in Warband to not have some kind of sequel. You can even look at Bear Force II. With the combat systems pace in Bannerlord. It would surprise me if someone didn't do it. We just need to see what kind of modding tools come out and what is available. :smile:
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    Defenders should not be opening the gates *at all*

    In the mercenaries mod for Warband you could only open gates (doors too) if opponents are not within the vicinity, I feel that would provide a good balance for Bannerlord in allowing the likes of cavalry to go on the offense at the beginning of a round then defensive later on.
    Most of the Siege maps actually have Calvary specific exit points at the back of the castles or various other points of the map. So I would like to see more of them. OP has a point though. Quite annoying. Or allow the gates to be opened from both sides if a defender so you don't get trapped. Once custom servers come out though, moderation will make it easier to prevent these trolls. I like the idea of the vicinity however.
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    What is the leveling system in MP for?

    Burnout is possible. Though I see the OP's point. Once again though. Early Access. So we can expect to see this feature expanded. In the mean time, try singleplayer or something else for a bit so you don't burn out on this game.
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    When can we get dedicate file?

    This news is honestly horrible to me. Clans are practically useless in some senses. Warband lived off of clans.
    I would agree. I loved running a DM server that had 50+ people for years. I also loved running a clan and helping the competitive scene. It was so much fun. I hope they get to the servers soon because it will keep this game alive for years.
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    What is the leveling system in MP for?

    Currently it doesn't affect any known aspect to the game. Perhaps later on it will have rewards and benefits, but for the moment. It's just a feature.
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    Why does Matchmaking take so long?

    Response to Community Ran Servers:

    As far as the matchmaking system goes. I feel it will be an awesome feature for ranked, but it should include custom servers in a filter.

    Warband survived so long because of it's community and player ran servers. From a developer prospective though, they patch just about everyday, and it's easier to make changes and develop multiplayer when they can make all the changes to the servers and receive feedback from them. So While we want our own servers, we have to bare with Taleworlds and give them our support where we can.
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    When can we get dedicate file?

    I am sorry that I am not good at English.
    I didn't understand. The first thing you answered.
    I don't know English, so I can only ask simple questions. I'm sorry. Does your personal server come out at EA or after EA?

    When finish EA? i checked your link of TW forum, thank you
    Personal Servers AFTER EA. EA Finish at end of 2020.
    Link was to a Developer who gave a rough answer of when Personal / Custom Servers come out.

    Don't worry about your English. You're trying and that's good.
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    When can we get dedicate file?

    Don't know it myself. It's not an official one I believe. But this is a clear and cut answer from a Developer himself.

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