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    SP Native Perasosian League - New Kingdom, Culture, Troops

    Perasosian League New Faction/Kingdom A new faction is on the rise on the eastern shores of the Perasos; a faction of hoplites and philosophers, of olives and wine - and they are ready to take up arms to defend their homelands! The Perasosians have their own culture and are inspired by the...
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    BL Coding Change settlement owner in a submodule

    Well, I did find a workaround for now until I can figure out how to do it properly: Creating another module that loads before Sandbox which contains the settlement and clans XMLs. This way that info is loaded before the vanilla ones and the changes take hold. Would still like a more proper...
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    BL Coding Change settlement owner in a submodule

    Hey, Have anyone figured out a way to change settlement owners in a submodule and not directly in the sandbox file? This, along with changing super faction for clans are the only things stopping me from actually releasing my mod, as I don't really want to distribute the edited vanilla...
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    BL Coding Custom culture in town is not permitted anymore?

    It works if you also create new notables for the new faction (those NPCs listed in the culture xml).
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    SP Native Iron Arm of Vlandia - Troop Overhaul

    Iron Arm of Vlandia Troop Overhaul Download @ Nexus Mods In honor of Osrac Iron-Arm, the first king of Vlandia, this mod overhauls the troops of Vlandia to look more organised and proper while keeping faithful to the Vlandian culture. The main tree has gotten an overhaul in the equipment and...
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    It feels too unfinished.

    There seems to be a bug in your images. (You seem to have added an extra letter to imgur)
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    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    Alright, nice. :) What issues did you have last time, by the way? (I'm a moderator there, so might be able to help)
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    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    Will you be updating the download on NexusMods to the latest version? If not, would you allow me to do so (so you won't have to manage multiple download locations)?
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    I seem to be having this issue as well, however for me, it is not a lord recruited from another kingdom. My character is to wed Lady Katia, but her father, Lord Aldermar just sits in Rane all the time. Her brother throws feasts for the wedding almost every day in Evasolde Castle, but Aldemar...
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    HYW - Bug Reports (v6.0)

    I got this on April 6, 1371 I don't know what it means, I just thought I'd post it here. :) EDIT: Got the same again the same day, as well as April 10.
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    [S] InNoVative; 1.32(.exe)released!

    Oh, okay... By the way, Taleworlds called them Huscarls, because that is the Norwegian name for them. (Just with a K instead of C)
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    [S] InNoVative; 1.32(.exe)released!

    I guess you mean "Huscarl" in the poll... ;p Anyways, Nords should (imo) have big shields, like the Real Life Vikings did. :)
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    Warband Mod List *OLD*

    These mods: Diplomacy OSP Warband Item Variety The Ranger's Apprentice have been updated to be / are compatible with M&B: Warband 1.127. :)
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    Graphical Enhancement 3 - updated 13/12

    Well, maybe it's going this slow because no one is working on it? Ever thought about that? :P
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    [B] OSP Warband Item Variants 1.6 RELEASED (New Screens)

    What is it exactly that doesn't work? Do you get a message or something when launching the game?