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    Fix your servers - crashes and connection problems since start of EA

    i dont understand how is it not their number 1 priority.
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    In need of Some Skirmish Help

    I need help too, i havent been abble to play once in skirmish since the new patch.
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    Let me know how many players are in queue for skirmish

    I havent been abble to get into one single skirmish game in NA region. Every single time i queue it says that it will take 4:13 mins when in fact, it will take roughly 128 hours before a game start. Let me know if there are players actually playing the god damn game so i dont waste my time...
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    Get rid of Clanstacking/Partying up in Ranked modes.

    ranked skirmish should be solo queue only.
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    Let us play on custom servers while in queue for skirmish

    Its in the title. We have no clue if there are players in the queue, we dont know if we're gonna have to wait 2 mins or 16 hours. Let us be in queue while playing siege and tdm, that way we dont have to stare at the screen waiting for who knows how long.
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    Team Damage in Battle Server

    The problem with team damage is the swing arcs of the weapon that goes way too far behind you. Sometimes you literally hit teamates that you cant even see because they are behind you.
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    Varyag is the worst infantry even tho he is supposed to be the best

    I hate all the Sturgia infantry unit, they all feel slow as hell.
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    GK NA Battle Feedback

    5 rounds feels long, thats true, but its necessary. If there is not enough rounds, the "losing team" doesnt have the luxury of making a tactical "save round" in order to come back stronger in full heavy infantry mode the next one. The more rounds there is, the more tactical it will be IMO. I'd even go out of my way and say that maybe clan battles could last even longer.

    So far i am liking the Battle mode, havent played it a lot, but i have nothing negative to say about the mode itself. There is one particular map that i do not like and it is the cavalry one. There should be no map that forces us to all play cavalry. This aserai cavalry map is simply boring, if you do not comply and play cavalry, you cannot play the game at all. No map should force you into a role, especially in a mode that might become the main competitive one.

    Sure i could retell the old stories about how the warband loot system is so much better and blah blah blah, but its pointless. In the current state of the game, the battle mode that i am looking, which was creating a lot of pessimism on this forums, turns out to be just fine imo.

    Is there a reason why the skirmish maps cannot be adapted to the battle mode ? Especially the aserai one. Some of these other maps would only need 1 or 2 walls removed and would be just fine.
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    Not enough archers playing skrim

    Can't hear horses + cav moving across map in 6 seconds + insta-kill couch lance and pokes = no archers outside niche highly competitive and coordinated skirmish play. Sad!
    Literally. The cavs are silent.
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    Vlandia Vlandia Vlandia Vlandia Vlandia Vlandia Vlandia

    You gotta be f*******g kidding me, people vote vlandia so much its vlandia vs vlandia in games... are people that low now ?

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    perks changing combat damage (discussion)

    Problem is that you cannot know that you are charging someone with said perk. A cav player needs to know who to avoid in skirmish
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    About the recent archer spam i'm seeing in this game

    Personnaly it dépends on the faction. I find sturgia so boring to Play that i only Play archers with Them. Every single game has Vlandia in it and crossbows are piss easy brain dead overpowered. Vlandia literally brings guns to a sword fight.
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    Any plan to make spears viable?

    I disagree, spears are in a good spot right now. Relentless vs cav and good in group fights
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    Cant hear cavalry

    Just passing by to remind Taleworlds that we cant hear cavalry for ****. We start hearing them once its too late, its like the sound starts appearing in the game once they are 5 feets away from us. This is a massive issue.
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    projectiles going through shields

    I've hard this issue mostly with aserai shields.
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